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Ethiopia the Righteous Posterity Saved the Israelites

Ethiopian Israeli protestors scuffle with Israeli police during a demonstration against police brutality and racism, in the centre of Tel Aviv on June 22, 2015. More than 135,000 Ethiopian Jews live in Israel, having immigrated to the Jewish state in two waves in 1984 and 1991. AFP PHOTO / MENAHEM KAHANA / AFP / MENAHEM KAHANA

The Lord visited Joseph, promising him a righteous posterity, a branch of which would be separated from their kindred and taken to a distant country. According to the Bible, Jacob had already prophesied that Joseph’s branches-Ephraim and Manasseh-would inherit the “utmost bound of the everlasting hills”. Moses described the new land of their inheritance as containing riches of both heaven and earth.

This could be a great historic discovery.

Here are the main points:
1. Joseph’s ministry was in modern day Ethiopia NOT Egypt. He was sold four times to end up to Ethiopian ruler.
3. The decedents of Joseph and the rest of Israelites lived in Ethiopia and East African for 400 years.
2. Moses was born and lived in Ethiopia; and he fled to Nubia, after killing a local.
3. Zipporah the sincere wife of Moses, who saved his life, is a dark Nubian.
4. Jethro ( Arabic شعيب Shu-ayb) or Reuel the father-in-law of Moses and the priest and prophet of Midian is a Nubian.

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

5. The Israelite Exodus was across El-Mandeb Strait to Yemen.
6. Midian is a Nubian region in present day Sudan.
7. The Land of Goshen (Hebrew:Eretz Gošen) that was given to the Hebrews by the king of Joseph, and the land from which they later left at the time of the Exodus is located in Ethiopia NOT Egypt.
8. Beta Israel (Hebrew: Beyte (beyt) Yisrael; Ge’ez: ቤተ እስራኤል, Bēta ‘Isrā’ēl, modern Bēte ‘Isrā’ēl, EAE: “Betä Ǝsraʾel”, “House of Israel” or “Community of Israel”), also known as Ethiopian Israelites are African relatives to the Israelites unlike the Persianated Turkified Jews of modern day Israel who are Turkic colonizers. Beta Israel are native Ethiopians who kept the faith and lived in ancient Ethiopia after the Exodus.
9. The Israelites before the Babylonian Return in 530 BC were genuine Hebrew and there was no Jews before that time.
10. Turkic Mongolians took the land of the Iranians and renamed it Persia since 600 BC.
11. Turkic Persians deported few hundred members of the House of David and their officials who were the rules of Israelites to Babylonia in 580 BC
12. In 530 BC the Turkic Persians sent hundreds of thousands of Turkic Mongolian colonizers to the Judea and Samaria to rule over the Hebrew Israelites claiming that the Turkic colonizers are decedents of the House of David and their officials.
13. The genuine original teachings of Moses is in Ethiopia and NOT in Israel, there are strong suggestions that the Ark of the Covenant was saved in Ethiopia.
14. The Turkic colonizers and new rulers of Israelites became known as the Jews and their political rules is called Judaism.
15. The Jews and Judaism were made by the Turkic Persians, Ezra, and the Pharisees together with the Sadducees.
16. The only inheritors and keepers of the original religion of Moses are the Ethiopians , and Yemeni Israelites who are the most close genetically to genuine Israelites.
17. Rabbinic Judaism (Hebrew: “Yahadut Rabanit”) and the Talmud do not represent the religion of Moses and is completely different from Mäṣḥafä Kedus (Holy Scriptures) which is the Ethiopian religious literature of Israelites.
18. The Turkic Rabbinic Judaism is trying persistently to suppress and erase the ancient Ethiopian and Yemeni histories, and Israelite heritage in Ethiopia, Nubia, East Africa, and Yemen in favor to the ruling Turkic elements of Judaism.
19. The Exodus occurred in 1438 B.C. during the reign of Thutmose III the sixth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty (1479–1425 BC).
20. The early history of of Beta Israel and the history of Yemen must prove to be the most accurate representation of the religion of Moses before the invention of Turkic political Judaism. It shall revive the original Hebrew religion and greatly contribute to the history of Christianity worldwide.

All researchers must seriously revision human history and particularly those about the religions of Zoroaster, Moses, Yeshua, and Mohamed, which are somehow came to be commonly called “Zoroastrianism”, “Judaism”, “Christianity”, and “Islam”.

Notice: Bernard Leeman a researcher and writer studied Africanist Political Parties, at Universität Bremen and University of London and King’s School, Worcester wrote the following related books:

1- Queen of Sheba and Biblical Scholarship, (this 268-page book is designed to introduce college-level students to Old Testament history and to show that in western Arabia and in the Horn of Africa evidence relating to the Queen of Sheba indicates that the Promised Land was more likely in western Arabia, not in Palestine.) and


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