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The Turkification of Iran

The Turkification of Iran

The Turkification of Iran under the leadership of the former President Khatami and President Ahmadinejad has been carried under the banners of “Iranian Aryan Nationalism”. The truth is these people represent the Azeri nationalism or the Azeri version of Pan Turkism and their base of support are Azeris. In their political campaign they always use Persian girls and they paint themselves as the inheritors of the Persian civilization.

President Ahmadinejad showing Pan-Turkist grey wolves sign in Azerbaijan

President Ahmadinejad showing Pan-Turkist grey wolves sign in Azerbaijan

Azeri Pan Turkism talks about uniting the “Iranian” or “Iranic” people, whatever that means. But their true aims is to unite with The Republic of Azerbaijan and bring more Azeri Turks into Iran in order to dominate Iran. Also it uses the “Iranian” cover and pretending to fight Anatolian Pan Turks. In reality Azeris are real Turks and their Pan-Iranism is the same as their Pan-Turkism but adjusted for the political conditions in Iran.

ar-persian-phenotypes-1It also aims to export a form of “Pan-Turkish Islam” into Turkey in order to weaken its Anatolian rival. In these respects Azeri regime in Tehran is a copy of its ancestor, The Safavid Azeri Turks in 16 century. Also due to historical reasons, The Azeri Turks do not try to impose the Azeri Turk language on Iran unlike their Anatolian counterparts. Azeri Turks try instead to impose Azeri Turk culture on Iran and eliminate all other ethnic groups and replace them with Azeri Turks. These policies are promoted under the cover of Islam which is itself a cover for Azeri Turk culture.

Such policies are implemented through polygamy, seeghah or temporary marriages (legal prostitution), Marriage Funds, setting up “Tourist Centers” in remote tribal areas, forcing people from rural areas to move into bigger cities, movement of the native population into Azeri Turk areas such as Tehran with economic and non-economic pressure and moving Azeri Turks into other provinces under the pretext of looking for “Jobs” such as Khuzestan or Caspian sea provinces and imposing Azeri Turks as civil servants on provincial states. Recent clashes in the Caspian region has exposed some of their policies to ordinary natives of Iran. See the Caspian clashes below.

Azeri Turk policies are supported by Jews who try to manufacture an “Aryan Iranian” history for Azeri Turks. In order to keep their “Iranian” cover the Azeri Turk ruling elite also suppresses ordinary Azeris who demand their language and ethnic rights. In summary Pan Turkism in Iran has a complete different form from Turkey. The main difference is Pan Turkism in Iran uses “Iranian” label and it uses religion to promote its policies. It does not use Azeri Turk language as it is not politically possible. It tries to impose its Azeri Turk culture on the natives of Iran.

As ordinary Azeris in Azerbaijan are severely suppressed by Azeri Turk elite in Tehran, it has led to demands for ethnic and cultural rights by Azeris in Azerbaijan. In May 2006, Azeris held big demonstrations in Tabriz, Azrebaijan against Azeri ruling class in Tehran. See the video on the left sidebar on Azeri demonstrations in Tabriz.

The policies of Turkification targets the Persian minority and tries to destroy the Persians as an ethnic minority and replace them with Azeri Turks. The policy is based in destroying the structure of Iranian population where Azeris live in separate and far away provinces from provinces where Persians live and tries to mix the Azeri population with Persian population. Azeri Turks are moved to Non-Turk provinces and Natives are moved to Azerbaijan.

Most of their policies are a copy of Anatolian Turks under Ottoman Empire in 16 century where they tried to become European Turks by mixing with those European countries that they dominated such as Balkans. Azeri Turks are trying to do same thing today 400 years later using Persians and Afghan refugees or anybody else they can find to look European.

This is the Azeri Turk agenda as described by an Azeri Turk:

“By Turks I mean the invading nomads who pillaged this side of the Caspian after the 11th century A.D. They “conquered” the areas from the Caucasus to Asia Minor and forced their language and Turkic identity on the conquered, indigenous peoples through rape, harassment, genocide, taxes, Janissary “recruitment”, stealing of women as sex slaves, stealing of children, etc.”

