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Rich Countries Are Draining Poor Countries from Human Resources

Rich Countries Are Draining Poor Countries from Human Resources

The privileged elite populations in rich countries are getting older, numerous and richer. That is good for them. But they are faced with chronic shortage of labor for nursing the elderly; and the increasing number of young elite. So these countries needs a lot of nannies; maids; and babysitters. They also need a lot more labor for menial work and to fill rejected jobs and for entertainment.

Importing ready-made grown up labor and workers from Asia; Africa and South America creates many problems; and they are disgusting or at least unsuitable to fit nicely with their new rich masters. So what is the solution?; asked the immigration officials.

The final plan is to import already-made cute young labor below the age of , say, 10 years with their  biological parents. The use of these useless parents is to act as nannies and labors for the growing nannies and labor of the future and to produce more babies. The new young imported population will take care and serve the rich in the future in more acceptable ways after being well adapted and trained. Plus all together they are good for the markets as consumers or as commodities.

Rich countries are draining poor countries from their best human resources just to create classes of servants for their spoiled filthy rich regardless of causing deeper poverty and wider development gap with already poor and underdeveloped countries.
This is not the ugly criminal human trafficking or modern slavery. It is nice official human trafficking and official modern slavery. Universal Human Rights do not prevent the rich from being tricky and use clever ways.

Employment; citizenship; and immigration laws in the USA; Canada; Europe; and Australia must be reformed; and they must be scrutinized continuously by international organizations with greater influence from the developing and underdeveloped countries.


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  1. Thank you for the information, in my study of african history and how i see the blessing of God in Africa, God in his mercy has bless us with abundant resourses, but the few that were opportune to rise to certain position, has continue to dandominate seats of power with their families only. The problem that we are facing as Africans today is this terrorism, corruption to the highest order, seeing some people ruling for more than 20 years and their families, which has created rivalry, they accumulate money that they can even borrow their country. my brother when i think of it especially in Nigeria i just pray that God will entervened. How can so much money that can take care of a country belong to one single person? not even investing it on research, education, health care, etc. but is being transfered to the whiteman country? leaving our children roaming about this type trend if it continues, i don’t know for the next ten years, how africa will look like. it is because of the attitude by our former leaders that have accumulated so much that they are using such money to fight the people they were leading before(the boko haram in Nigeria) were being sponsored by former leaders of the country, even with the evidence at hand, Nigerian government seem not to do anything about this people. Nigeria has so much money that every one is to leave a life more than the Americans. i can recalled the money seized from Abacha’s account which economist said it amount to every Nigerian to get a million naira from the fund, but when it was retrieved from all the banks and foreign accounts nobody no where the money is, is a pity to the government of Nigeria. thank you

    • I am certain that local corruption in Africa, including military rule and civilian autocratic bureaucracy, is a very tiny part of a global corruption organized by international secret societies.

      The UN; the IMF; the WB; the WTO; the banking/monetary system; major banks; organized criminal groups; armed rebel groups; and most religious groups and fake political parties are tools for these wicked societies.

      I hope to see in every country in the world forms of liberal nationalism and new forms of democracy to fight back western liberal democracy and Anglo-saxon economy for its corrupt and inhumane form of capitalism.

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