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Who Brought the African and European Slaves to America? Slavery and the Jews

Who Brought the African and European Slaves to America? Slavery and the Jews


Yes, that is frequently the way the Jews have been referred to since the beginning of history. Why? There must be reasons for them to have earned this distinction. Perhaps it is for these same reasons that the Jews have been expelled from countries throughout the world. Yes, it is true according to history that the Jews have been banished from almost all major nations of the world at one time or another. On some occasions twice because Jewry has a way of deceitfully worming themselves back into the good graces of Christianity.

Without exception however they revert to their uncontrollable instincts, unlike any other race of people known to man.

The Jewish problem has never been uniquely Protestant or Catholic or in any way sectarian. The pioneer of Protestantism, Dr. Martin Luther talked and wrote about the Jews for many years during which time he had studied them carefully as a race and a people from the time the Jew was placed on earth.

His original language may be found in Martin Luther’s works in the Congressional Library, Washington, D. C., and in anyone of several accredited Lutheran seminaries. The following are quotations of Dr. Martin Luther:

“The Jews are the real liars and bloodhounds, who have not only perverted and falsified the entire Scriptures from beginning to end and without ceasing with their interpretations have lied to and deceived their own people. And all of their anxious sighing, longing and hope of their hearts is directed to the time when some day they would like to deal with us heathen (Christian) as they dealt with the heathen of Persia at the time of Esther. Oh, how they love that book Esther, which so nicely agrees with their bloodthirsty, revengeful and murderous desire and hope! The sun never did shine on a more bloodthirsty and revengeful people as they who imagine to be the people of God who desire to and think they must murder and crush the heathen. “

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“Even now the Jews cannot give up their insane, raving boast. that they are the chosen people of God, after they have been dispersed and rejected for 1500 years 1 Still they hope to get back there because of their own merits. There is no promise for that on which they could lean for comfort, except what they smear into the Scriptures according to their own imaginations. Thus the Jews continue in their wilfulness, and knowingly want to err and not leave their Rabbis, and therefore we also must leave them to their poisonous blasphemies and lies, and disregard them. ”

“Therefore know, my dear Christian, that next to the Devil you have no more bitter, more poisonous, more vehement an enemy than a real Jew who earnestly desires to be a Jew. There may be some among them who believe what the cow or the goose believes. But all of them are surrounded with their blood and circumcision. “(Martin Luther’s Works, Congressional Library, Washington, D. C.)

The “Fifth Column” is presently formed by the descendants of the Jews, who in earlier centuries were converted to Christianity and seemingly held in enthusiastic manner to the religion of Christ, (pretended) while in secret they preserved their Jewish belief, exactly like the Jew converts of today. You cannot change the spots on a leopard and, while speaking of cats, this writer would feel safer in a cage full of wild cats than with his back turned to a Jew. These masters of deceit smuggled as “Fifth Column” into the bosom of the Church of Christ until now their hypocritical conversion to Christianity has made it easiest’ and lowered the guard even more as the naive Christian says, when speaking of the Jew: “He has become a Christian.” “She has been converted.” We beg of you, we implore you to ‘wake up’. How can we be so stupid? When will you learn?

Why do you not adopt the methods used in the past to arrest the Jews from all forms of Christian life before it is too late? Are not the former learned men of the Church, Including Popes, and rulers of Kingdoms worthy of your thoughtful consideration? History shows that these men were to be trusted and they made deep study of the Jew problem. Think about this. But if you meditate too long the Jewish-Communist revolution will have made your decision for you.

The Jews laid aside their Jewish surnames and took on very Christian names, which were embellished with the surnames of their godfathers. In this way they were successful in mixing with Christian society and taking possession of the names of the leading families of France, England, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Germany and other lands of Christian Europe. The new generation are now taking our American names. Why? The answer is so obvious we will not insult your intelligence by offering any further explanation.

Additional copies of “Who Brought the Slaves to America” may be obtained from WESTERN FRONT, P.O. Box 27854, Hollywood, California 90027 Every American Negro should learn about this suppressed TR UTH.

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This writer’s vast research since the printing of the Second Edition more than a year ago compels us to bring additional evidence to the surface so that mankind generally, Black and White will remain forever convinced that International Jewry played a dominant influence both actively and personally in slavery throughout the entire world,

We now learn that the Jews created slavery and practiced it long before the birth of Jesus Christ. Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. XI, p. 485. Rabbi Lewis Browne, in his Stranger Than Fiction, p. 196, says that “under the tolerant rule of the Mohammedans, the Jews began slavery and began to prosper. They who had been poor and bedraggled peddlers for centuries, now became wealthy and powerful traders. They traveled everywhere, from England to India, from Bohemia to Egypt. Their commonest merchandise in those days was slaves. On every highroad and on every great river and sea, these Jewish traders were to be found with their gangs of shackled prisoners in convoy. ”

Albert M. Hyamson (A History of the Jews in England, p.5) makes the interesting observation that the Jewish slave traders were probably indirectly responsible for the conversion of Britain to Christianity. Homer mentions Cyprus and Egypt as the common markets for slaves, about the time of the Trojan War. Egypt is represented in the book of Genesis as a market for slaves, and in Exodus as famous for the severity of its servitude. Tyre and Sidon, as we learn from the book of Joel, were notorious for the prosecution of the slave trade. Although this trade was not confined to the Jews they nevertheless introduced it throughout all Asia and spread it through the Grecian and Roman world. As the northern nations were settled in their conquests, the slavery and commerce of the human species began to decline, and were finally abolished.

