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Turkic Invasions and Slavery since 700 BC

Turkic Invasions and Slavery since 700 BC

The original Scythians were a large group of Asians inhabited the land between Mongolia and the Caspian Sea from at least the 11th century BC (or earlier) to the 2nd century AD. The Scythians neighbored the Uralic tribes in the north and the Iranian tribes in the south. The Scythians, were also known as Scyth, Saka, Sakae, Sacae, Sai, Iskuzai, or Askuzai (sounds like Ashkenazi! ).

They were settled and civilized people until Turkic nomads came from the east and invaded them. The Turkified Scythians were of completely different characteristics from the original Scythians but remained to be called Scythians.

The new Scythians expanded to the west and from them the Sarmatians emerged in the 7th century BC in a region of the steppe to the east of the Don River and south of the Ural Mountains in Eastern Europe. It is likely that the Sarmatians and Cimmerians were Turkified Europeans and off shoots or compatriots of new Scythians.

The Scythians, , Sarmatians and Cimmerians are the Turkic and Turkified groups which enslaved Eastern Europeans and created the Slavs ethnicity since the 7th century BC.

Trickles from Turkic group/s mainly Uyghurs coming from the Steppe migrated to the land between the Caspian and Black Sea south of Don and Volga rivers and north of Caucasus mountains since around 550 BC. Their main concentrations were around Sarkel and Itil.

A year after the death of the last strong Assyrian ruler, Assurbanipal, in 627 BC, the Assyrian empire came under series of brutal Turkic raids. In 615 BC Turkic bandits captured Assyrian cities

Turkic groups created Neo-Babylonia in 615 BC and ended in 539 BC.

In 612 BC another Turkic group, led by Nabopolassar, and their Turkified allies from the Medes, led by Cyaxares, destroyed the Assyrian capital of Nineveh (as well as Nimrud) and split the Assyrian empire (Mesopotamia to Babylon and Elam to Media) while Egypt recovers control of Palestine and Syria.

At the same time, the same Turkic group invaded and colonized Iran and the Iranian peoples in 600 BC. In 550 BC Turkic colonizers created the first Persian state Achaemenid (Khshassa) (550 BC–330 BC) very much similar to what will be Khazar of new Scythians.

In 512 BC, when King Darius the Great of Persia moved into the new Scythian lands and their enslaved Europeans (Slavs), he allegedly penetrated into their land after crossing the Danube. According to Herodotus, Darius in this manner came as far as the Volga River.

After the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC, Nebuchadnezzar, the second king of Noe-Babylon, besieged Jerusalem, and forced King Jehoiakim to pay annual tributes to Noe-Babylonia.  Jehoiakim complied but later on refused to pay tribute in Nebuchadnezzar’s fourth year, which led to another siege in Nebuchadnezzar’s seventh year, culminating with the death of Jehoiakim and the capture and deportation of King Jeconiah and his court.

The term “Exile” is not accurate at all because it was actually “Deportation”. Deportation to Babylon became a regular punishment for the ruling House of David and their court if they fail to pay tributes. Jeconiah’s successor Zedekiah and others were arrested and deported in Nebuchadnezzar’s eighteenth year.

A later deportation occurred in Nebuchadnezzar’s twenty-third year. The dates, numbers of deportations, and numbers of deportees given in the biblical accounts vary. These deportations are dated to 597 BC for the first, with others dated at 587/586 BC, and 582/581 BC respectively.

During the Babylonian Captivity or Babylonian Exile (597 BC – 539 BC) only few hundreds of Israelite were taken captives to Babylonia. Only members of the House of David and few of the elite were taken to Babylon in captivity.

After recovering from the immediate impact of war, the Israelites continued to have a life not much different from what had gone before. In 586 BC Jerusalem was destroyed by the Turkic Noe-Babylonia to terrorize the Israelites and as a further punishment for not paying the annual tributes.

Archaeological studies have revealed that the population of Judah were not deported, and although Jerusalem was utterly destroyed, other parts of Judah continued to be inhabited during the period of the exile.

In 549 BC Cyrus, another Turkic warlord in Persia, fought against Astyages, king of Media, at Ecbatana. Astyages’ army betrayed him to his enemy, and Cyrus established himself as ruler of all the Iranic peoples, as well as the pre-Iranian Elamites and Gutians. By this power grab the Turkic Persian rule of the Achaemenid dynasty was established in 550 BC. And Iran, and the Aryan Iranians became Turkified and turned into Persia, and Persians.

