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Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide

When Alexander the Great invaded Persia he was only after Turkic groups. Even Hitler did the same unknowingly, but he ended up confronting corrupted European regimes. The world thought Western leaders may have learned something from Alexander the Great!

A- List of Turkic Massacres in Anatolia from 1182 to 1955

1- Massacre of the Latins in May 1182 in Constantinople killed Uncertain – tens of thousands Roman Catholics killed. The bulk of the Latin community, estimated at over 60,000 at the time, was wiped out or forced to flee; some 4,000 survivors were sold as slaves to the Turks. The massacre further worsened relations and increased enmity between the Western and Eastern Christian churches, and a sequence of hostilities between the two followed.

2- Fall of Constantinople in 1453 in Constantinople killed 4,000 Byzantines by Ottomans.  4,000 persons of both sexes and all ages were massacred during these days. Moreover, the dwellings and the churches were plundered. Some 50,000 were enslaved.

3- Constantinople massacre in 1821 in Constantinople killed unknown numbers of Greeks by Ottoman government. Greek Orthodox Patriarch Gregory V and other notables were executed.

4- Massacres of Badr Khan in 1840 in Hakkari killed 10,000 Assyrians by Kurdish Emirs of Buhtan, Badr Khan and Nurullah. Many who were not killed were sold into slavery. 1826 Janissaries massacred by government (link to Auspicious Incident).

5- Batak Massacre in 1876 in Batak, Bulgaria killed 1,200–7,000 Bulgarians by Ottoman irregular troops. It occurred at the beginning of the April Uprising.

6- Hamidian massacres during 1894–1896 in Eastern Ottoman Empire killed 100,000–300,000 Armenians and Assyrians by Ottoman Empire Hamidiye, Kurdish and Turcoman irregulars. See also Massacres of Diyarbakır (1895).

7- Adana massacre in  April 1909 in Adana Vilayet killed 15,000–30,000 Armenians by local Turkish nationalist activist, conservative reactionary to Young Turk government.

8- The Destruction of Thracian Bulgarians in summer 1913 in Edirne Vilayet killed 50,000-60,000 Bulgarians by Young Turk government.

9- Greek genocide during 1913–1922 in Ottoman Empire killed 500,000–900,000 (or 450,000–750,000) Greeks by Young Turk government. Reports detail systematic massacres, deportations, individual killings, rapes, burning of entire Greek villages, destruction of Greek Orthodox churches and monasteries, drafts for “Labor Brigades”, looting, terrorism and other atrocities.

10- The Assyrian genocide (also known as Sayfo or Seyfo) during 1914–1920 in Ottoman Empire killed 270,000–750,000 (or 150,000–300,000) Assyrians by Young Turk government. It is denied by the Turkish government.

11- Armenian Genocide during 1915–1923 in Ottoman Empire killed 600,000–1,800,000 Armenians by Young Turk government. The Armenians of the eastern regions of the empire were systematically massacred. The Turkish government currently denies the genocide. It is considered the first modern genocide by scholars. It is the second most studied case of genocide after the Holocaust.

12- Zilan massacre in July 1930 in Van Province killed 4,500-15,000 Sunni Kurds by Turkish security forces. 5,000 women, children, and elderly people were reportedly killed.

13- Suppression of the Dersim rebellion during summer 1937-Spring 1938 in Tunceli Province killed 7,594-13,806 Alevi Zazas by Turkish security forces. The killings have been condemned by some as an ethnocide or genocide.

14- Istanbul pogrom in 6–7 September 1955 in Istanbul killed unknown number of primarily Greeks, as well as Armenians       by Turkish government. The killings are identified as genocidal by Alfred-Maurice de Zayas. Many of the minorities, mostly Greek Christians, forced to leave Turkey. Several churches are demolished by explosives.

15- From 1977 until 2017 a number of small massacres, each killed between few tens to few hundreds, were carried out in different parts by Grey Wolves, Turkish Police, Deep State, and unknown groups.

More massacres of Armenians took place by Turkic groups in Baku, Elisabethpol, Nakhichevan, Shusha, Sumgayit, Kirovabad, and Dushanbe. Other Turkic massacres on other ethnic groups elsewhere are not mentioned in this list.

For more detailed numbers and information go to: STATISTICS OF DEMOCIDE, Chapter 5, Statistics Of Turkey’s Democide, Estimates, Calculations, And Sources, By R.J. Rummel, at at

Or, check the references of related articles in

It is totally unacceptable that the EU, Canada, Australia, and USA are cooperating with the Turkic regimes in Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, Gulf Arab states, and their lobbyists. The West is refusing to admit the real source of global terrorism and they insist on accusing small states who are victims of Turkic terrorism that in alliance with the West.


B- List of Turkic Massacres in India from 1018 to 1946

1- Massacre of Mathura in 1018 in Mahawan district, Mathura, killed 50,000 Hindus. The Hindu victims were killed by drowning or by using swords, the massacre was accompanied by the destruction of 1,000 temples in the district.

