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Syria Chemical Weapon Attack

Syria Chemical Weapon Attack

Forget all the rubbish that being showered on us by the Western government-controlled propaganda offices and so-called media. This is necessary particularly with the BBC; CNN; France24; and the like.

Any sensible and decent person must feel outrage and disgust from those cheap top politicians and head of states that are deliberately making unfounded and arbitrary judgments and lying to make a case for war against Syria.

Let us think reasonably. If it really happened, the world must certainly know Who Gassed the Syrian People? The suspects are seven:

1-    The Syrian Government;

2-    The Islamist rebels;

3-    The Syrian opposition;

4-    Some Western intelligence apparatus;

5-    The Israeli MOSSAD

6-    An Arab Gulf state sponsored group or rebel;

7-    A Turkish secret service or a secret society.

Despite the least possible perpetrator is the Syrian Government rubbish media and cheap top politicians are insisting that the Syrian Government is guilty. They are also lying when saying the planned bombing and arming rebels and mercenaries for years are not aiming at regime change.

Russia; China and the rest of the BRICS group must accelerate and widen their coalition to lead the free world from the evils and shit of the White race and their Arab extremists and Gulf puppets.

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