The Turkic Persian king of Achaemenid, Cyrus the Great, took over power from the failing irrational Turkic rulers of Noe-Babylonia in 539 BC. He then organized massive colonization of Judea and Samaria with a pretext of returning the captive Israelite rulers.

Cyrus sent many hundreds of thousands of Turkic people to maintain and deepen the colonization of Judah and Samaria, claiming that the returnees were the descendants of the original rulers, in just few decades. The Turkic migration and colonization which was called the return of the captives was a continuous process rather than a single event, and most of the deportees or their descendants did not return.

With such grand systematic deception complete demographic changes took place over many decades. After long strong policy of colonization and discrimination ten of the tribes of Israel were lost forever. The Semite Israelites in what were the Kingdoms of Judah and Samaria were absorbed and controlled by Turkic colonizers and the Semitic Israelite became Mongoloid.

According to the biblical book of Ezra, construction of the second temple in Jerusalem began around 537 BCE. All these events are considered very significant in the creation of the Jewish people, and had a far-reaching impact on the development of Judaism. With these changes Israel, the Israelites, and the Torah were superseded by a Turkic colony also called Israel, Jews, Judaism, and the Talmud.

Judah, now called Yehud, was a Persian province, and the returnees, with their Turkic Persian connections in Noe-Babylon, were in control of all the land of Israelites. They represented also the descendants of the old “Yahweh-alone” movement, but the religion they instituted was significantly different from both monarchic Yahwism and modern Judaism, the religion of Ezra, not Moses.

These differences include new concepts of priesthood, a new focus on new codes to preserving “purity” by prohibiting intermarriage outside the community of this new “Israel”. These these new rules certainly gave the new Turkic elites and rabbis great powers and opportunities over the Israelites and allowed the Turkic stock to breed in their new “homeland”.

The Turkic Jews and Turkic Persians fled to Khazaria after Islam for safety and to warn their compatriots. They succeeded to turn Khazar to the newly concocted Turkic religion of Talmudic Judaism (of Ezra, not Moses). Together they started to expand Khazar into their Slavic territories in East Europe so they can gain power and make a comeback to the south.

And these Turkic groups succeeded in taking over not only Slavic East Europe but also in south of the Caucasus, including Anatolia, Levant, Iran, India, and Arabia. Then later on they took over the remaining Europe and went into Egypt and the rest of Africa using Christianity, Judaism, Islam, liberalism, revolutions, Communism, Capitalism, banking, organized crimes, terrorism, secret societies, and wars.

An article titled: “KIPCHAKS and OGUZES, Medieval History of the Türkic People and the Great Steppe”, by Murad Adjh, a Turkic Russian, in 2002, is an example of Turkic writings. It seems typical Turkic inflated writing to me.

Turkic groups used repeated policies everywhere they go. They invade, enslave, copulate, destroy history, invent oral history, then they claim native descent of invaded groups. Surely Turkic groups infiltrated numerous tribes and lands but not extensively.

They created wounds which after left untreated for long time became gangrenous. With influence on media, academia, public beliefs, religion, and politics they managed to maintain and strengthen all their myths. The world need to discover and recognized what really happened and how much damages had been done. Only then nations can reclaim their true history.

The peoples of Europe, Asia, and Africa are in deep slumber indeed. Even God’s prophets and messengers couldn’t wake them up.

One more piece in human puzzling history:

Scythia in Central Asia was huge civilized land and nation neighboring to Turkic groups in Mongolia. Scythians became the first victims of Turkic raids and enslavement.

From Scythia the Turkic groups with their Turkified slaves and wealth they spread into three directions.

1- West to Volga and Don rivers and to Eastern Europe in 700 BC where they created European Scythians, Sarmatians,  Cimmerians, Caucasians, and Thracians (all Slavs and Balkans)

2- South to Afghanistan and north India where they did the same and created new stock around 700 BC.

3- South-West to Iran and Mesopotamia where they subjugated the Iranians and after 100 years created Persia  in 550 BC. This group created the Jews and Judaism (the religion of Ezra), and replaced the Israelite and the religion of Moses.

The Caucasian and Persian branches of these Turkic groups together took over Anatolia, Levant, Arabia, and North Africa. They Turkified all the nations in these regions and destroyed their civilizations since 500 BC.

