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Afghanistan is a Painful Example of Turkic Crimes

Afghanistan is a Painful Example of Turkic Crimes

Hitler and the Nazi were trying to protect Germany, Europe, and Christianity from the fate that destroyed Spain, England, France, Italy, and Russia made by six Turkic groups.

Afghanistan is a painful and clear example of the crimes committed by the six Turkic groups on nations. They shattered this Aryan nation which was once peaceful and civilized. Now Afghanistan is in tatters.

This is how Europe could have turned to if the Turkic groups succeeded in complete annihilation of Europeans. The six Turkic groups despise Europeans because they feel that they are naive and peaceful, and meek.

The axis of evil and terrorism backers are all deep states in the world which succumb and controlled by any one of the six Turkic groups. Those are the enemies of Europe, USA, Arabs, Africans, Hitler, Nazis, and Russia. And before them were the enemies of Alexander the Great.

The six Turkic groups are:
1- Turkic Muslim in Anatolia and Balkan, (fake Caucasians since Byzantine–Seljuq wars in 1048 Ad),
2- Turkic Shia Persians (fake Iranians since the Achaemenids in 550 BC),
3- Turkic Khazar Zionist Jews (fake Israelite since the tricky Babylonian “Return” in 520 BC),
4- Turkic rulers of Arabia (fake Arabs, following the death of Islam in 655 AD),
5- Turkic “Hindu” Indians and Gypsy (fake Aryans since the Persian conquest in 530 BC), and
6- Turkic Europeans (fake liberal Christians since the “Holy” “Roman” “Empire” in 962 AD)

Six Turkic Groups

Six Turkic Groups


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