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Participants hold German national flags and a banner during a demonstration called by anti-immigration group PEGIDA in Dresden

Participants hold German national flags and a banner during a demonstration called by anti-immigration group PEGIDA in Dresden

There is no reason at all to mass kill Ethiopians anywhere in the World. They are just poor peaceful civilians seeking “better life” in Europe. The right and left of European politics are against receiving few numbers of African refugees who are determined to take the deadly sea crossing just for survival.

The EU way to terrorize Africans in taking the risk of coming to Europe is by showing immigrants that they could not only drown in the Mediterranean but also they face brutal beheading and shooting. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is a puppet of the West, no doubt indeed.

The governments of Western Europeans and are proving to the World their real disgusting criminality and disrespect to life and faiths. Western Europeans did not come to Africa legally or peacefully. They looted and they are still looting Africa. The wealth they enjoy is illegal. Europe must pay back to Africa or be forced to let Africans to get some of the stolen African wealth from Europe.

Otherwise, Europeans from all over the World, including the USA, Australia, Canada, Latin America and South Africa, must go back to Europe and leave Africa for Africans and for all other races. All Africans must defeat the purpose of such criminal EU Anti-Immigration Terrorist Policy by flooding all European countries with colonial history with African refugees and claim their legitimate rights.


Comments on: "Ethiopians Massacred in Libya is Part of EU Anti-Immigration Policy" (1)

  1. Africans should feel ashamed for running to white peoples’ countries only to be surprised at all of the harsh mistreatment. Europe is NOT for you (at least not anymore, even though you’re indigenous to it) — Africa is. Africa can survive without a single continent, but no other land nor its people will survive long without AFRICA. Everyone knows this of course, over a millennia of illustrious trade, world empires, and leading universities attests to the unique greatness of the world’s cradle of mankind. But silly Africans and their defunct governments mar the Most High’s own backyard everyday with their corruption, greed, and internalized inferiority complex. Get your isht together Africa, stop chasing your people into other peoples’ rather POOR lands by your gross ineptitude to manage your own affairs. I’m sorry those Ethiopians were killed, but you make Africa look PATHETIC. Europe owes NOTHING to anyone and neither does Africa — we have no one to blame but ourselves for complying and contributing to our own demise.

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