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it was labor camps and security segregation to protect the Germans from those Turkic Ashkenazi and Roma peoples who claim to be and Israelite and Europeans form Indian ancestry

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The main Auschwitz camp The Auschwitz 1 camp was not a death camp

The following quote is from a news article about former Auschwitz guards who will soon go on trial, charged with committing war crimes, due to their former work in Auschwitz, a so-called Nazi death camp.

Begin quote

Two former SS men will go on trial this month for their alleged complicity in the murder of thousands of people at Auschwitz, as Germany accelerates its bid to prosecute ageing Third Reich criminals.

Reinhold Hanning, 93, faces court in the western town of Detmold from Thursday, charged with at least 170,000 counts of accessory to murder in his role as a former guard at the camp in occupied Poland.

Hubert Zafke, 95, will have to answer at least 3,681 counts of complicity in killings in separate proceedings in the eastern town of Neubrandenburg from Feb. 29.

Zafke was a medical orderly at the…

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