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Yeast’s great contribution to humanity

Yeast’s great contribution to humanity

It is natural, nutritious and healthy. Yeast is a globally recognized safe food.

The yeast industry is a major market, grossing several billion dollars per year.

Nutritional Yeast Powder
Nutritional Yeast powder is an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Best nutritional yeast comes from pure strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae grown on sugar cane molasses. After the fermentation process is completed the yeast is harvested, thoroughly washed, pasterurized, and spray dried.

Provide plenty of protein, vitamin B, minerals and fiber;
Abundant in selenium, iron, zinc, yeast glucan, the product can fortify your immune system;
Improve digestion;

Nutrient: Provide plenty of protein, vitamin B, minerals and fiber;
Natural: the main material is natural yeast;

As the raw materials of all kinds of foods, such as biscuits, beverage, desserts;
As the raw materials of functional foods, such as foods fortifying the immunity, weight-losing foods and anti-aging foods.
Source: Nutritional Yeast Powder, AngelYeast Co.

What is Yeast

History of yeasts
●About 4000 years ago ancient Egyptians used yeast to make bread.
Archaeologists exploring Egyptian heritage sites found early grinding stones and baking chambers for making yeasted bread as well as drawings of 4000-year-old bakeries and breweries.

Egyptian 4000-year-old bakeries

Egyptian 4000-year-old bakeries

●As early as the Yin and Shang dynasties ancient Chinese used yeast to brew liquor. In the Han Dynasty Chinese began using yeast to make steamed bread cake and other pastries;
●In 1680 Dutchman Antonie van Leeuwenhoek observed yeast under a microscope for the first time.
●In the 19th century French scientist Pasteur discovered that yeast plays an important role in brewing alcohol.
●In 1846 the first industrialized production of yeast began in Europe.
●In the mid-1980s modernized production of yeast began in China.

Commercial Yeast production process

Commercial Yeast production processes

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Forms of commercial yeast


Cream Yeast

Cream Yeast: Intended for large industrialized bread makers and transported by tank truck; Highly viable and economical; Can be stored for 10-14 days at refrigerating temperatures of 2-4C

Fresh yeast

Fresh yeast

Fresh yeast: Cubic yeast products containing about 70% water; Powerful dough leavening capacity; Can be stored for about 1 month at temperatures of 0-4C

Dry yeast

Dry yeast

Dry yeast: Typically vacuum packaged or packaged in aluminum foil bags filled with inert gas; Shelf life – 1-2 years; Easy to store transport and use.

Semi-Dry Yeast

Semi-Dry Yeast

Semi-Dry Yeast: Compared to the fresh yeast, it has longer shelf life; with storage conditions at -18 degrees,  it can be preserved for 2 years

Active Dry Yeast: form of granules or spherical particles.   it offers excellent stability at ambient temperature, a characteristic which makes it very popular in those parts of the world where climatic conditions are less than favourable (i.e.  high temperatures and humidity levels).

Instant and Active Dry Yeast

Instant and Active Dry Yeast

Yeast’s great contribution to humanity
1. Yeasts with different capabilities form a yeast group army to serving human beings in all fields.
2. Yeast is a bio-factory which contributes many ideal products to human

Yeast is a globally recognized safe food
Yeast is the best food and the most natural antidote. –American M.D nutritionist: Henry G.Bieler
Yeast powder can improve the condition of most people in the world caused by nutritional imbalance –American nutritionist: Adelle Davis
Yeast is almost the only natural food integrating rich high-quality protein and a complete range of B vitamins in the current nature. –Japanese famous nutritionist:  Akazawa
The yeast product is the only microbiological food in the food classification system. – New Hygienic Standards for Uses of Food Additives 2760 effective since June 2008 in China.

Application fields of yeast

Application fields of yeast

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I. Food industry
1. Food fermentation
The bread and steamed bread made of yeast are more nutritional healthy and hygienic.
Yeast transforms the carbohydrate decomposed by starch in the flour into carbon dioxide and other chemical elements and makes the dough fluffy under the effect of the gas. Yeast fermentation natural nutritional convenient and fast fundamentally resolves the shortcomings of traditional fermentation method such as sour dough fermentation – low fermentation unhygienic and easy to turn sour.
The alcohol produced by breakdown of sugar gives the dough a special flavor and enhances the taste of bread and steamed bread.
In the fermentation process yeast can also break down the phytic acid in the flour that inhibits human body to absorb minerals and allow people to easily obtain mineral nutrition as calcium iron zinc etc.
Various yeast fermented food:
Chinese traditional pastries
Deep-fried dough sticks
Fermented rice product

pleasant taste mainly comes from three substances

pleasant taste mainly comes from three substances

2. Yeast Extract (YE) applied in flavor field
Scientific research has found that the pleasant taste that people can feel mainly comes from three substances: glutamate; inosinic acid and guanylic acid.
Kelp is rich in glutamic acid; champignon is rich in guanylate; and carp is rich in inosinic acid. The combination of the three substances will form the most enjoyable taste.
Taking the natural edible yeast as the raw material YE yeast extract adopts modern bio-technology to decompose the protein nucleic acid etc. in the cell into nutritional flavoring which is rich in a variety of nutrients as glutamic acid inosinic acid and guanylic acid as the international popular new top-grade flavoring. In the developed countries and regions YE has replaced traditional flavoring and been widely applied in food and flavor as an important iconic ingredient with clean label.