Today the same Mongolian Jews, Turkified Europeans, and Bolshevik groups who killed 58,000 ethnic Germans and forced Germany to invade Poland and protect Germans are increasingly showing hostilities and hatred against Russians in Slavic Poland and Ukraine.
Once a mass killing of Russians in any part of Eastern Europe happen then the same scenario of WW2 will definitely lead to WW3.
Mongolian Jews, Turkified Europeans, and Bolshevik EU groups are preparing themselves for such horrible crime. The hatred for Russians today and for the Germans during the Nazis proves their animosity towards sovereignty and un-Turkified free Europeans .

Comments on: "Now All Europeans Became Slavs and Scythian Slaves" (19)

  1. There were no Turks in the BC. Sarmatians were totally Indo-Iranian Europoids with nothing Turkic about them.

    • The Turkic groups started their Eastward raids from Mongolia since 1000 BC. The Chinese started erecting the Great Wall in 800 BC to stop them. Scythia was the first victim of Turkic groups. From there the branched into three directions, India, Iran, and Volga-Don rivers.
      They include Altai, Azerbaijanis, Balkars, Bashkirs, Chuvashes, Crimean Karaites, Gagauz, Karachays, Karakalpaks, Kazakhs, Khakas, Krymchaks, Kyrgyz people, Nogais, Qashqai, Tatars, Turkmens, Turkish people, Tuvans, Uyghurs, Uzbeks, and Yakuts and as well as ancient and medieval states such as Dingling, Bulgars, Alat, Basmyl, Onogurs, Shatuo, Chuban, Göktürks, Oghuz Turks, Kankalis, Khazars, Khiljis, Kipchaks, Kumans, Karluks, Tiele, Turgeshes, Yenisei Kirghiz, and Huns, Tuoba, and Xiongnu.

    • There is nothing Indo, Iranian, nor European in the origins of Turkic groups because they are Mongolians who invaded and colonized Indians, Iranians, and Europeans.
      The Myth of Indo-European languages is simply an academic hogwash.

    • Aylin Taner said:

      Steven denen idiot; Turklerin tarihi senin gibi eblehlere ragmen kökendir. 60000 yildir variz. Senin küçük aklin almaz! Sen emperyalist bir ucubesin. Ayrıca pers uydurmadir. Türk olan Agamanişli devletinin baskenti persis adindan etnos uyduran resmi yalan tarihi burada tekrarlamissiniz ama yalansiniz!

      • Turkic Mongolian bandits are harms and parasites since 2400 BC. They existed only because they use horses. Other than using horses for crimes they would had been vanished unnoticed.

  2. This is literally the one of the most hilarious garbage I’ve ever read. Even Turks would look at this and laugh. LOOL.


  3. Wow I noticed that you claim Iranians (Persians) are Turkish which is false. Persian dynasties like Achaemenids and also the Medes were descendants of the Aryans (Indo-europeans who migrated from proto-Indo-european mainlands in modern Russian territories east of Ukraine to the Iranian plateau.) Iranians had Turkish rulers only after the Samanid empire collapse and rise of qaznavids. Even after this incident people of Iran and the surrounding regions didn’t become Turkic, the Turkic language was in act only for military affairs in those dynasties.

    • Indo-europeans in my opinion is a wrong term and the correct term is Turkic-Mongolians who raided and expanded westward since 1800 BC using horses.
      Their first victims were Scythia then Meluḫḫa (or Melukhkha) region which is now called the Indus (or Sindhu) Civilization (IVC), or Harappan Civilisation, and its people the Bharat (now called Indians).
      The Turkic-Mongolians took three routes: 1- To India; 2- To Iran; and to Eurasian Steppe and the Caucasus.
      Turkish is small sub-group of the Turkic-Mongolians. Others include 1- te Hyksos together with the Kurds; 2- the Persians (not Iranians) who came mainly from Azerbaijan; 3- Bedouins (not Arabs); 4- Romans (not Europeans); 5- Jews (not Israelite); 6- Sabaeans (not the true Sheba and not Arabs, nor Yemenis); 7- Kush of Sudan (not from Kerma); 8- The Moors and the Iberia colonizers (not Amazighs nor Arabs); 9- the Huns and others.
      The Turkic-Mongolians created great deal of changes since 1800 BC and caused the Late Bronze Age Collapse of 1177 BC but their history is kept undisclosed and unsearched.

