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U.S. Creates a Problem causes a reaction then provides the solution

U.S. Creates a Problem causes a reaction then provides the solution

U.S. Commandos to Storm Nigeria in June

By Pointblank News 22/2/12
Feb 24, 2012 – 4:30:27 PM
Barring any last minutes change, top United States elite forces made up of members of the Marines, Navy Seals and Special Forces, will be in Nigeria in June as part of effort to help the country deal with the Boko Haram insurgence.

Nigeria and the United States Military have existing agreements in counter-terrorism, Maritime Security, military transformation and other areas.

A U.S. Army officer, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the mission said U.S. troop members on the mission have already been informed.

Monica Matoush, spokeswoman for the U.S Defense Department did not return calls when sort for clarifications on the planned June mission.

Nicole M. Dalrymple Media Action Officer, West and Central Africa AFRICOM Public Affairs Office told that she cannot immediately confirm the June mission but disclosed that counterterrorism, Maritime Security and others are areas the U.S is rendering assistance to Nigeria.

“If I’m able to find anything out about specific training in June I will let you know,” she told in an email exchange.

In public comments, Nigerian and U.S. officials acknowledge “strategic cooperation” and confirm high-level meetings. However, they play down the meetings as routine, apparently for fear the Northern Muslim leaders will be outraged.

The military source said the mission is purely training but did not rule out a possible change of plans based on a new request for assistance from Nigeria.

“The mission is purely for a training purpose but we understand there is a new request and I don’t know details of it yet. But if we have directive to do otherwise, then we won’t have any choice than to do just that. I am aware that some senior officials are in talks with some Nigerian officials for more help but I cannot say what other help it is.” could not confirm details of the latest request from the Nigerian Government to the U.S Military. Spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense,Colonel Mohammed and Army Spokesman, Colonel Usman Abdul did not pick up their calls.

The source confirmed that the soldiers on the mission would be drawn from AFRICOM and from those who just returned from Iraq and Afghanistan because of their understanding of the Arab world.

Dalrymple however disclosed, “our partnership with Nigeria is focused in four areas requested by the Nigerians. Those areas are maritime security, crisis response (i.e. peacekeeping operations, pandemic response, airlift), counterterrorism, and military transformation (i.e.joint doctrine development, integration of women into the military, civil-military capability).

She said while there are no U.S. troops on the ground in an operational capacity assisting the Nigerian military in their response to Boko Haram attacks, “Nigeria is a member of the U.S. State Department’s Trans Sahara Counter Terrorism

According to her, “In recent years, at Nigeria’s request, the U.S. has been working with the Nigerian military on their nascent counter-force through recurring training events.

“This training has included basic soldiering skills, basic small unit infantry tactics and leadership training,” she told

Boko Haram employs the tactics of Al-Qaeda, using suicide bombers and waging guerilla warfare in their quest to Islamize Nigeria. Their insurgency has led to several deaths and destruction of properties including the United Nations building in the Nigeria capital of Abuja in 2011.

Ambassador J. Anthony Holmes, U.S. Africa Command’s civilian Deputy had in October 2011 said “Given the realities on the continent, however, our focus tends to be on Somalia and the surrounding countries to deal with al-Shabaab, and in West Africa, al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, which is based in northern Mali but increasingly has ties with Boko Haram in northern Nigeria. So we try to assist the governments and militaries of the countries in that region to develop the capacity to come to grips with and solve its own terrorism problem.

Source: 2012

This is one more indication that Nigeria’s Boko Haram is really a Western-backed Insurgency

For sure there are channels of covert western military and intelligence support for Boko Haram of the same sort that were served to the Libyan Islamist rebels NTC through Gulf Arab states. The objectives of the West are three-folds:
1- To divert and suppress  the public growing hostilities and legitimate demands against western oil companies and their influences (which surprisingly Boko Haram is mute about them!! and no attacks reported against western interests and individual casualties. Those killed in August 2011 bomb attack on the UN House in Abuja were not; 11 were UN personnel almost all of them Africans, and 12 non-UN persons ).
2- To hold the Nigerian Government and corrupt wealthy clique hostages to internal insecurities and conflicts and hence weakening their bargaining position; and advance the need for the rejected U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM).
3- To create a parallel invisible violent local hands to act as their armed agents for subversion and coercion and change as an alternative to western military base.
Most probably Nigeria is actually confronted by an “Unconventional” warfare with the West; which is in the form of insurgency of particular ethnic group in the north together with perverts from other regions seeking oil money and power.
The U.S. Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Training Circulars explain this policy quite clearly. They are being applied in north and west Africa and in Syria, Gaza, Iraq and Yemen.
Without western companies of oil, minerals, import of goods and export of cash crops (cocoa, groundnuts, rubber, palm oil and other lucrative commodities) there shall be no Boko Haram, no civil wars, and no coups in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Guinea, D.R. Congo, Senegal, Ghana or any other country.

Comments on: "U.S. Creates a Problem, Causes a Reaction, then Provides the Solution" (6)

  1. voluntarysociety said:

    This is ridiculous. I have no interest in being taxed to kill people without giving them a fair trail. Unfortunatley, both of the statist parties in Washington will approve of such actions, and we are soon likely to see similar approval of an Iran war.

    “They are spending money we dont have, to kill people we dont know, for reasons we don’t understand” – Teller

    • Yes voluntarysociety;
      Democracy must be rediscovered, liberated, protected and reinvented.
      Democracy is too big and too serious to be left to politicians and bureaucrats alone!

      • If you mean by democracy individuals coming together to cooperate peacefully than yes I agree with you, the state interferes too much. But democracy can also bring a tyranny of big business and big government against individuals, the little guys. The idea though that one forces another into a social arrangement that they do not approve of ie. taxes, the draft, etc. I think is immoral, so in that sense a democracy ignores the plight of the individual against authority. I think Hans Hermann Hoppe gets it right, Democracy meaning rule by the majority to solve social problems was revered as sacred but has not proven to be the best system for human interaction. It is a “God that has failed”. We now know that peaceful voluntary cooperation is what leads society to happiness and prosperity, not the forceful hand of the state.

      • I always have a problem with the definition of “State”!? I understand it as the institutions made by true societies. But the triangle made of imposed bureaucrats, partisan politicians and greedy corporations is not a state and will never lead to democracy. Such corrupt state and its form of “democracy” is driven by selfishness and short-sight which Hoppe is criticizing.
        I suggested in this blog a new form of democracy which I called “Three Dimensional Democracy” or in short 3D or XYZ Democracy.
        All Citizens Must Have The Right to Elect at Least Three Representatives in Parliament To Protect Distinct Social, Economic and Political Interests. Parliament Must Be Equally Shared By Men and Women. The Powers of Trade & Business Unions and Ethnic Communities Must Be Increased to Level With Political Parties.

  2. have sit down to ask your self the following question:
    Why is it the Islamic world that is been the target of terrorism?
    How do this people get the weapon they use?
    how is it been shipped in to their country?
    Why is it always America that always go to save those countries?
    why don’t they pull out the method of peace in saving these countries?
    Why is it after this countries have been totally destroyed, that when America goal is achieve?

    • Firstly: In many Muslim countries there are secret groups who are very much like the Illuminati and the Freemasons. These groups work with western intelligences to create terrorism and to export terrorism to any countries.
      Their objectives are:
      1- Strength at home;
      2- Hit opponents abroad and at home;
      and 3- Give western governments the reasons to fund counter-terrorism which is actually the same terrorism they created together.
      Take Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Qatar for examples

      Secondly: Better to say countries with Muslim majority. There is nothing like Islamic, Christian, Arab or African “Worlds”.

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