Actually this is the agenda of Azeri Turks today but it is assigned it to the past. This was actually what the Ottoman Turks did under ottoman empire.

Azeri Turks are trying to carry out this agenda today but assign to the past. Azeri Turks claim that they look like “Persians” and it is not possible to tell them apart. Also Azeri Turks promote the propaganda about “Persians are mixed with Arabs” to claim that Azeri Turks are “Persians who are mixed with Arabs!!!”. Also Azeri Turks claim that Turks are mongols therefore Azeri Turks are not Turks but are “Caucasian Iranians”. All this propaganda is to confuse people and provide a cover for Azeri Turks to present themselves as “Iranians”. See Iran: Aryan-ism to Pan-Turkism for details.

The reality is that Azeri Turks have murdered most of the inhabitants of the western region of Iran in connection with the migration of Oghuz Turks between 11 century and 15 century A.D. Azeri Turks also murdered millions of Zoarastrians in Iran in connection with imposing their Shia Islam on Iran. Millions of Kurds were exiled from Azerbaijan region to North-east Iran. Those Kurds still live there today.

And Azeri Turks are sorry the agenda for the Turkification of Iran did not happen in the past. That is why they are trying to carry it out today. Azeris are planning to use natives of Iran for “Aryanization of Azeri Turks”. As Mr. Ben Madadi explains in “Azeris are looking for Jobs and that is why they are migrating to other parts of Iran on a massive scale!!!” “Azeris are migrating to Gilan, Mazandaran, Kurdistan, Luristan and even Baluchistan”. Mr. Madadi expresses his satisfaction that “Azeris are going to be Aryanized by the natives of Iran and the number of Azeris will go down”!!!! In reality this is ethnic cleansing of the natives of Iran and it is called The Policy of the Turkification of Iran.

The representative of Azeri Turks on American Forums talk freely about improving Azeri race by using other ethnic groups, and ethnic cleansing of undesirable minorities. This is when they call anybody who questions their agenda for “Nazist” or “racist” or “Azeri hatred for personal reasons”. Jews who run most of these forums will ban anybody who even dares to post a simple picture of an Azeri Turk.

To explain what is the Azeri regime in Tehran one have to compare them to the Nazi Germany. The Azeris nationalist have dropped the banner of Islam a long time ago. They are replacing Islam with Pan-Turkism and “Islamic Nationalism”. Their Pan-Turkism is labeled Pan-Iranism. They have invented something called the “Iranian race”.

For Azeri Turks “Iranian race” is a mixture of Turks, Persians, Mongols, and Arabs and Africans. They call all citizens of Iran as members of the “Iranian Race”. Anybody question their policy and state that they are not Turks and identify his ethnic affiliation in Iran such as Kurds, Lurs, Persians, Baluchs etc, Azeris will claim that there are no such people in Iran and everybody is mixed up with Azeri Turks!!!!! Azeri Turk sponsors in US have also made genetic charts showing all “Iranians are Turks”.

Azeri regime has moved Hazara afghan refugees who have Mongolian origin into Khorasan, and now Azeri Turks call Persians in Khorasan for Turks!!!!

Unlike the Nazi Germany which believed in the superiority of German Race, the ruling Azeri regime in Tehran believes in the inferiority of the Azeri Turkish race. This is Nazism in reverse. So they believe that to improve the Azeri race they mix Azeris with Persians and other natives of Iran such as Kurds. One of their special targets are Kurds and Persians which they force to move to Tehran. They officially call this agenda for “The Aryanization of Azeri Turks into Aryans”.

The policy of “Aryanization of Azeri Turks” includes moving non-Turk Afghan refugees into Azeri Turks areas such as Tehran and moving Hazaras Afghan who are Mongolian in origin into Persian areas such as Khorasan. It also includes forcing Persians to move to Tehran for economic reasons and moving even more Azeris from Azerbaijan into Tehran. The air pollution created in Tehran by such policies has resulted in closing schools and businesses due to excessive Air pollution in Tehran. Add to this that Azeris are culturally and ethnically very different from both Persians and Afghans and Azeris have never been Zoroastrians and do not share the old inhabitants of Persia’s culture and civilization.

