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EU refugee policy is a tricky war against humanity

EU refugee policy is a tricky war against humanity

The rise of global migration is a strong sign of a coming global war. Statistics show that each massive waves of local or global migration were immediately followed by local or global wars. Controlling migration is not only needed for national security, but even more importantly to maintain international and global peace.

The term “West” is inaccurate and misleading better to point clearly to the warmongering states; and these include liberal democrats in European states, and previous American administrations, plus their collaborators and agents like Gulf Arab states, Turkey, and Israel.

National security and global peace could not be maintained without stopping their policies and reversing them. Fleeing conflict zones serves the policies of war in two ways. First by surrendering those countries to liberal democrats and their puppets, and by changing the demography of Europe and USA to strengthen liberal democrats there. In addition to spreading a false PR plausible image of EU.

Fleeing will not stop or challenge the wars imposed on these states. Massive global migration could only be solved by addressing the causes of conflict and poverty and not by supporting fleeing under fake deceptive humanitarian slogans.

EU refugee policy is truly a tricky war against humanity disguised in sheep’s clothing that must be stopped and reversed by all nations and states.



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