Some writers have ascribed this result to the prevalence of the feudal system; while others, a much more generous class, have maintained that it was the natural effect of Christianity. Christianity was admirably adapted to this purpose. It taught “that all men were originally equal; that the Deity was no respecter of persons; and that, as all men were to give an account of their actions hereafter, it was necessary that they should be free. ”

Albert Hyamson says; “The British slaves who, in the Roman market-place, attracted the attention of King Gregory, and directed it towards Britain, were most probably introduced into Italy by Jewish merchants.” The first attempt by the British to establish a regular slave trade on the African coast, was made in the year 1618, when James I, granted an exclusive charter to Sir Robert Rich and some other Jewish merchants of London for raising a joint stock company to trade to Guinea. “If the truth were fully known, “says Rabbi Lewis Browne in Stranger Than Fiction (p. 222), “probably it would be found that the learned Jews in Provence, Italy, were In large part responsible for the existence of the free-thinking sect (the Albigenses). The doctrines which the Jews had been spreading throughout the land for years could Dot but have helped to undermine the Churches power. “Jewish writers boast of the share Jews have had in encouraging heresies within the Catholic Church. “As a whole,” says I. Abrahams (Jewish Life in the Middle Ages) “heresy was a rebellion to Old Testament and even Jewish ideals. It ill undebatable that the

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heretical doctrines of the southern French Albigenses in the beginning of the thirteenth century, as of the Hussites in the fifteenth, were largely the result of friendly intercourse between Christians and educated Jews.” See also Graetz, History of the Jews, Vol. III, ch, xv, English translation, and Rabbi Newman’s Jewish influence on Christian Reform Movements.

The European Jewish merchants found it more practical to establish their own people in Africa and secure themselves by fortified posts, changing the earlier system of force into that of pretended liberality; and of opening by every species of bribery and corruption, a communication with the natives. Accordingly they erected their forts and factories; landed their merchandise, and endeavored by a peaceable deportment, by presents, and by every appearance of munificence, to allure the attachment and confidence of the Africans. The scheme succeeded.

Art intercourse took place between the Merchants and Africans, attended with a confidence highly favorable to the views of ambition and avarice. In order to render the dealings permanent as well as lucrative, the Merchants paid their court to the African chiefs, and a treaty of peace and commerce was concluded. Although the Merchants violated the treaty in every conceivable manner known to man, thus was laid the foundation of that nefarious commerce, of which, this writer has uncovered a wealth of buried treasure relating to ‘Slavery’, beginning in the early centuries until its abolishment in America – and the Jewish merchants continued in this lucrative practice of slavery for some years after it had been declared illegal.

This treatise was originally prepared to bring to the surface only a few bare facts relating to Jewish slavers and Jew owned slave ships, most of which have been suppressed these many, many years. Search however led to more search and the evidence is so enormous of how Jew merchants throughout the world gradually gained control of the barbarous practice of slavery. There now remains no doubt of the gigantic role the Jews played in the monopolistic introduction of slavery to America and my references have become a crossfire of the worst kind of evidence against these unscrupulous, conscienceless people and it is their ancestors who today, secretly support Communism and then pretend to be “Anti-Communist.” If some of our Anti-Communists would tell this plain truth, we might possibly yet be liberated from Jewish misrule. This truth about slavery should be made a part of our American history and taught in the schools so that children may learn the FACTS.

However, children sometimes exercise an instinct adults stifle. Houston Stewart Chamberlain in his Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, Vol. I, p , 537, 1910 edition said: “It frequently happens that children, who have no conception of what ‘Jew’ means, or that there is any such thing in the world, begin to cry as soon as a genuine Jew or Jewess comes near them!” You may take this reference of Chamberlain’s for what it may be worth but I hasten to add that his works, Vol. I 8< II arrested the attention of the literary world, and was speedily declared to be one of the masterpieces of the century. Do not minimize this great scholar of natural science.

While visiting that Godless, atheistic United Nations I had the opportunity to photograph comments (printed) by Prof. Leonard J. Fein who addressed the Reform Rabbis meeting in Boston. Speaking on the Jewish academician, Prof. Fein explained that “we are not white symbolically, and we are not white literally.” He then added that we should “not permit ourselves to be lumped, together with white America, for that is not where we belong.”

