Protect Democracy & Expose Western Liberal Democracy

This is a very promising project proposal to involve the people of the world in finding solutions for any problem, in any field. The slogan of this project is: “SOLVEIT Power to the People

Let us create an international corporation called SOLVEIT.COM as a non-profitable corporation and an online social media and social networking service with offices in all continents and a rotating head office. SOLVEIT shall be regulated, managed, and monitored by its own users in accordance with national and international laws, highest standard of ethics, privacy, and security.

The purpose of creating SOLVEIT is to provide a global platform for wide extensive discussions for local, national, and global issues in all fields from various perspectives with the objective of drafting a solution or common stands. It shall act as a Virtual General Assembly which shall issue resolutions on all matters without trespassing the national sovereignty of states, and with accordance with national cultures.

SOLVEIT shall be accessed by a large range of devices with Internet connectivity, such as desktop, laptop and tablet computers, and smartphones. After registering to use the site, users can create a customized profile indicating their name, occupation, experience, schools attended and other essential information.

SOLVEIT shall be provided in all languages and covering all regions with Internet accessibility. The design and drafting of the first constitution and regulations of SOLVEIT shall be open globally and for enough period of time to ensure the widest public participation and representation.

Comments on: "SOLVEIT Turning the Internet to Powerful Public Administration" (4)

  1. A nice thought, but with the present state of man (poor spiritual development) would this work?

    The UN with its leftist engineered Charter routinely abuses the rights of member nation states. Countries ought to leave the UN. This SOLVEIT would have to truly respect the rights of the various peoples of the world, and not allow itself to be corrupted.

    • The UN is a corrupt globalists domination, and this must be reversed.
      The process of democracy is a learning curve. And we must trust the majority of world population are essentially good and this majority can present and protect their interests ahead of to prevent the imposition of totalitarian globalist minority system.

  2. So did this actually go anywhere?

  3. Awareness is very slowly growing and the increase of threats and censorship are helping

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