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Who Brought the African and European Slaves to America? Slavery and the Jews

Who Brought the African and European Slaves to America? Slavery and the Jews

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References – Documentation continued –

‘Adventures of an African Slaver” by Malcolm Cowley, 19Z8. Published by Albert and Charles Bori, New York

The Story of the Jews in Newport” by Rabbi Morris A. Gutstein.

The Jew Discovers America“, by Othmar Krainz.

The International Jew“, by Henry Ford.

The Plot Against The Church“, by Maurice Pinay

Protocol for World Conquest” 1956 by The Central Conference of American Rabbis.

Behind Communism” by Frank L. Britton.

We cannot undertake even this brief history of the modern Jew without taking note of a phenomenon which has confounded gentile societies for twenty centuries. This is the ability of the Jewish people to collectively retain their identity despite centuries of exposure to Christian civilization. To any student of Judaism, or to the Jews themselves, this phenomenon is partly explained by the fact that Judaism is neither mainly a religion, nor mainly a racial matter, nor yet is it simply a matter of nationality. Rather it is all three; it is a kind of trinity. Judaism is best described as a nationality built on the twin pillars of race and religion. All this is closely related to another aspect of Judaism, namely the persecution myth Since first appearing in history we find the Jews propagating the idea that they are an abused and persecuted people, and this idea is, and has always been, central in Jewish thinking. The myth of persecution is the adhesive and cement of Judaism; without it Jews would have long since ceased to exist, their racial-religious nationality notwithstanding.

It is a fact that the Jewish people have suffered numerous hardships in the course of their history, but this is true of other peoples too. The chief difference is that the Jews have kept score. We must repeat – ‘they have kept score’ — they have made a tradition of persecution.

A casual slaughter of thousands of Christians is remembered by no one in 50 years, but a disability visited upon a few Jews is preserved forever in Jewish histories. And they tell their woes not only to themselves, but to a sympathetic world as well.

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CONFIDENTIAL NOTICE TO ALL JEWS (Orthodox, Reform, Non-Religious and “Christian”)

We are about to reach our goal. World War I I furthered our plans greatly. We succeeded in having many millions of Christians kill each other and returning other millions in such condition that they can do us no harm. There remains little to be done to complete our control of the stupid Goyim.

JEWS IN AMERICA – These are your final instructions:

  1. Continue to enlarge our control over radio, TV, newspapers, movies and magazines.
  2. Educate our sons and crowd the Gentiles out of the practice of law, medicine, pharmacy, and all the retail trades.
  3. Make their schools and colleges training camps of our Red revolution.
  4. Bring ridicule upon their Christian faith, divide their people, weaken their churches.
  5. Demoralize their women and children.
  6. Corrupt their courts and bring them into contempt.
  7. Turn class against class. The Negro against the White.
  8. Buy politicians and continue to corrupt their local, state and national governments.
  9. “GET” the Fascist anti-Semites, one way or another.
  10. Use willing tools like Truman, Eisenhower, Stevenson, and Warren; they will do our bidding. Yes, even Johnson and Nixon.
  11. Plan unlimited immigration of our persecuted people without restriction.
  12. Continue our control of their money thru the Federal Reserve System.
  13. Continue to place Jews in key positions in government, army and navy.
  14. We must destroy the Republic and replace it with a Democracy (Jewish-governed state Socialism.)

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  1. Continue our control over labor, agitate unrest, strikes and violence by any means or schemes.

Especially through these methods shall we plunge this country into destitution, demoralization, Bankruptcy, and civil war, further lessening the numbers of our enemies.

The Bolshevik Revolution made us masters of Russia.

The last war made us rulers of all Europe except Spain.

Let the next war make us MASTERS OF AMERICA.

For the preservation of our race, you are warned to renounce, abjure, repudiate and deny any of this information if questioned by Gentiles, even under oath. as directed by the Talmud.

It is needless to caution you of the terrible consequences that might follow if these instructions should fall into Goyim hands.