The consequence of these policies is the formation of an alien Azeri Turk dominant culture in Tehran and which is similar to the culture of big cities in Latin American countries with a high rate of crime. Many afghans have stated that Iran is culturally as alien to Afghans as Pakistanis are and they do not recognize any common cultural bonds between Afghans and Iranians(Azeri Turks). At the same time other Afghan refugees who have crossed into Khorasan province have stated according to United Nation reports that they did not notice they are in foreign country when they did live in Khorasan where the real Persians live and they felt at home.

“Aryanization of Azeri Turks into Aryans” accomplishes another objective set by the foreign backers of these Azeris Turks. That is to separate contemporary Iran from its past heritage. They are already arguing that there is no more Persia and Iranians are a different race from the people of the ancient Persia. There are many reports about history publishers in Western Countries are eliminating Persian Empire from their history books. And their evidence will be that you can not show any more Persians and all Iranians are Azeri Turks.

Also there are plans to flood the ancient archeological sites in Fars or Pars province such as Pasargard palace and others by a new dam construction. This is similar to the destruction of Buddhist statues in Afghanistan by Taliban. Recently Azeri Turk regime in Tehran have decided to open “Tourist Centers” in Lorestan and Bakhtiary of all places in south west Iran. These areas are the centers of Persian Civilization since ancient times and there is nothing to see for tourist except Lor and Bakhtiary tribes who live in this area. Azeri Turks are going to use these ancient tribes for “Aryanization of Azeri Turks” and also spreading prostitution to these areas.

Another scheme in Turkification policy of Iran is the “reform of the Persian language”. That is to convert Persian into “Irani” language. Azeri Turks have already produced texts in “Irani” language that is not intelligible to Persians or Afghans. The purpose to to disconnect different ethnic groups in Iran so that they do not have a common Persian language and also disconnect Persians from Afghans. This “Irani” language is going to be taught in schools in Iran.

Also Azeris have set up several “Azeri Aryan Front Organizations” to promote their “Pan-Azeri Aryan” ideology. Note that Azeris are in no way related to Aryans and do not even look European and they speak a non indo-European language associated with Altai-Uralic languages. But Azeris claims to be the whitest and purest Aryans and they are related to Germans and Swedes. Here is a list of their websites:

Aryan League of Iran :
Official Website of Iranian National Socialist Party:
Iranian Nazi Party
Views of Azeri National Socialist: Debate on Stormfront white nationalist forum

Azeri Turks on Iran and Persia

The name Persia is a misunderstanding by the Western historians. Iran was always called Iranzamin or the “Land of Iran” and people in Iran are Iranians and not Persians. Iranian and Persian are the same thing. Persian is just a language. Otherwise there are no such Persian people in Iran. We are all “Iranians”. By “Iranian” Azeri Turks mean somebody who is a mixture of Persian and Turks and Mongols and Arabs. This way Azeri Turks can hide their identity and claim they are Persians and are the inheritors of Persian history and civilization. The reality is Azeri Turks are not mixed with anybody and DNA tests have shown that they are related to Anatolian Turks and Azeri Turks in the North.

Turkification of Iran as the option pursued by President Ahmadinejad

Among Azeris in Iran there are three main viewpoints for dealing with the national problem of Azerbaijan province:

1.A group made up of religious, industrialists and bureaucratic, personalities who occupy a prominent position in the Iranian state, and their ideologists support the idea of a united Iran (“national iranocentrists”). They strive to increase the share of authority and capital within a single Iran. They support the notion of Turkifikation of Iran. This group supports the idea of the unification of Iran with North Azerbaijan under the leadership of Iran.

Add to this that the “there is no Iranian race or ideology or identity. Whatever was left of “Iranian identity” from the previous Shah regime has disappeared into Islam and Pan-Turkism. Iran is dividing up into it ethnic components. That is the reason you see the rise of independence movements with Kurds, Balochs and Azeris. This will spread to other groups too.