2- Massacre at the Somnath Temple in 1024 in Prabhas Patan, Gujarat killed >50,000 Hindus. After the slaughter, Mahmud of Ghazni proceeded to loot and destroy the Somnath temple.

3- Massacre of Ajmer in 1193 in Ajmer, Rajasthan killed 100,000 Hindus. Done by Muhammad of Ghor.

4- Massacre of Gwalior in 1196 in Gwalior Fort killed 100,000 Hindus. Done by Qutb al-Din Aibak.

5- Massacre at Nalanda in 1197 in Nalanda district, Magadha killed approximately 10,000 Buddhist monks and students. Done by Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji.

6- Massacre of south Dehli in 1265 in South Dehli, Delhi Sultanate, killed 100,000 Hindu Rajputs of Mewat. Almost all the Rajputs of Mewat were completely exterminated by Dehli Sultan Ghiyas ud din Balban during the massacre.

7- Mass-killings by the Thuggee in 1290s–1870s in Indian subcontinent killed 500,000–2,000,000 people. Roughly 600 years of this criminal operation was finally obsolete after suppressed by the British colonial authorities of India after the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people killed and robbed by the Thuggee.

8- Massacre at Ranganathaswamy Temple in 1323 killed 12,000 Hindus. Hindus gathering at or around the temple were slaughtered by Muhammad bin Tughluq’s soldiers.

9- Mass killings in Bengal by Firuz Shah Tughlaq in 1353-13?? In Bengal killed 180,000 Hindus. Firuz Shah paid for the 180,000 heads of Hindus massacred by his soldiers.

10- Massacres around Vijayanagara in 1366 in districts surrounding Vijayanagara Empire killed 500,000 Hindus. A total of 500,000 Hindus were massacred in all the districts surrounding Vijayanagara by the Bahmani Sultanate soldiers. In Raichur Doab alone, 70,000 Hindus regardless of age were massacred by the army of the Bahmani Sultanate, not even pregnant women were spared. The districts were turned to waste after they were destroyed.

11- Timurid mass-killings in Haryana in 1398 in Haryana, Delhi Sultanate killed >4,500,000 Hindus. Timur himself admitted that every soldier in his army killed from 50 to 100 Hindu men, women and children in Haryana. As timur had a replenisable supply of 90,000 soldiers during the invasion, we can conclude that Timur’s soldiers killed more than 4.5 million people in Haryana by using the minimum number of Hindus killed by each soldier multiplied by the Timur’s average number of soldiers.

12- Timurid massacre of Bhatner in 1398 in Bhatner fort, Delhi Sultanate killed unknown numbers (the whole population of the fort). The entire population living in the fort was killed by Timur’s army after its capture.

14- Timurid massacre of slaves in December 1398 in Loni, Ghaziabad, Delhi Sultanate killed 100,000 women and children slave captives before the battle of Delhi commenced, Timur ordered his soldiers kill the 100,000 captives they caught due to their incapability of supporting the large number of slaves.

15- Timurid massacre of Dehli in 1398 in Dehli, Delhi Sultanate killed >150,000 Non-Muslims. In Timur’s own words, “Excepting the quarters of the sayyids, the ‘ulama and the other Musalmans (Muslims), the whole city was sacked”. The skulls of the massacred victims were piled up to form pyramids in the city. After the massacre ended, the few remaining survivors either died of famine and disease or were enslaved.

16- Timurid massacre of Meerut in 1399 in Meerut, Delhi Sultanate killed 300,000 Hindus. The massacre took place due to the people of Meerut beating one of Timur’s soldiers to death for raping a Hindu woman.

17- Masssacre of Khanwa in March 1527 in Khanwa, Udaipur State killed 200,000 Hindus. 100,000 Rajput prisoners and another 100,000 innocent bystanders were massacred by Babur.

18- Masssacre of Ghara in 1560 in Garha-Katanga Kingdom (now Narsinghpur district) killed 48,000 Hindu peasants and Rajputs. It was ordered by Emperor Akbar.

19- Massacre of Vijayanagara in 1565 in Vijayanagara, Vijayanagara Empire killed >100,000 Hindus. More than 100,000 civilians who didn’t leave the city were all massacred by the soldiers of the Deccan sultanates. Besides this, widespread destruction of Hindu temples and buildings also took place in the city, destroying most of the large temple centres.

20- Siege of Chittorgarh in February 1568 in Chittor Fort, Udaipur State killed 30,000. Akbar ordered the massacre of civilians for helping the fort’s resistance. After 8,000 Rajputs were slain, every single one of their 8,000 wives committed suicide after they were going to being enslaved.

21- Mass-killings of non-Muslims by Emperor Aurangzeb during 1618–1707 by Mughal Empire killed 4.6 million people. The mass killings happened during the reign of Aurangzeb who ordered one of the strongest campaign of religious violence against non-Muslims in the Mughul Empire’s history, with an estimated 4.6 million people massacred and killed. One such incident that took place was when Aruangzeb massacred 150,000 Brahmins and their families in Benares, Ganga ghat, Haridwar, etc. Aruangzeb later made a mountain of skulls of the Hindu Brahmins and their children which was visible from 10 miles away in certain places.