  4. Andrew said:

    Dear Anter,

    my father is a greek. Do you know about the ethnian roots of the greeks today, after the destrcution of the Ottoman Empire. Did old greeks survive the invasion of Bulgars, Avars, Caucasian Albanians, Khazars, Seldjuks, Mamluks.

    Ruins of Nimrud were destroyed by ISIS (near Turkish border) to 95 percent.

    Where are the true Assyrians, Akkadians, and Greeks now? I have doubts about their further existence. A turkish man laughed and wrote, that the modern Jews are just Khazars, and the Greeks are orthodox Turks.

    • Andrew said:

      Correction: Ethnic roots.

      My father told me (greek) Thracians were forced to fight against turkish enemies (instead of turks). My father’s ethnic roots are greek. But they are unknown before 17 century. Byzantine Empire (Asia Minor) was invaded 1040 A.D.? Area of Thracians and Illyrians before by Bulgarians?

      • Persians are Turkic Mongolians and not at all Iranian or Mazdayasna.
        The Persians were and still savages and they stole and destroyed the Iranian civilization, history and canon.
        Turks and Jews keep inventing fake history to cover up for the deeds of Turkic Mongolian groups since their westward raids began in 1800 BC such creating Persians; Indo-Aryans; Jews; Romans; Bedouins; Sabaeans; Kurds; Turks; and others

      • Hindustan said:

        “Turks and Jews keep inventing fake history to cover up for the deeds of Turkic Mongolian groups since their westward raids began in 1800 BC such creating Persians; Indo-Aryans; Jews; Romans; Bedouins; Sabaeans; Kurds; Turks; and others”


        This is isn’t true. Indo Aryans in the Region of India existed or migrated to India even
        by the time of 3000 BC long before Turkic Tribes start to exist!
        There are lots of archaeological facts about India. And believe me the Turkic-Mongols and Mughals tried manyy times to destroy the history of ancient India, but they failed completely. They even failed to merge islam with hinduism.
        And by the way not the dravide people of south Indian also survived the “Noah’s Flood” !!!

      • ًWho destroyed “Sarasvati Civilisation” of Bharat? and When?

    • “West to Volga and Don rivers and to Eastern Europe in 700 BC where they created European Scythians, Sarmatians, Cimmerians, Caucasians, and Thracians (all Slavs and Balkans)”

      The Thracian tribes are Turkish? Thracian Civilization 4000 B.C.?

      • There are huge differences between Ancient Scythia and the Thracians and European Scythians.
        The Turkic-Mongolian term is much wider and includes many groups older than the Turkish and Balkans.

  5. Too many ancient nations and civilizations like the true Assyrians, Akkadians, ancient Europeans (absorbed in Romans, Huns and and others); ancient Arabs (absorbed in Bedouins); Kmt (absorbed in Egypt); Kerma (absorbed in Nubians); Punt (absorbed in Abyssinians); Iranians (absorbed in Persians); Bharat (absorbed in Indians, Pakistanis), Scythia (absorbed in Afghans); Israelites (absorbed in Jews) and others became subordinated population within the fake new Turkic invented nations but the natives surely exist.

    Certainly you will never find truth in Turkish, or any Turkic Mongolian sources. The forefathers of Jews are the Hyksos who invaded and colonized Kmt (1630-1523 BC). The term “Jews” was invented only in 580 BC in Babylon.
    The Judah tribe seceded from Israelites and left Punt (Horn of Africa) and collaborated with post-Hyksos Turkic Mongolian bandits, particularly the Mitanni and Kurds, during the period from 1200 BC until the death of king Solomon in 930 BC; and later on after they colonized Assyria and Babylon they invented together the Jews, Judaism, Hebrew, Hebrew Bible, new land of Israel, new Jerusalem and Egypt.

  6. Rascal von Manor said:

    Not sure if I totally follow but a good article nevertheless.
    At this time the Turks, Scythians, Ethiopian-Yemen and Israelites were one in the same pedigree of people created in the time of Human creation in 13 locations. All were various Negro Oriental Indians Thought I would just point that out.
    The Germanic tribes are the same as the Yemenis. the Yemenis are the same as the Ethiopians. The Israelites are the Ethiopian Settlers. Assyria are the Abyssinians. The Abyssinians are the Scythians. The Swabians of Jura are the same as the Yemenis…

  7. Aylin Taner said:

    İskit Turklerini bölmek ya da ulus dogurtmak Türklere tarih vermez. Orijinal İskit ne? Komik misiniz?! Türk e en cok sizin gibiler zarar veriyor.

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