The great Pope Gregory VII, the renowned Hildebrand, the great reformer and organizer of the Church, writes in a letter to King Alfonse VI of Castile in the year 1081: “We exhort your Royal Majesty, not to further tolerate, that the .Jews rule Christians and have power over them. For to allow, that Christians are subordinated to Jews and are delivered to their whims, means to oppress the Church of God, means to revile Christ himself. “(344)

However, this great Pope was strictly opposed to forcing the Jews to baptism, for he knew, how dangerous false conversions were and seized upon measures to avoid this kind of error and protected the Jews against the immoderate zeal of some fanatics. Pope Gregory VII fought uninterruptedly to prevent that the Jews ruled the Christians, for – as he said – this came close to a repression of Holy Church and elevating of the “Synagogue of Satan.” But in addition he asserted that to please these enemies of Christ, meant to revile Christ himself. What would the members of the “Fifth Column” say to this, who at present do exactly the opposite of what Pope Gregory VII ordered? The same thing, which was asserted by this renowned Pontifex – one of the most renowned of the Church – is

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ABOVE: It is the famous Wedgwood medallion that later became the seal 01′ the Slave Emancipation Society.

BELOW: American slave ships at anchor. 1806. at Cape Coast Castle. (From the Peabody Museum, Salem, Massachusetts.

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championed today by those who fight against Jewish Imperialism and for this reason are called anti-Semites, I, e., to prevent that the Jews rule the Christians and as a result vilify Christ and His Church and cause grave harm to the Christian nations. St. Ambrose, a Bishop of Milan, and great Church Father, said to his flock, that the Synagogue “was a godless House, a collecting place of wickedness and that God Himself had damned it. (345)

And if the host of Christians on grounds of the faithless conduct of the Jews could not hold back their rage and burned a synagogue, St. Ambrose allowed them to enjoy his full support and said in addition: “I declare that I have set the synagogue on fire or have at least given the crowd the mandate to do it. And if it ls said against me, that I should not have personally set the synagogue on fire, I answer that it was burned through the judgement of God.” (346)

We must also not forget, that St. Ambrose of Milan is recognized in Holy Church as model bishop and on account of his Christian neighborly love is held to be worthy of imitation. This proves, that neighborly love, must not be used to protect the evil powers.

Holy Thomas of Aquin, who knew the danger of Jews in Christian society, held it to be correct, to allow them to live in eternal servitude. A semitophilic writer complains about this and writes as follows: “Aquinas based himself upon the standpoint of that time, that they should live in eternal servitude. ” (347)

This opinion of St. Thomas of Aquinas is completely justified. If the Jews in every land, in which they live, constantly instigate conspiracies upon command of their religion, in order to conquer the people which magnanimously offered them hospitality, and they in addition fight to rob it of its goods and to destroy its religious belief, there is no other choice: either they must be expelled from the land, or they be allowed to live there, but in hard servitude, which binds their hands and prevents them from doing so much evil.

Another great genius of the Church, Duns Scotus, the Doctor Subtilis, went still further than Thomas of Aquinas and proposed to Christianity a solution of the Jewish problem on the basis of the complete destruction of this devilish sect.

In this aspect a renowned Rabbi, complains that Duns Scotus “Instigated the forceful baptism of Jewish children and that parents who refused to be converted should be brought onto an island, where they could practice their religion until the prophecy of Isaak concerning those remaining, who wished to return, was fulfilled. (4. ZZ)’! (348)

As one sees, the idea of banishing all the Jews in the world onto an island, where they should live alone, without being able to harm the remaining peoples, originates not from Hitler but from one of the most renowned authorized Church Fathers. Saint Louis (Ludwig), King of France, exemplary in his saintliness and Christian love of the neighbor, who was so magnanimous as to give back a conquered king the regions conquered by him, which no one in that time did voluntarily, was of the opinion that the Jews, if they mocked the Christian religion, should have a sword thrust as deeply as possible into their body. ” (349)

St. Athanas ius, the great Church Father, asserted that “the Jews were no longer the people of God but were Lords over Sodom and Gomorrah.” (350)

Saint John Chrysostom, another great Church Father, reports concerning all the misfortune, which occurred to the Jews at different times: “But the Jews say that men and not God brought them all this misfortune. But exactly the opposite is the cause, for God has occasioned it. If they (the Jews) make men

