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Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Surely, understanding the Israeli-Arab co-called “Conflict” or drama cannot be more easier than with diagram.

There is no doubt that Hebrew Israelite is totally a different group from the relatively newer Jews. It is very important to draw clear distinctions between three different groups who are commonly regarded as one group.

First: The ancient Yemeni Arab Israelite “sons of Israel” those who took refuge in Ethiopia for 430 years staring with Patriarch Joseph then into the whole of Africa in 1876 BC. This Semitic group created wide spread Israelite slavery in all parts of Africa. These were Arab Yemeni Tribe.

Second: The ancient Yemeni Arab Israelite “sons of Israel” who renamed themselves to Hebrew. After the Israelite  came back to Yemen from Ethiopia, via the Exodus in 1446 BC,  they moved on to the north and invaded, colonized, and mixed with the Canaanites since 1406 BC. Later on, they were mostly deported to North Africa by the third group since the invention of Jews and Judaism, which created the Ten Lost Tribes. These are the Hebrews who are part from Israelite

And, the third group is the Turkic Mongolian “Jews” and followers of “Judaism” who were invented by Turkic Persia in 580 BC after a fraudulent Babylonian Return, replacing few hundreds of Hebrew Israelite captive rulers from the House of David by many hundreds of thousands of Turkic settlers. This created “The Jews” who invaded and colonized the Hebrew Israelite, the former invaders and colonizers of Canaan. These Jews deported most Israelite and Canaanite and brought in exchange the Palestinians from Crete and different Mediterranean regions.

According to the Hebrew Bible, the exact place of Moses’ grave remains unknown, in order to impede idolatry. Moses died in Yemen; he never went any further, that is why no one will ever find his tomb.

In 1881, the French vice consulate in Yemen wrote to the leaders of the Alliance (the Alliance Israelite Universelle) in France, that he read in a book by the Arab historian Abu-Alfada that the Jews of Yemen settled in the area in 1451 BC. (45 years before the Israelites invaded Canaan only in 1406 BC. Wikipedia.

He called them Jews but this is wrong he should have said (Israelite) because the term Jews appeared after 530 BC only.



Hidden Facts about Israelite, Jews, and the Hebrew Language

Hidden Facts about Israelite, Jews, and the Hebrew Language

Hidden Facts about Israelite, Jews, and the Hebrew Language

The Israelites were Arab tribe in Yemen speaking Old Arabic language and they wrote it at some stage in the ancient South Arabian script called “Musnad” till 1460 BC.  The Arabic language of the Israelite changed substantially from the original Arabic language of other Yemenis and Arabs during the 430 years stay of the Israelites in Ethiopia from 1876 BC to 1446 BC.

Whether the Musnad scripts came to Arabia from Africa or the other way around is not yet certainly known. The South Arabian script became extinct immediately after Islam, now it only survives as Ge’ez scripts in Ethiopia and Eritrea. This fact supports the hypothesis that the Musnad scripts originated in Ethiopia.

The Israelite were not called Hebrew (Ebri) before they invaded Canaan in 1400 BC, they were still called by others and by themselves Arbi “Arabs”. Many Israelite after the death of Moses refused to join the invasion of Canaan and preferred to remain in their original homeland of Yemen and Asir (now in Saudi Arabia); and they either continued normal life as it was before the Scriptures or followed the original teachings of Moses which was not yet called Judaism.

Only after the majority of Arab Israelite colonized Canaan and intermarried with Canaanite and other tribes they called themselves Ebri (Hebrew) and they were using their Arabic language but with scripts derived from Phoenician scripts. Marriage from non-Israelite tribes was still allowed till the Turkic Jews came and cancelled them with newly inserted codes in 530 BC to allow them to become Israelite and multiply.

The oldest found Hebrew inscriptions date to 1000 BC only. The Paleo-Hebrew alphabet is only a variant of the Phoenician alphabet. The Arabic language of Israelite in Canaan continued to borrow heavily from the Canaanites and Phoenician. After sometime they called the new hybrid language Ancient Hebrew language, and its scripts continued to develop even further with the later Turkic Persian influence and beyond 530 BC.

The extinction of the Ancient South Arabian script “Musnad” in 660 AD was deliberate act from Turkic Jews who controlled the remaining Hebrew Israelite minority. They influenced the Arabs to write the Holy Quran in a newly developed script borrowed from Nabataean language from North Arabia, and the Arabs ignored the ancient and well developed and widely used script of South Arabian “Musnad”.

The History of the origins and developments of the Hebrew language is another well-kept secret and shrouded with myths. Sure this history can reveal the secrets of the Israelites, Jews, and Hebrew Bible.


The Scythian Israelites: Aryans in Africa and Abroad

The Scythian Israelites: Aryans in Africa and Abroad

Source: The Scythian Israelites: Aryans in Africa and Abroad

It very interesting and useful to see how history can be reconstructed, interpreted, and displayed to support ideology.

Actually this article can help to confirm between Jews and Turkic groups, while bringing attention on the hidden and forgotten history of Scythia in forming the Turkic Mongolian Jewish expansions and the disappearance of Hebrew Israelite, particularly the Ten Lost Tribes.

