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Six Turkic Groups

Six Turkic Groups

The Turkic Ottomans carried out for a very long time the final changes in the demography in the land that used to be Canaan, created the first Aliyahs of Turkic Jewish settlers, and gave birth to Zionism.

The same Turkic people colonized Canaan and created the Talmud and the Jews by tricky Babylonian “Return” in 520 BC. The Turkic king of Babylonia arrested and deported few hundred from the house of David and their officials then after few decades arranged for hundreds of thousands of Turkic colonizers to settle in Canaan under the pretext of Babylonian “Return”.

Now the Turkic occupiers are falsely crying from the British Mandate, and blame Balfour for their crimes!!!!!!.

The Philistines (/ˈfɪlᵻstiːnz/, /ˈfɪlᵻstaɪnz/, /fᵻˈlɪstᵻnz/, or /fᵻˈlɪstiːnz/; Hebrew: פְּלִשְׁתִּים‎, Plištim) were (NOT are) an ancient people primarily known for their conflict with the Israelites. They are said to descend from Casluhim, son of Mizraim (Egypt) (who is Hamite), while the Canaanites are Semite like Arabs.

However, the Philistines of Genesis who are friendly to Abraham are identified by rabbinic sources as distinct from the warlike people!! The Torah does not record the Philistines as one of the nations to be displaced from Canaan “displaced Canaanites”.

All Turkic groups are equally responsible for wide range of crimes and these groups. Terrorism is in every deep state in the world who is affiliated to any of the six Turkic groups.
The six Turkic groups are:
1- Turkic Muslim in Anatolia and Balkan, (fake Caucasians since Eastern Tourkia in 650 AD),
2- Turkic Shia Persians (fake Iranians since the Achaemenids in 550 BC),
3- Turkic Talmudic Zionist Jews (fake Israelite since the tricky Babylonian “Return” in 520 BC),
4- Turkic rulers of Arabia (fake Arabs, following the death of Islam in 655 AD),
5- Turkic “Hindu” Indians and Gypsy (fake Aryans since the Persian conquest in 530 BC), and
6- Turkic Europeans (fake liberal Christians since the “Holy” “Roman” “Empire” in 962 AD)

We must not be fooled by their deceptive mutual hostilities. They are one block with different faces.

All these six Turkic groups should be charged and condemned for of Antisemitism, racism, colonialism, and for the numerous and grave crimes they committed against the Israelite, the Arabs, Africans, Europeans, and against Yeshua, Mohamed, Moses, and Zoroaster.

All the Turkic groups including the Jews are historic enemies of the Semites.

Why Do Jews, Turks & All Turkic Groups Hate & Harm Israelite, Arabs, Semites, Europeans, & All people?

Why All Jews & Turks Are Very Anti-Semitic?

Turks colonized Anatolia In the 10 years following the Battle of Manzikert in 1071 AD, the Seljuk Turks from Mongols of Central Asia migrated over large areas of Anatolia, with particular concentrations around the northwestern rim. Before that Anatolia was a great ancient civilized and prosperous.

The six Turkic groups despise Europeans, Africans, Indians, Russians, Chinese, and Arabs because they feel that they are naive and peaceful, and meek; while they are aggressive and brutal.
The axis of evil and terrorism backers are all deep states in the world which succumb and controlled by any one of the six Turkic groups. Those are the enemies of Europe, USA, Arabs, Africans, Hitler, Nazis, and Russia. And long before them they were the enemies of Alexander the Great.

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