Fundamentally there are two cultures in Iran. The Azeri-Turk culture which is similar to Caucasus culture. The other one is the Persian culture which is related to Central Asia. The division line goes in the middle of the country. Tehran, Isfahan and Azerbaijan have close similarities to Caucasus in terms of culture. Lorestan, Fars and Khorasan belong to central Asian culture. Kurds have Iranian culture similar to Persians.This is one of the reasons that these Azeri Turks are trying to move as many people as possible into Tehran. Azeri Turk culture from Caucasus is not indigenous to Iran and the only way they can force their culture on Iran is move people into Tehran.

The conflict between Azeri Turk culture and Persian culture is at the core of contradictions in the state in Iran. Azeri Turk culture is tribal and primitive and the Persian culture is universal and humanistic. The peaceful coexistence of these culture ended with the establishment of Azeri Turk Islamic Republic in 1979 and that explains all the anomalies within the state in Iran.

The culture of Tehran and Azerbaijan is similar to the culture of Tabriz and Baku. That is a Turkish culture from Caucasus. The centers of Persian culture and civilization is in Fars or Pars province, Mashahd in Khorasan and Herat in Afghanistan. That is the culture of ancient Persia. Persians do not consider Baku or Tabriz as the center of Persian civilization.

I will explain their policies in a more detail later on. But the major faction in the regime in Tehran are the Azeri Turks led by President Ahmadinejad supported by US liberal Jews internationally. The Persian opposition is centered around Mashhad religious establishment in North Eastern Iran bordering Afghanistan. The Shrine of Imam Reza is located in Mashhad. The real Persia is located in Khorasan province bordering Afghanistan. The other ancient Persia is located in Fars or Pars province in south central Iran.

The main conflict in the regime is not the conflict between Moderate Islamist and the “Radical” Islamist. There are many Islamic countries around Iran and none look like Iran. Religion is completely irrelevant in Iran. The main conflict is between Pan-Turk Azeris and the Natives of Iran.

The current Azeri regime in Tehran is a copy of Safavid Azeri Turk regime in 16 century. It follows all its policies, from “Iranian Racial Nationalism” to use of force and mass murder. “Iranian Racial nationalism” is very similar to German Nazism and that is what Mr. Ahmadinejad is pursuing. The only difference within the Pan-Turk Azeris is with those who claim they are “secular” Pan-Turks. They agree on objectives but they want to carry their “Iranian Racial nationalism” with “democratic and Pluralistic” methods.

Special cultural characteristics of Azeris are their tendency to use violence to solve all social issues. This is clear both in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan and during the “Islamic Revolution” in Iran. Also in Russia, the Russians consider Azeris as one of the most criminal elements within the Russian federation.

Targeting the Azeri Pan-Turks in Iran as the main enemy of all Iranian people is the key element to bring any kind of change in Iran. The only path for change is the removal of these Azeris nationalist from all levels of political power in Iran. And this is the demarcation line between real opposition and the Azeri Gangs who run the Tehran regime.

Opposition to this regime is not based on abstract principles about what is right or wrong. But it is an opposition to the real people who are benefiting from this regime and hold them in power. And those are the Azeri gangs who control the state in Iran and their Azeri base. And this is the fundamental mistake made by the opposition in Iran.

The opposition is addressing the Azeri elite with some abstract human rights concerns which is not shared by the Azeri elite. The Azeri elite is fundamentally different both in terms of culture and race from the values of the opposition. It is similar to be asking mongols in 12 century A.D. to be civilized. What has caused this confusion is the Iranian label used by Azeris. Persians imagine that they find a Persian behind this label and not somebody who has a foreign culture and race and who does not share many common values with them. To understand the background to the Azeri culture this article has a good descriptions of Azeris:


The real political divisions in Iran are not based on who is a real Moslem and who is not. But they are based on who represents the Persian civilization and that includes the Persian clergy and who represents an Azeri Turk alien culture in Iran. It is not secularism versus theocracy, but it is the Persian culture versus the Alien Azeri Turk culture.

There will be no change for Iranians if an Azeri theocracy turns into an Azeri secular government. Both are the same in content. It seems the fall of Azeri Turk Islam after one thousand years is going to be equal to the removal of the Azeri Turkish political dominance in Iran. Both Azeri Turkish Islam and Azeri Turks are foreign to the Persian culture and the Iranian people. Both Azeri Turks and Azeri Islam have lost their political dominance in Iran and this is going to be their last struggle before their downfall. The Persian Empire preceding the Azeri Turk political dominance in Persia was not based on Azeris culture but was based on the Persian culture and civilization. And that is what have to replace the Azeri Turk political structure in Iran.

