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It is very important to notice the outstanding similarities between Kurds, Turks, Romani (Gypsies), Romans, earliest Jews, Caucasoid Indians, wealthy in Arabia, and Persians.

Their strong connections explain a lot, including the Turkic Mongolian origin of the Hyksos and their use of Kurds as foot soldiers, mercenaries and slaves.

Kurdistan is a Turkic Mongolian project to use the Kurds, who are originally Iranian, to expand in Iraq, Syria, and Anatolia. This way the Kurds shall lose their legitimate right of their original homeland which is Iran.

Thus lands and regions to be taken from Iraq, Syria, and Anatolia shall be annexed to be given to those Kurds who are Turkic Mongolian collaborators; while Turkic Mongolian Persians remain holding Iran.

It is quite striking that the Kurds are not much interested in establishing a Kurdish self-ruled territory in Iran, while the Kurds are very active and forceful in establishing Kurdish territories in Iraq, Syria, and Anatolia.

Mitanni (1500-1300 BC) originated not as a result of Aryan invasions, as some claim, but as a result of Turkic Mongolian invasion using Aryan slaves and collaborators. After the invasion of Aryans and the theft of their land in Iran, some of the Kurds resorted to the western mountains, but most of Kurds were subjugated and enslaved and were used as foot soldiers, workers, and concubines. The greatest genetic and feature improvements of Turkic Mongolians came as a result of their miscegenation and reproduction with the defeated and enslaved Iranian Kurds (Aryans).

Kurds and Turkic Mongolians and the Mitanni Kingdom 1500-1300 BC

Kurds and Turkic Mongolians and the Mitanni Kingdom 1500-1300 BC


Comments on: "Turko-Persian NOT Indo-Iranian Kurdistan Project" (3)

  1. Originally Kurds were Iranian only and came the savage barbaric Turkic Mongolians in 1700 BC and looted and enslaved Kurds and all other native Iranians and in 550 BC created Persia and all the great Iranian civilizations were erased and stolen and labelled Persians.
    True genuine Kurds and Iranians exist only in Iran. Those Kurds who are demanding lands in Iraq, Syria, and Anatolia are Turkic collaborators, slaves, or misinformed and misled by fake Kurds controlled from Israel and Turkey. These fake Kurds are betraying the Kurds to serve the Turkic Mongolians and themselves.
    Turkic Mongolian groups include: Turks, Romani (Gypsies), Romans, earliest Jews, Caucasoid Indians, wealthy in Arabia, and Persians.
    There are two totally different types of Kurds: 1. The Iranian Kurds: are genuine and rightful; 2. The non-Iranian Kurds: in Israel, Syria, Iraq, Anatolia, and many other countries, these are manipulated and collaborators.
    Return Iran to Iranians; and return Kurds to Iran. This way the problems of the Kurds; Syrians; Iraqis; and liberating Iran from Persians will be solved all together.
    And expose and stand against all the Turkic Mongolian groups and the whole security of the region and the world will be solved.

  2. Isn’t it strange that the Jews and Israel are supporting the Kurds to annex parts of Syria and Iraq; while they are ignoring the Kurds in Iran and Turkey?

  3. The Kurds admit they were part of the Mitaani (1500-1300 BC). It was an odd, foreign, sudden barbarity in the region that immediately followed the expulsion of the Hyksos who were Turkic Mongolians with their Kurdish Iranian slaves, concubines, and mercenaries. Sure, it is unfortunate for the Kurdish victims. But bragging and claiming that their presence in Syria and Iraq was legitimate and native is repugnant.

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