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Hitler Also Project and Puppet of Khazar Elite to Create Israel

Hitler Also Project and Puppet of Khazar Elite to Create Israel

This is the second patch of FaceBook messages from someone called “Cengizhan Atilla” bragging about Turkic atrocities they inflicted on Europeans. They are dated March 17, 2017 at 5:30am

The six Turkic groups are:
1- Turkic Muslim in Anatolia and Balkan, (fake Caucasians since Byzantine–Seljuq wars in 1048 Ad),
2- Turkic Shia Persians (fake Iranians since the Achaemenids in 550 BC),
3- Turkic Khazar Zionist Jews (fake Israelite since the tricky Babylonian “Return” in 520 BC),
4- Turkic rulers of Arabia (fake Arabs, following the death of Islam in 655 AD),
5- Turkic “Hindu” Indians and Gypsy (fake Aryans since the Persian conquest in 530 BC), and
6- Turkic Europeans (fake liberal Christians since the “Holy” “Roman” “Empire” in 962 AD)

Six Turkic Groups

Six Turkic Groups

Read and know how these Turkic groups are thinking about themselves and all other nations in the world. Amazing indeed!

Beginning: [U fucken slave. Hitler was also project and puppet of khazar elite to create israel. İsraels flag is also copy of turkic nomadic warrior karamanid state of 13th century anatolia also hitler idolized great turkish khan ataturk also when he conquered france he named operation name as operation attila jusy like attila conquered france and germany who was the khan of turkic huns who conquered whole germanic iranian slavic celtic latin and caucasian tribes and destroyed rome
Look byzantine also used turkic pecheneg and cuman mercenaries but they changed their sides when they see their enemies are turkic speaking this war also marked the end of viking ages because both norman viking english french etc mercenaries of rome destroyed as well hahah look how turkic tentmen alp arslan khan humiliate emperor romanos
When Emperor Romanos IV was conducted into the presence of Alp Arslan, the Sultan refused to believe that the bloodied and tattered man covered in dirt was the mighty Emperor of the Romans. After discovering his identity, Alp Arslan placed his boot on the Emperor’s neck and forced him to kiss the ground.[13] A famous conversation is also reported to have taken place:[28][29]

Alp Arslan: “What would you do if I were brought before you as a prisoner?”
Romanos: “Perhaps I’d kill you, or exhibit you in the streets of Constantinople.”
Alp Arslan: “My punishment is far heavier. I forgive you, and set you free.”

How pope leo kneel down to attila khan how we enslaved and conquered millions of english german dutch irish spanish french etc slaves hahaah you faggot when inferior fatimid arabs lost jerusalem to inferior eu crusades then turks came and destroyed crusades completely by turkic zengids and their kurd vassal saladin and also later turkic rulers of egypt baibars as well as qutuz
Look how turkic pecheneg khan killed viking rurikid king of russia as well as many other russian kings and made his skull as goblet hahaha
Kurya (Ukrainian: Куря, Pecheneg: Kürä[1][2]) was the name of a Pecheneg prince[3] and khan who allied with Svyatoslav I of Kiev in his campaigns in the Balkans. Later, after Svyatoslav’s defeat by the Byzantine Empire, Kurya ambushed and killed the Kievan king at Khortitsa.[4] According to the Chronicle of Bygone Years, Kurya had Svyatoslav’s skull made into a goblet[5] (a known practice in Eurasian nomadic cultures for brave foes[6]), and gilded.[7][8]
Look how we built skull tower from our enemies heads and still erected in nis serbia hahahaha
Its our art ! Turco mongol conquest caused black death plague which killed more than half of human population hahaha genghis khan have 16 million descendants
Genghis Khan a Prolific Lover, DNA Data Implies
Hillary Mayell
for National Geographic News
February 14, 2003
Genghis Khan, the fearsome Mongolian warrior of the 13th century, may have done more than rule the largest empire in the world; according to a recently published genetic study, he may have helped populate it too.

An international group of geneticists studying Y-chromosome data have found that nearly 8 percent of the men living in the region of the former Mongol empire carry y-chromosomes that are nearly identical. That translates to 0.5 percent of the male population in the world, or roughly 16 million descendants living today.
Hahaha our homeland mongolia is 2 million and it killed half of total chinese population during turco mongol comquest of china also 80 million hindus killed by turkic muslim invaders hahahaah we destroyed the whole world and who are u fucken little slave u little sudanese slave of turkish master race . Death to subhuman inferior races! Heil Turkish master race !


[U fucken inferior bastard slave The Mongol Empire was founded by Genghis Khan in 1206. At its height, it was the largest empire in human history, covering 13.8 million square miles or more than 35 million square kilometers. According to some sources, the empire comprehended almost 80% of the world population, including the most advanced and populous nations of that time:The Mongol Empire emerged from the unification of Mongol and Turkic tribes of historical Mongolia under the leadership of Genghis Khan Ancient sources described Genghis Khan’s conquests as wholesale destruction on an unprecedented scale in certain geographical regions, causing great demographic changes in world. Pax Ottomana (Latin for “Ottoman Peace”, modelled after Pax Romana) was the period of relative peace in world (1453–1699) during which the Turkish Ottoman Empire became the global hegemonic power and adopted the role of a global police force.[1][2] Which race unified and ruled the world? We did ! Which race created largest empire of human history? We did! Which race opens/finish ages? We did ! Which bloodline now run the world ? Altaic khazar bloodline! We !! Every race every people suffered under barbarian altaic master race ! We conquered the all races all nations ! And we never conquered by foreign nation ! Heil !! Death to subhuman inferior slave races heil altaic master race !!!! We are only race who unified the world under one flag one rule. U little slaves U fucken slave read last paragraph i sent u few min ago hahaha u inferior slave


[U fucken inferior slave read haha
Also sumerian god name dengir was old turkic mongolian(altaic) god tengri
And sumerians were also altaic speaking tribe who migrated from mongolia and destroyed middle east and created their civiliation over mesopotamia all abrahamic religions derived from sumerian mythology hahaha you fucken slave kiss my superior turkish altaic master dick

(Photos)] End.

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