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Kaepernick Protest and Anti-NFL BlackOut

Kaepernick Protest and Anti-NFL BlackOut

I checked Kaepernick Protest and Anti-NFL BlackOut and found the following articles:

  1. Colin Kaepernick Won, by Josh Levin (a Jew) on slate dot com, Aug. 18, 2017: [In angering the NFL’s white billionaire owners, the quarterback lost his job but started a movement.]; [On March 17, Colin Kaepernick celebrated the success of a joint effort to prod Turkish Airlines to fly 60 tons of food and aid to people in Somalia.]; [league decision-makers genuinely hate” the anthem-protesting quarterback]; [they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump.”]; [A poll conducted last fall by Quinnipiac University found that 63 percent of white Americans disapproved of anthem demonstrations while 74 percent of black Americans approved]; [The NFL is a white-run league].
  2. NFL Still Shunning Colin Kaepernick Because of His Politics, Not His Play, by Mike Freeman, on Bleacher Report dot com, on May 12, 2017: [Left-leaning NFL fans (and non-fans) see Kaepernick as being shunned by the NFL for taking a knee during the anthem]; [Bleacher Report Writer Applauds NFL Detour into LGBT Interests].
  3. Bleacher Report, owned by Turner Broadcasting System, The Company’s assets include CNN, HLN, TBS, TNT, Turner Classic Movies, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Boomerang and TruTV., [LeBron James Calls Donald Trump the ‘So-Called President,’ Talks Charlottesville]; [Kobe Bryant Criticizes Donald Trump on Twitter]; [LeBron James: Donald Trump Has Made Hate ‘Fashionable Again’]; [Kevin Durant: ‘We Don’t F–k’ with Donald Trump After LeBron James Criticism]; [Steve Nash Rips Donald Trump for Defending White Supremacists, Promoting Wine]; [David Fizdale Calls for Memphis Confederate Statues’ Removal, Rips Donald Trump].
  4. Mike Freeman (columnist): In January 2004, Freeman resigned before starting a columnist job at The Indianapolis Star after he was discovered lying about his education, specifically falsely claiming a college degree.
  5. List of Journalists Who Wrote Political Checks: By Bill Dedman, Investigative reporter, nbcnews dot com, on Jul 15, 2007. The following 143 journalists made campaign contributions from 2004 through the first quarter of 2007, according to Federal Election Commission records studied by msnbc dot com. (124 Democrats, 16 Republicans, and 2 both sides).

I am sure from the above information and more that the African American community fell into the hands of Jews; and now Blacks are fighting the Jewish globalist war against the USA. This is very troubling and self-destructing.

I wish people reconsider their stand on the matter and play positive role in protecting the USA by bringing the communities together for their common national interests.

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