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History tells that Eritrea is not an old nation or a state; but it is only a new formation.

Eritrea is just the Turkified population and part of Abyssinia. Discovering and exposing the real collapse that happened shall bring back the coastal regions and its population to its Abyssinian origin and shall reunite Abyssinia.

I will try to research and write on this subject soon. I hope you could translate and post the following article written in Arabic “Explaining the contradiction between Ethiopia’s neutral position and Eritrea’s pro-coalition stance against Yemen” before I get the time to do it: تفسير التناقض بين موقف اثيوبيا المحايد و موقف اريتريا الموالي للتحالف ضد اليمن

It seems that this contradiction and difference is due to ethnic and historical political reasons implicated in the past.

Ethiopia represents Abyssinia and ancient Abyssinian relations with the original Arabs. While Eritrea is part of the history and the presence of the Turkic Mongolian groups, including the Jews, the Arabized Turkic Bedouins, and Sabaeans and they are in contrast to the original Arabs and the true history of Yemen

For sure the motives were trading posts, slaves, and gold. That is why Eritrea has very low population density, mineral deposits, and military bases.  Eritrea was depopulated by Turkic Mongolian slavery very long ago.

And it was used to tamper with the sensitive history and security of both Yemen and Abyssinia so as to conceal the true history of Israelite and their refuge in Africa in 1876 BC until their Exodus in 1446 BC.

This history if proved and revealed shall destroy the legitimacy of the Old Testament, the Jews, and the present state of Israel, plus the Judaeo-Christianity and Roman Catholicism.

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