22- Massacres during Nader Shah’s invasion of the Mughal Empire in 1738–1740 in Northern India, Mughal Empire killed 300,000 people. Persian invaders massacre Indian civilians.

23- Massacres after the Battle of Panipat in 1761 in Panipat, Haryana, Maratha Empire killed 40,000-70,000 Maratha soldiers. About 22,000 Maratha women and young children enslaved by the Afghans.

24- Mangalore Christian massacre in 1784–1799 in Srirangapatna, Kingdom of Mysore killed 5,600 Christians. Persecution of Mangalore Catholic Christians by Tippu Sultan.

From 1560 massacres were carried out by Portuguese, then from 1857 by British. They were done by companies controlled by Turkic Jews.

1- Goa Inquisition in 1560–1812 (252 years) in Goa, Portuguese India killed tens of thousands of non-Catholic Goans. Wholesale massacres of Hindus, Muslims, non-Catholic Christians and Jews by Portuguese inquisitors, thousands of women were raped and 300 Hindu temples were destroyed.

2- Massacres by General Neill in June–July 1857 in Allahabad, Kanpur and surrounding areas, Company rule in India killed thousands of Indian mutineers, suspected rebels and civilians. The massacres at Allahabad took place before the Bibighar massacre; the ones at Kanpur after it.

3- Massacres of Indians during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 during 1857-1859 by Company rule in India killed >100,000 to 10,000,000 Indians (mostly civilians). Due to military orders and of widespread massacres and revenge killings of both Indian civilians and captured rebels. In Oudh alone, 150,000 Indians were killed of whom 100,000 were civilians. Places such as Dehli, Allahabad, Kanpur and Lucknow were met with general massacre after they were recaptured by British troops.

4- Jallianwala Bagh massacre 13 April 1919 in Amritsar, Punjab, British Raj killed 379-381 dead, ~1,100 mostly Sikhs, some Muslims and Hindus injured. Reginald Edward Harry Dyer ordered a unit of the British Indian Army to open fire on a unarmed, nonviolent group of protesters, along with Baishakhi pilgrims.

5- Moplah Rebellion in 1922 in Malabar, Kerala, British Raj 2,337-10,000 Hindus (1,00,000 Hindus permanently migrated). Khilafat Movement considered as main cause.

6- Culcutta Riots in 15 August-17 September 1946 in West Bengal, British Raj killed 7,000 to 10,000 Hindus and Muslims.         Hindus and Muslims clashed during a protest by All India Muslim League.

7- Noakhali riots in September – October 1946 in East Bengal, British Raj killed 5,000 Hindus by Muslims in reaction to Culcutta killings. Muslim community attacked Hindu community for wealth and forced conversion to Islam. Around 50,000 to 75,000 survivors were sheltered in temporary relief camps.

8- Partition of India in 14–15 April 1947 in Punjab, Dehli and Sindh, British Raj, Dominion of India and Dominion of Pakistan killed ~ 200,000 – 2,000,000 people. Massacre of Sikhs and Hindus by Muslims in West Punjab and of Muslims by Sikhs and Hindus in East Punjab. The communal violence resulted in the murder of 20,000-25,000 Muslims in Dehli by Hindus. UNHCR estimates 14 million were displaced by the violence.

Since the Independence India in 1947 only one major death happened. That was Hyderabad massacre of 1948 in Hyderabad State in which 27000 – 40,000 (Official Estimate), 200,000 (Scholarly Estimate) Muslims killed. It was a massacred by Hindus, and Indian army, as army and police unarmed Muslims in the state but let the Hindus keep their weapons after the Nizam-ul-Mulk of Hyderabad (of Turkic origins) was defeated, which sought separate state from both India and Pakistan, at the time of the partition of India.

It is totally unacceptable that the EU, Canada, Australia, and USA are cooperating with the Turkic regimes in Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, Gulf Arab states, and their lobbyists. The West is refusing to admit the real source of global terrorism and they insist on accusing small states who are victims of Turkic terrorism that in alliance with the West.

Comments on: "Turkic Massacres in Anatolia and India from 1018 to 1955" (3)

  1. Great article, Islamic Turks are evil monsters!

  2. Israel and Zionism are the true threats in the World. (This has nothing to do with anti-Semitism).

    • Your comment is not helping the facts that this article is trying to clarify. Israel and Zionism are the products of the Jews, and the Jews are not Israelite. Only the Israelite are Semite, but the Israelite did nothing wrong, other than allowing the Turkic Jews to steal their ethnicity and history. So, criminalizing the Jews and Zionists is not Antisemitism, but clearly AntiTuranism (AntiTurkism).
      The Turkic rulers of Arabia, Turkic Anatolians, Turkic Persians, Turkic Indians, and Turkic Europeans are all in the same boat with Turkic Jews and all of them are equally guilty. There is absolutely no Antisemitism in saying so. These six Turkic groups are definitely Antisemitic.

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