Why Azeris have dominated Iran? There is chart below that shows Turks have dominated Iran for the last 900 years but here we are talking about the modern history since the Pahlavi regime. The answer to this question is another theme to be addressed elsewhere. But a short answer is that Persians do not have tribal mentality. Persians consider themselves to be citizens of an empire. Persians do not identify themselves with local interest.

In this respect Persians are very similar to Russians and Americans. On the other hand Azeris have tribal mentality and identify themselves primarily as Azeri Turks. Under special historical circumstances that Iran found itself under “Islamic Revolution” Azeris with tribal thinking had an advantage over Persians. Tribes can deal with organizational requirements for emergencies better than loose organizational structures. That is the short term. In the long term tribes can not deal with organization of a complex society.

Relations have to be formalized and can not be managed on a ad hoc basis. And that is what is happening in Iran. Those organizational structures that emerged under the “Revolution” are disintegrating and a general restructuring of the whole society is necessary. Some Azeri elites have abandoned the Azeri positions and are trying to reconnect to the Persian segment of the population. Those are welcome. But the rest of Azeris will put up a hard resistance to any change. They know that they will lose under fair rules of the game. Those Azeris such as Mr. Ahmadinejad are moving fast toward fascism. And they will steal other people’s heritage to rationalize their ideology. Those Azeris have to be suppressed by all means.

The Azeri faction in power in Iran is divided to two groups. The lower class Azeris and the upper class Azeris or the intellectual class. The lower class Azeri faction is represented by President Ahmadinejad. This is a extremely violent and criminal faction. By the end of Iraq-Iran War in 1988 this faction and its original figures started to taking over the power in Iran. At this time the Reagan administration had been weakened by the Iran-Contra affair and the “Doves” under the leadership of Mr. George Schultz had taken over in US. Contrary to the perception of their name, “The Dove faction” in US is extremely violent when it comes to defending the interests of the liberal Jews. According to many sources Mr. George Schultz was the one behind bringing the lower class Azeris under the leadership of Mr. Rafsanjani into power in Iran.

1988 was the turning point when the “Islamic Revolution” turned from an “ideological stage” into a criminal stage. In 1988 the Azeri regime in Iran started mass execution of political prisoners. The estimates vary from 100.000 to 250.000 political prisoners. The order for executions probably came from the foreign backers of these Azeris. Those in state department who brought positive proposals for economic development and cooperation between Iran and US were severely reprimanded by Mr. George Schultz. Mr. George Schultz policy was instead to bring thugs and criminals into power in Iran. Also most of the chemical weapons used by Saddam Hussain in Iraq came from “Liberal Doves” in Holland. The main backer of Taliban regime in Afghanistan was another “Liberal Dove” Mr. Al Gore. This was the international background to Azeri thugs taking over the power in Iran.

The whole Islamic revolution was engineered by US under Carter administration to shift the power from Persian elements under the Shah to Azeri Turk elements. The reason for this are two two fold:

Firstly, the democratic party in US is associated with Jews and Jews always promote Turks as their allies. Azeri Turks are close relatives of Jews who are actually mixed with Khazar Jews since 6 century A.D. Azerbaijan was the scene of number of invasions by Khazar Jews at that time.

Secondly Jews worldwide agenda for destruction of ethnic groups and ethnic distinctions in the world specially target Persians for destruction as they have Aryan origin. Jews shows special hostility to people with Aryan origin. These Jews have been responsible for the murder of thousands of people both in Iran and Afghanistan through their proxies, Azeri Turks and Talibans.

The Shah’s naive behavior under “Islamic Revolution” led to a more disastrous situation for the natives of Iran, worse than the Arab invasion of Persia in 6 century A.D. It wiped out the native elite of Iran and replaced them with Azeri Turks and destroyed all organizational skills for any resistance.

