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Diabetes Could Be Cured with Diet Only

Diabetes Could Be Cured with Diet Only

I didn’t know that reversing diabetes is easy. I am surprised because I reversed my Mom’s Type 1 diabetes in just one month.

My Mom is 90 years old and diabetic for 35 years and became bedridden 2 years ago  after she got fractured femur which was misdiagnosed and developed multiple deep vein thrombosis DVT which was also undiscovered but I noticed it and I immediately insisted on proper diagnosing then doctors confirmed it, then we discovered the underlying fractured femur.

Mom was on 10 ml. daily injection of “Mixtard 30”. I noticed that taking insulin injection increases her appetite that put pressure on her digestive system. I started reducing her insulin dosage and switch to healthy diet.

Now she is no longer on insulin injection and I monitor her blood sugar once or twice daily. Her last month Blood sugar average is 132 mg/dl (7.33mmol/l) (mixed average for after eating and fasting).

Her diet now includes: breakfast: (1 tbsp bee honey, beans, one boiled egg, bread, cheese, olive, tea with 1 tsp sugar and milk); launch (cocked vegetable, rice, green salad); tea with 1 tsp sugar and milk; and supper (half apple, yogurt, 1 tbsp bee honey), plus irregular herbal hot drink with 1 or 2 tsp sugar if needed.

Her new diet has no red meat at all, animal protein is kept to minimal in the form of fish, dried whole milk, boiled egg, and chicken meat.

She is much more healthier and happier than with insulin injection.

Note: Before I started the new regime she was given Sodium Bicarbonate oral solution for three days (2 ts. in a glass of water, 2 hrs. before or after meal). The purpose of this is to flush out intestines. But this is optional.

Another article that confirms that Diabetes Could Be Cured with Diet Only is posted on “Collective Evolution“.

The article is titled “These People Reversed Their Diabetes In 30 Days With This One Change” posted on September 9, 2014, written by Joe Martino


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