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Israel is the place for elite Turks but the Turks are all over the region and specially in ruling families in the Gulf Arab oil states and in north Africa. Israel is a very small part of the picture only. They have mutual gains with the governments in USA and Europe and that is why they are allies.

The Sephardim Are Also Turkic Just Like the Ashkenazim

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Relationships between Turks with Jews and towards Arabs and Europeans

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  • I am not a fan of genetic testing for a simple reason. Unless you have the DNA of the 12 sons of Israel there is no way you can confirm with 100% certainty that people who call themselves Jews are the biological descendents of the 12 tribes of Israel.
  • The modern ‘Jewish’ principle that as long as your mother is a Jew ie. matriarchal line, you are a Jew, has no basis in the Bible. Ie. it is unscriptural and is wrong! The Bible states very clearly that Jews, the biological descendents of the 12 tribes of Israel, are always decided via the patriarchal line. Ie. a man cannot be a Jew unless his father is a Jew, it is the ‘Y’ male chromosome. Inheritance of the land of Israel is always via the male line! Biblically: if a man dies without any children, his brother is to procreate with the widow and leave…

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