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The French People Became Slavic

The French People Became Slavic

Crazy! Stupidity!
Never thought that the French could come this low after Sarkozy and Hollande, they still have more s**t.
Actually even the French people are corrupt not only their system, since the Spring of Nations (I guess voters never heard of it!).
The struggle against bankers’ mafia will get stronger.
YOU French people have you ever studied history or you learn from TVs?
Do you really know Alexander the Great, Scythia, or Slavs, or your own history? or are you a group of foreign settlers?
There is no Fascism in Le Pen, it is citizens national interests versus foreign bankers interests plain an clear.

Do you wonder why terrorists destroy archeological sites and artifacts?
Academia, media, priests, and politicians worked hard to stop common sense.
The important question is Who are behind Macron and the EU?
Islam died in 660 AD Europe and the world are experiencing Turkic religious organized crimes, you call it Islamic terrorism..
If Europeans think EU is free and peaceful let me remind them of their history the old and the new. The Mongolians are still bragging and LOL and consider all Europeans bastard slaves and they are meek subjects, while the Mongolians are ruling them.
If you think EU is good for Europe then you must read real history right now, not that in the mainstream media, academia, politics, and concepts. Read history like an investigator just as Alexander the Great did.

Congratulations the French became Slavic by the Mongolian Scythians.

Comments on: "The French People Became Slavic" (5)

  1. Sorry to say, the people are sheep in the Western world. They do not know real history. What is in their “history” text books is largely propaganda.

    • I am sorry to say this is the case all over the world, but sure the age of information and communication are helping a lot to improve awareness rapidly.
      It is only ironic that the countries of Europe and North America with their huge wealth are also lagging behind like any impoverished country

  2. I do not understand anything that was said here. French are not Slavic. Period. If they would be Slavic they would be better off.

  3. Eastern Europeans became Slavic as a result of Turkic Jewish domination and subjugation, and this is exactly what is going on in France and all EU member states now. Turkic Jewishness that created Slavic people is not ethnicity or religion, it is a political association.

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