As the article states: “Hiding the name and history of the Israelites behind the name of the Scythians, among many other names, has made it difficult to connect the dots between biblical records and modern history”

The East African Israelites of Zanjiland

Source: The East African Israelites of Zanjiland

Great to find this article and it must be read along with my article “The History of Israel and Judaism Debunked” to know the difference between old stories and new discoveries.

Just compare the logic and findings of these two opposing hypothesis.

Aria Nasi Research

Aria Nasi Research Home Page

East African region Let’s talk about the Israelite presence in East Africa. Many people are becoming more aware of the presence of Israelites in West African regions and their connection to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade (Deuteronomy 28:15-68), but what about East Africa? We will find that the history of Israelites in East Africa is just as rich as that of their West African relatives. As we review the history of the presence of Israelites in East Africa, we will discover that many Israelites entered into East African regions long before the Roman Conquest of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Multiple waves of Israelite migrations into foreign lands and their vast populations have caused many to misidentify these Israelites as Hamitic. In this particular article we will attempt to provide some history on a few different Israelite migrations into East Africa as well as some information on both how and when they arrived. We will…

View original post 3,077 more words

The History of Israel and Judaism Debunked

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

The world has been fooled and manipulated for 3500 year by fake tales inserted into human history, academia, media, politics, and religions. This situation cannot and must not be allowed any more. Without any doubt truth will prevail and trying to maintain, dodge, and defend fake history, dishonest academics, corrupt politics, and distorted religion are doomed to failure sooner or later.

The world will know and admit that the Hebrew Israelite are nomadic Arab tribe, (Hebrew=Ebri=Arbi=Arab). They took refuge in Ethiopia and they had never went to Egypt during its glory.

(Note: My Facebook account (Tarig Anter) is now phished immediately after I posted this article on it. My attempts with Facebook is still failing. I guess this article hit the undeniable truth.)

Here are a summary of the main falsehoods in the history of Israel and Judaism; plus a brief of the consequences of the true history of Israel and Judaism.

Summary of the Main Falsehoods in the History of Israel and Judaism


Why Such Futile Jewish Destruction of the World?

This video is a Turkic production, it covers from 450 BC but their savage history began reaching the world from 1500 BC. This missing period of raiding bands forced China to build the Great Wall, and in the West they enslaved Eastern European nations and created the Slavs.

If you check the presidential seal of Turkey you will notice 16 stars proudly representing 16 Turkic empires, of course these do not include Persia, Ancient Israel, and Neo-Babylonia.

Any private heated discussion with Turks will reveal and make them brag that they enslaved, bastard, and colonized European, Africans, and Asians.

Read the following example here:

[You fucking inferior slave who working under one boss master for 1500 euro per month cant even buy luxury car with inferiority complex, you fucken slave we enslaved u english welsh scottish irish as galley slaves and vassalized your kings and forced them to pay tribute and destroyed both roman empires in 1453 and in 476(turkish huns and their germanic vassals) who are u fucken little slave? in 1580 queen elizabet for help her against spanish she accepted ottoman suzerainty and we ……] the full article is at

A Turk Bragging That Europeans & World were Turkic Slaves

Three Dimensional National Democracy (3DND) Proposal

Three Dimensional National Democracy (3DND)

Three Dimensional National Democracy (3DND)

Three Dimensional National Democracy (3DND) is a proposal for an innovative system of wider representative governance. Three Dimensional National Democracy (3DND) aims to replace inherited western-designed political system to make real reforms and development in any economy and its power structure.

Looking closely into the buildup of any nation in the world, they might be grouped at least in three different ways. The first category is social; in terms of ethnic and tribal cultures. The second category is political; concerning ideological and intellectual affiliations. And the third category is economic; regarding professional and business activities.

Modern liberal democracy which is based on majority rule is one-dimensional and unable to protect and promote various interests. Thus, it usually interacts with people in accordance to their political party affiliation only. They drop from their considerations any social and economic attachments. And therefore, these affiliations seek essential outlets through illegal political practices and corruption. This is because the disregard of recognition does not lead to disappearance of social and economic affiliations.

By so doing, Liberal Democracy creates threats to the interests and the very existence of minorities and to social peace and to the different functions of state institutions. Therefore, monopoly of power by a political party and its hidden dominant ethnic group and their privileged elites, even for a limited period, destroys democracy and disfranchise the rest. They undermine social, political and economic justices permanently. This situation results in creation of civic police dictatorships working through legal and constitutional legitimacy conferred by the established system.

The alternative is clearly in distributing power in the three axes. This could be achieved by considering the nation in its social; economic and political layers or aspects; analogous to a three-dimensional cube.

The first axis (X) is the Social Dimension relating to tribal, ethnic and cultural affiliations and composition.

The second axis (Y) represents Economic dimension; in respect to professional, business and trade affiliations and composition.

The third axis (Z) regarding the Political dimension; dealing with partisan, ideological and intellectual affiliations and composition.

Reinventing democracy by creating Three Dimensional National Democracy (3DND) is about advocating
1- The right of all citizens to elect and have at least three representatives in their parliaments to protect their distinct social, economic and political interests.
2- Parliament must be gradually equally shared by men and women in the three different assemblies.
3- The powers of trade & business unions; and also cultural communities must be increased to level with political parties.

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