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responsible for this, then they must remember that they, even if they had risked it, would nevertheless not have been strong enough, if God had not so willed it. ” (1.51) St. John Chrysostom defined approximately fifteen hundred years ago clearly and distinctly the nature of the Jews and described them as “Nation of criminals,” “lustful robbers and avaricious false thieves.” Later the great Church Father makes the assurance in connection with the traditional Jewish tactic of lamenting that men declare war on them and destroy them, and of always representing themselves as innocent victims: “Always when the Jews say to you: Men have waged war upon us and have conspired against us, answer them: men would not have waged war upon you, if God had not allowed it. ”

Saint John Chrysostom even supports himself upon another point of the Catholic doctrine, that “God hates the Jews,” (352) because God hates Evil, and the Jews after they had our Lord Jesus crucified, became the greatest evil.

The terrible events in this century, where the Jews erected their Communist dictatorship, have confirmed what Saint John Chrysostom asserted over fifteen hundred years ago, namely, that the Jews are a band of thieves and murderers, and it is understandable that the just punishment of God is frequently bestowed upon them for their bloody misdeeds.

The renowned Bishop of Meaux, Bossuet, writer and sacred preacher, whose position is known in the history of Holy Church, likewise fought the Jews energetically and cursed them from the pulpit: “Accursed People! Your visitation shall pursue you up to your most remote descendants, until the Lord becomes weary of punishing you and at the end of time takes pity on your wretched remains. “(353) Like all Church Fathers Bossuet knew the Jewish falsehood very well. If the Jews had not behaved in a criminal way in the course of centuries since the crucifying of the Lord, no one would accuse and condemn them on account of their wickedness. Through their mode of action they are solely and alone responsible for the all-sided reaction against them. U a man does not wish to be regarded as a murderer and thief, then he only needs to abandon this kind of crime. But if he robs, kills or conspires, it is not remarkable, that the peoples affected reproach him with his crimes. However, the Jews are shameless enough to protest and to always raise a great outcry, ‘persecution’, and yet it is because of their own conspiracies and manifold crimes against other men and nations which brings such censure upon them.

The Holy Pius V, another great saint of the Church, who is renowned on account of his devoutness and Christian neighborly love and was simultaneously one of the most highly regarded of Popes, gave energetic expression to his opinion – and ordered, that all Jews should wear as distinguishing mark a cap for men and a simple sign for women and we declare that the color must be yellow.”

This same Pope committed, that: “Since we, as is necessary, wish to remedy this deceit which Jews are continually committing, with full understanding and in exercising of the apostolic powers, we withdraw from the Jews and their rule (and recognize no right or claim) all properties, which the Jews have in their possession in this city Rome or other places of our domain of rule. “ (357) One can imagine, how great the usury and swindling of the Jews and the sale of properties must have been, that this devout virtuous Pope saw himself compelled to make these measures for defense of the Christians. If he had lived

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in our disastrous time, he would have been condemned by the Church dignitaries in the service of the “Synagogue of Satan,” of race hatred and Antisemitism and, if possible, even have been included among the war criminals of Nuremberg; for in our time the “Fifth Column”, “The Establishment” or whatever you want to call it, condemns all who defend their peoples or Holy Church against the political or economic Imperialism of the Jews. The invasion of our Churches by an atheist and pro-Marxist, Walter Reuther who is using a million dollars of funds from his United Auto Workers to ‘buy’ and organize religious organizations and all churches affiliated with “The National Council of Churches of Christ”. And Dr. Eugene Carson Blake who made the statement not too long ago: “With prudent management, the Churches ought to be able to control the whole economy within the predictable future.”

This Jewish Fifth Column has become a deadly danger to Christianity everywhere and it has solidified itself well in America. As Christians united however, we will stop the wickedness of the Jews. This must be done for the benefit of humanity and a better world in which to live.

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  1. Insightful post backed up by historical fact. The above post makes the case against these fools, the Christian Zionists, who are useful idiots for the Jews,

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