3. Beverage and alcohol field
The reason why yeast can transform sugar into alcohol is that the yeast cell contains some proteins known as enzymes. These enzymes are good biological catalysts which break down the organic matter as glucose and other carbohydrates provide the energy required by their activity reproduction and the metabolite forms alcohol as a result of biochemical reaction.
Application instance of yeast brewing:
Wine and fruit wine
Yellow wine
Rice wine

II. Human health
Health food
Yeast is an ideal nutrition source for human beings and its nutritional characteristics can be summed up as three lows and four highs; that is low fat low sugar and low calorie and high-quality protein high-quality complete B vitamins high-quality minerals and high-quality dietary fiber. Yeast is an ideal health food without cholesterol that conforms to the modern human dietary structure.
In the fermentation process yeast can transform inorganic trace elements into safe organic trace elements with high bioavailability such as yeast selenium yeast zinc yeast chromium etc. according to people’s needs.
The polysaccharide material as glucan in the yeast is a highly active immune substance and an ideal immunopotentiator. Yeast is also a source for health food as B vitamin nucleic acid etc.

Yeast is applied in the health products:
Instant yeast
Nucleic acid
Yeast B vitamins
Trace element yeast

Yeast can be directly used to develop medical products such as peptide drugs riboflavin β-carotene amino acids etc. On the basis of rich nutrition simple life structure stable performance expression rapid reproduction and production and other characteristics of yeast people also develop a wide range of biological vaccine products.
The oxidoreductase in the yeast cells is a chiral synthesized catalyst which can catalyze and reduce the substrate with carbonyl and synthesize chiral products with optical activity. According to this principle yeast has been widely used in the catalysis and synthesis of chiral drugs as Tomoxetine/Fluoxetine β-lactam antibiotics L- Carnitin paclitaxel fenfluramine aminoglutethimide etc.

Nutritional fortified food
Many large food enterprises are attaching importance to some of the functional factors in the yeast especially when developing nutritional fortified food they think that the functional yeast is very suitable to be added into the food as biscuits beverage etc. such as yeast glucan that can enhance immunity zinc-rich yeast that can fortify zinc chromium-rich yeast that can fortify chromium etc.; compared with other adding methods adding yeast functional factors is safe natural easy to digest and effective.

Yeast is the natural raw material of many cosmetics.
The rich protein in the yeast can nourish the skin; the SOD in the yeast plays a role of anti-oxidation; the glucan in the yeast can prevent from aging improve skin immunity and maintain skin moisture; the rich various vitamin B in the yeast can promote human metabolism flatten wrinkles reduce pigmentation remove speckles and soften skin.

III. Industrial fermentation
New bio-energy: Fuel Ethanol
With the current energy shortages around the world the production of fuel ethanol through yeast fermentation has become an inevitable trend.
In the alcohol thick mash fermentation the yeast can transform the sugar in cassava cereal crops into fuel ethanol with the thickness of 96%. At present the technology using timber waste paper straw and other cellulose as raw material and utilizing yeast fermentation to produce new energy has achieved great progress; this invention can effectively obtain ethanol from cheaper raw materials and this new energy will gradually replace gasoline fuel due to its unparalleled advantages.

Biological medium
As a high-quality organic nitrogen source of culture medium yeast extract YE is a powder paste or liquid product rich in protein amino acids small peptides nucleotide B vitamins trace elements and other nutrients produced by bread yeast beer yeast or wine yeast in the process of autolysis or enzymatic hydrolysis through a separation and concentration or spray-drying process.
At present as an important culture medium source yeast extract is widely applied in the laboratories and factories.
Yeast extract is essential to the production of long-chain dibasic acid. As the important fine chemical intermediate long-chain dibasic acid can synthesize a series of high value added special chemicals as spices special nylon polyamide hot melt adhesive etc. the production of long-chain dibasic acid is completed through the yeast catalysis.

Chiral drug synthesis
The oxidoreductase in the yeast cells is a chiral synthesized catalyst which can catalyze and reduce the substrate with carbonyl and synthesize chiral products with optical activity. According to this principle yeast has been widely used in the catalysis and synthesis of chiral drugs as Tomoxetine/Fluoxetine β-lactam antibiotics L- Carnitin paclitaxel fenfluramine aminoglutethimide etc.

IV. Animal nutrition and health
Yeast has become one of the most extensively used microbiological feeds in the global breeding industry.
The yeast-based biological feed is highly effective in regulating animal gastrointestinal environmental balance improving the body immunity promoting feed digestion and absorption improving the production performance of animal improving animal product quality and reducing pollutant discharge.

V. Petrochemical industry
Yeast can selectively utilize paraffin in the oil as carbon source so as to reduce the paraffin content in the oil product reduce the solidifying point improve the oil fluidity at low temperatures; as such it has successfully applied in the production of oil with low a solidifying point. Yeast can also be used to decompose pollutants the ocean rivers lakes and bodies of water.
Source: What is Yeast, AngelYeast Co.

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