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Sultan Beyazit II welcoming Jews expelled from Iberia to the Ottoman Empire in 1492.

Sultan Beyazit II welcoming Jews expelled from Iberia to the Ottoman Empire in 1492

It became obvious now that the colonization of the Americas, and also Australia, were not done by Europeans. It was a grand scheme designed and directed by parasites. They needed to employ Europeans, Africans, and Asians to serve them and overcome the Natives. Europeans, Africans, and Asians were brought because they are smart, hardworking, and could make the parasites rich.

Parasites from the Ottomans colonies, Portugal, Spain, and Italy and from Eastern Europe gathered. This formed the alliance that provided for the colonization of the Americas and it supplied White and Black slaves and free for invasions, cotton plantations, liquor, and brothels in the “New World”. Even free Europeans, and also Africans and Asians, were not masters of their destiny in the “New World” and this will be concretely consolidated in the coming Global “New World Order” if no changes are imposed.

Europeans, Africans, and Asians were not even partners in colonizing the Americas or Australia. They didn’t gain power or wealth from the dirty businesses of slavery, cotton plantations, human trafficking, money lending, drugs, piracy, gambling, porn, prostitution, and others which made parasites filthy rich.

Turkic Mongolians (Jews are only one of many Turkic groups) come in many overt and covert forms, looks and names. The European monarchies, politicians, churches and governments are certainly collaborators with Turkic Mongolians since they destroyed the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD.

They infiltrate into any nation, religion, enterprise, business, organization, and create deep bodies in governments and even in sports and education.  They commit all sorts of crimes under the names of the infiltrated groups. The world will be cursing, accusing each other and fighting assuming that “Whites”, other nations and religions made these crimes. While hostilities erupt they keep making profits.

The main problem with the USA, and with the entire Americas too, is that the Americans from all ethnic backgrounds and the world don’t know that the colonization of “New World” and Africa were Turkic Mongolian projects with a European mask right from the beginning in 1497 AD. The term “White Man” was invented in Africa, Middle East and the Americas and used to blur the distinction between Turkic Mongolians and Europeans in the minds and the history of all victims.

Turkic Mongolians came to many countries and nations including Italy, which they turned to Rome, and also to Germans since 1800 BC. They operate from inside Christianity and Islam; and also among Arabs, Africans, Indians, and Europeans. In fact Judaism is not the religion of Moses; and the terms “Jews” and “Judaism” appeared 900 years after the death of Moses; and they came from Turkic Persia in 530 BC.

Judaism is only a political association and the earlier form of Zionism invented by Turkic Mongolians who are not Semite at all. They are the only Anti-Semitic in the world. Khazars were small Turkic Mongolian group who joined the Jewish association only in 750 AD. From there Ashkenazim was formed worldwide.

After the Persian era; Roman era; Islamic era; Khazar era; Ottoman era; and “Holy” Roman monarchies era the Turkic Mongolians entered the New World era and now are preparing for the Global NWO era.

Preserving and developing all indigenous cultures of the land must be one of the top duties of any government on Earth, and that is exactly where the Turkic Mongolians used all the Americans and Europeans to subjugate everybody in the USA and the EU. Complaining that the USA and the EU are dominated by Jews is ironically too little too late.

A door from Elmina Slave Castle in Ghana with David Star saved from a burn heep by H.R.M. Nana Kwaku Egyir Gyepi III

A door from Elmina Slave Castle in Ghana with David Star saved from a burn heep by H.R.M. Nana Kwaku Egyir Gyepi III

Comments on: "Turkic Mongolians Come in Many Overt and Covert Forms" (2)

  1. The white man and the black man must unite to oppose these parasites. Asians must resist Israel as well. Uighurs is what the Jews truly are. Uighurs are Turkic people from central Asia and Northwest China (Sinkiang region).

  2. The white man and the Black man these are Turkic terms, White for confusion, and Black for racism. Europeans, Asians, Native Americans and Africans must work together help each other. The origins of many subversive groups are Turkic Mongolians, but now after 3800 years of raiding and enslaving and stealing identities it is impossible to point to specific ethnic labeling for these subversive groups. You find them in Italians, Germans, Russians, British and many Europeans. They are among Arabs, Africans, and Persians. They are in all religions and sects and also Agnosticism; Atheism; Animism; Tengrism; Shamanism.
    Simply they are political associations no longer an ethnicity, religions, or nations.

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