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Continuing he explained that “We are too much an oppressed people, still, and too much a rejected people, even in this country, to accept the designation “white”. And to count ourselves as white, moreover, is to deny our brotherhood with the Yemenites and the Kurdistanis in Israel, with the B’nai Yisrael from India and the Black Jews of New York. ”

Employing a theme which he used in addressing other Jewish convention, Dr. Fein asserted that Jews are not black. “We are Jews,” he went on, “and because we are Jews, and not white, and not black, we must see to it, as a community, that we do not come to act as whites, whether by choice or because others so identify us. Not only because it is forbidden us, not only because we of all people ought to know better, but because we shall cut ourselves off from our own future if we do. ”

Moses Mendelssohn, speaking of Jews said: “Judaism is not revealed religion, but revealed legislation.” Meanwhile, we need only refer to the previous page relating to the Jews establishing an appearance of munificence, to allure the attachment and confidence of the Africans. It is now history, an ancient history as to what they did to the unfortunate Black people of Africa, a suppressed history which we aim to make known to every Black American: man, woman and child. YOU should also spread this truth.

Very soon after the commencement of the slave trade, the Africans began to be considered as an inferior race, and even their very color as a mark of it. They were transported for centuries until various persons, taking an interest in their sufferings, produced such a union of public sentiment that such commerce in human flesh was abolished. We have brought you but a brief sketch in all its sickening and horrible details in the hope that someday – because of our humble effort – the guilt will be placed where it rightfully belongs and that somehow, those people will be punished.

The condition of slaves and their personal treatment were sufficiently humiliating and grievous, and may well excite our pity and abhorrence. They were beaten, starved, tortured, and murdered at discretion; they were dead in a civil sense: they had neither name nor tribe; they were incapable of judicial process; and they were, in short, without appeal.

This slavery of the Black people which began many centuries ago, depressed the human species in the general estimation; and they were tamed like brutes by hunger and the lash, and the treatment of them so conducted as to render them docile instruments of labor for their possessors. This degradation of course depressed their minds; restricted the expansion of their faculties; stifled almost every effort of genius, and exhibited them to the world as beings endued with inferior capacities to the rest of mankind. It is only recently that the Black man has been given equal opportunity in America, and although the Negro, generally, has not been too successful, he is nevertheless finding a place in a White society.

Have YOU ever had to think about the color of your skin? Or if you were a member of a minority instead of a majority? The American Negro has, and millions of them are seeking a solution. This is a challenge to White America to help fulfill the Black man’s desire to become a part of a Black Society in his fatherland, thus reestablishing the bounds of their habitation.

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  1. R. 8965 is a Bill to authorize repatriation of Americans of African descent who have voluntarily expressed their desire to repatriate under the provisions of this ACT.

Sec. ZOI. (a) The President of the United States is authorized and directed to enter into negotiations, through the Department of State or otherwise as he may deem appropriate, with approximately 37 Governments of the African continent and other independent African countries, respectively, for land sites that the repatriates can live on.

Many millions of American Negroes look to Africa as their fatherland whose people are 90% illiterate. It is three times the size of the U. S., underpopulated, rich in undeveloped natural resources and in need of skilled people. According to African standards, there are no Unskilled Black people in the United States. Many, many American Negroes say that “our purpose in America has been served – we must now leave and build Africa as we helped build America; to serve our world as we served the ‘New World’.”

The above Bill H. R. 8965 was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, March 13, 1969. This committee is headed by Emanuel Celler (Jew) and inasmuch as International Jewry intends to continue its use of the Black man as its political football, IT must become the White man’s problem to DEMAND that this Bill be given consideration by the United States Congress. The signing of a petition by more than SIX MILLION American Negroes is significant enough that this voluntary expression of the Blacks deserves every consideration. It is our opinion that this should become an obligation of the United States government to properly initiate legislation which will finance the transportation of, and the proper and adequate establishment of these people in the respective countries. This applies to ALL American Negroes who voluntarily wish to make Africa their permanent residence. Don’t ask, DEMAND that your Representative in Washington sponsor Bill H. R. 89651

Meanwhile, this author will speak before Negro groups and organizations throughout America, educating them to the FACTS of slavery in America, and we will hope that the White American will DEMAND of HIS Representative a proper consideration of Repatriation for American Blacks.

REFERENCES: The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade, ancient and modern.

The African Slave Trade and the Political History Of Slavery in the United States. Compiled from authentic materials by W. O. Blake. Published and sold exclusively by subscription by J. II H. Miller, 1857 Columbus, Ohio. Plus references all listed on pages 27 & 28.

If you discover an interest in what we of WESTERN FRONT are doing, all we attempt to educate and awaken people to the TRUTH, we invite you to join hands with us and become a Member of WESTERN FRONT. We are a Christian organization. The Membership-Subscription is $10.00 yearly or $6.00 payable semi-annually. You will receive our monthly Bulletin regularly plus further literature of your choice at a very nominal cost, WESTERN FRONT is now in its fifth year. WESTERN FRONT P. O. Box 27854 – Hollywood, California 90027                          END of the book.

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  1. “Without exception however they revert to their uncontrollable instincts, unlike any other race of people known to man.”

    That quote is apropos and accurately describes Jews. They cannot change their nature and their book, the Talmud, reinforces their worst characteristics.

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