Protect Democracy & Expose Western Liberal Democracy

Muslim Brotherhood, the ruling families in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and all Arab states and the Gulf are million times worst than all dictators and corrupt regimes. They are sellouts and serving their globalist masters and not their own nations.
Really Democracy is a bitch.

It is ridiculous to assume that Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the globalist American and European corporations are keen to bring Democracy or human rights anywhere including those hit by a fake “Spring” of terrorism.


Syria: Zionist Mobilization, Muslim Brotherhood Allied.

The blood of the innocent people who have been raped and murdered is at the hand of American butchers  for who  paid the terrorists to do this.

The hasbara (propaganda) that is spread throughout the Zionist-owned mainstream media is identical in nature to a house of cards. No matter how imposing the house may be, remove one card from the structure, and it shall immediately collapse in an almost glorious fashion. It is due to its foundation; its towering essence is overshadowed by its flimsiness. The Zionist media imposes its hasbara in terrorizing fashion; like the usurping Israeli entity’s bombs falling upon illegally besieged Gaza or Lebanon, the hasbara enters the psyche as an F-16 bombardment. But unlike the bombs, which are so unstoppably and menacingly destructive, the hasbara is weaker than the web of a spider coming in contact with a machete. Remove just…

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