Protect Democracy & Expose Western Liberal Democracy

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon

Donald Trump and Steve Bannon

The USA was established by hardworking Withes, then came the Jewish slave dealers and corrupted many Whites and created the Democrats, perverts, gangsters, and liberals, and they created slavery in Africa and brought them to Americas.

Calling White settlers supremacists, fascists, or any other names is total lie and hypocrisy.

Now the same evil who brought Black and Irish slaves pretend not to be racists and defend human rights and liberties. They have very dirty history and they are anti-Whites and anti-Europeans out of greed and evil.

To explain Virginia Violence in few simple words here it is: “It is a clash between Globalism led by Jews against Nationalism led by Whites”. It is a political confrontation but unfortunately some African and Hispanic Americans got it totally wrong.

It is an opportunity to unite the USA. If African and Hispanic Americans are smart enough they must support White nationalists because if they don’t and let the Whites loose then definitely they will be the next victims of globalism.

Go White nationalists you are patriots and Africa, Europe, and the world stand with you and respect you. White nationalists are not racists or fascists or whatever they label them, they are just patriots.

The real racists are these slave dealers who are hiding behind fake religion, ethnicity, and nationality. White nationalists are hardworking people they don’t live on usury and plotting.

Uniting Whites, Africans, and Hispanic is much more important than covering up the deeds of Jews and their puppets.


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