Those natives of Iran who participated in the Revolution soon found out that the whole culture of the society has suddenly changed and they are not dealing with real “Iranians with Iranian culture” but are dealing with some primitive Azeri Turk tribes who have emerged from history. For a while the opposition was still repeating some slogans about democracy until they found out they are in the middle of a foreign invasion and they are talking to some foreign elements who have taken over the state power. All these developments had the approval of US and US actually helped this regime to expose any military coups that could endanger this regime. Also ethnic cleansing of Persians and export of “Iranian woman” to gulf states for sex slavery could not have been done without US support.

Two previous attempts by Azeri Turks in Iran had been destroyed by foreign powers. The first one was under Sattar Khan in 1905 revolution which was aiming at establishment of Islamic Republic already in 1900. That movement was crushed by Russians. The second move by Azeri Turks were under Mossadeq who was an Azeri Turk and his regime would end up with another Islamic Republic in 1950’s. The Mossadeq movement was also crushed by US. But in 1979 a Jewish led democratic party helped Azeri Turks to finally establish their Islamic Republic in Iran.

The Islamic Revolution in Iran started a regressive movement backward which might take many decades to recover from. The only positive lesson from the Revolution is focusing attention at the great danger posed by Azeri Turks to the Iranian society. An enemy which was not noticed before as people do not have any memory of atrocities committed by the Safavid Azeri Turks 400 years earlier who killed millions of Persian Zoroastrians and Sunni Muslims. That is why the demands for the separation of these primitive tribes from Iranian society is gaining momentum by the natives of Iran.

Click here for: Persian Separatism.

The other important lesson is that democracy is not an answer to Iran’s problem but separation of Azeri Turks is the real solution. The reason is Azeri Turks constitute a majority of the population of Iran and a democracy will only lead to a continuation of Azeri Turk rule in Iran under new forms. There is no difference in content between an Azeri Turk theocracy and an Azeri Turk democracy for the natives of Iran.

The above article was posted by a blogger calling him/herself Anonymous on Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Routes of Turkic first invasions to India, Iran, Caucasus, Anatolia, East Europe, Levant, Arabia, and Africa around 600 BC. These invasions corrupted all region's major religions and created new tribal groups

The Routes of Turkic first invasions to India, Iran, Caucasus, Anatolia, East Europe, Levant, Arabia, and Africa around 600 BC. These invasions corrupted all region’s major religions and created new tribal groups

The six Turkic groups are:
1- Turkic Muslim in Anatolia and Balkan, (fake Caucasians since Byzantine–Seljuq wars in 1048 Ad),
2- Turkic Shia Persians (fake Iranians since the Achaemenids in 550 BC),
3- Turkic Khazar Zionist Jews (fake Israelite since the tricky Babylonian “Return” in 520 BC),
4- Turkic rulers of Arabia (fake Arabs, following the death of Islam in 655 AD),
5- Turkic “Hindu” Indians and Gypsy (fake Aryans since the Persian conquest in 530 BC), and
6- Turkic Europeans (fake liberal Christians since the “Holy” “Roman” “Empire” in 962 AD)

Six Turkic Groups

Six Turkic Groups

Comments on: "The Policy of Turkification of Iran: Objectives and Methods" (2)

  1. Hi, things are going the opposite way in Afghanistan, the Mongols are dying out in Afghanistan day by day, i am a persionised Arab from Afghanistan, if you see me or my clan you won’t even recognise us as Arabs, we don’t speak the language or practice any arab culture, we are lucky we totaly assimilated linguistically and genetically, the hazaras on the other hand didn’t change even in hundreds of years, and are now in process of dying out, the pashtuns are killing the poor guys alot, Persians in Iran won’t vanish, they just need to take back control from the Shia Turks.

    • Persia is not originally Iranian, it is a Turkic formation made in 550 BC and took over Iran. Therefore Persian indicates Turkic Mongolian origin.
      What are called Arabs in Asia, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India, and Africa are actually may had come from Arabia but certainly they are not Arabs at all. Turkic Mongolians inhabited Arabia for more than 2000 years and they almost erased the Arabs but spoke Arabic dialects.
      The Pashtuns while they were originally Pathans but they became heavily enslaved and dominated by Turkic Mongolians.
      The Persians are ruling Iran for 2500 years, the true native Iranians and the native Pathans are struggling to exist.

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