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Neo-Babylonia 626 BC–539 BC

Neo-Babylonia 626 BC–539 BC

Important Update Notice on 24 July 2018: I have updated my Abyssinian Hypothesis  after discovering the that single-hump camel (The dromedary) was unknown in Arabia, Aram, Assyria, and Kemet before 950 BC, while in abundance in the land of Punt.

This led to make the following major changes:
1- The proposed origin of Israelite from being Arabic-speaking Arab Yemenis to Ge’ez-speaking African Puntite;
2- Rename the Abyssinian Hypothesis to the Ge’ez Puntite Hypothesis;
3- The Turkic Mongolian colonizers and rulers of Neo-Babylonia invited elders from the House of Israel to Babylonia in around 580 BC in what is called the Babylonian Exile to help the create Judaism and colonize Aramaic land in 530 BC;
4- The Hebrew Language and the Hebrew Israelite are products of admixture between Ge’ez Israelite, Turkic Mongolian Persians, and colonized Aramaic. They existed only after 530 C; and
5- The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel are those Israelite who  left the land of Punt and decided to collaborate with Turkic Mongolians to invent Judaism and colonize Aramaic lands; and turned into Hebrew Israelite.

Therefore, the Israelite Exodus of 1446 BC was only within Punt, from one region to another. The Jews are not Israelite at all; and the name Judah was just used deceptively to relate the Jews to the Israelite. The Israelite were scattered all over the world and they no longer exist as a nation or a tribe.

For more details on the Ge’ez Puntite Hypothesis read the following three articles:
1- How Persians Cooked a Cult and Called it Judaism Part 1
2- The Turkic Mongolian-African Israelite Joint-ventures
3- Jesus Pointing to “The Lost Sheep of the house of Israel” and “the Gentiles”
[End of notice]

How Persians Cooked a Cult and Called it Judaism Part 2

Turkic Mongolians originally from around the Altai Mountains and northern Tarim Basin of Western Mongolia, Eastern Kazakhstan, and Northern Uyghur created the Persians and colonized ancient Iran and Iraq. Soon they knew about the Ge’ez speaking Israelite and the Law of Moses which originated in the land of Punt.

The Israelites and Turkic Mongolians had had worked together since the Hyksos period (1630-1523 BC), that was before the Law of Moses of 1446 BC. The Turkic Mongolians attacked Kemt from the north in the Delta; and from the south the Ge’ez speaking Israelite refugees and nomadic encroachers disturbed Kerma since they entered the region in 1876 BC.

Sabaeans in Yemen, D’mt, and Kush in Africa, since 1000 BC to 750 BC, were successful joint ventures between Turkic Mongolians and the Ge’ez speaking Israelites from Punt. Until that time there was no Jews or Judaism.

Following their strong cooperation experience many African Israelite leaders were invited to the newly established Turkic Mongolian colony of Neo-Babylonia to work out the grand project of inventing Jews, Judaism, and an Aramaic colony called Israel.

The Turkic Mongolians colonizers decided to invent a cult and hijack the Law of Moses. They contacted elders from the Israelite and invited them to Neo-Babylonia. Some of the elders of Ge’ez Israelite accepted to cooperate with the powerful Turkic Mongolians and they became the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.

The Ge’ez speaking Israelite in Neo-Babylonia went through cultural and linguistic changes which turned them into Hebrew Israelite. Those many genuine African Israelites indeed joined the Turkic Mongolian in inventing Judaism as willing partners, so the Hebrews also contains African Israelite as junior partners, plus a dominant Turkic Mongolian Jews and converts.

The Turkic Mongolian Persians used Sumerian and other traditions in Neo-Babylonia during 580 -530 BC and mixed them with the stories they got from the invited Ge’ez speaking black Africans from Punt who were the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, and later became the Hebrew Israelite, to help them in cooking Judaism and invent the Jews.

Surely, the Turkic Mongolians insisted to hide the real origin of Ge’ez speaking genuine Israelite and Ge’ez itself. Therefore they made up Hebrew to replace Ge’ez, and pale admixture Israelite to replace the genuine African black Israelite.

The same cocktail was used again in Christianity and Islam to kill and replace them.



Comments on: "The Turkic Mongolian-African Israelite Joint-ventures" (8)

  1. Jesus Pointing to “The Lost Sheep of the house of Israel” and “the Gentiles”
    “Why did Jesus say that He was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel (Matthew 15:24)?”
    Answer: The land of Punt is the home of real Israelite; the Lost Sheep of Israelite are those Israelite from Punt who colluded with the Turkic Mongolians in Neo-Babylonia to create the Jews, Judaism, the colony in Aramaic land, and became Hebrew Israelite. So, Jesus was sent to the Hebrew Israelite because they were the Lost Sheep of Israelite.

    Matthew 15:23-24 (NKJV)
    (22) And behold, a woman of Canaan came from that region and cried out to Him, saying, “Have mercy on me, O Lord, Son of David! My daughter is severely demon-possessed.” (23) But He answered her not a word. And His disciples came and urged Him, saying, “Send her away, for she cries out after us.” (24) But He answered and said, “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

    After appointing His Twelve Disciples, His priority command was also to go to the Lost Sheep of Israel: Matthew 10:5-6
    (5) These twelve Jesus sent out and commanded them, saying: “Do not go into the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter a city of the Samaritans. (6) “But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

    Twice, He said, “The Lost Sheep of the house of Israel.” First, He said He had come only for them, and second, He sent His Disciples particularly to them . . . . . . . Who are the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel? The Disciples seemed to have known who they were because they did not ask their Lord any questions about them after these verses.

    Let us find out . . I explain “The Lost Sheep of the house of Israel.” to be those from the Israel in the land of Punt; while “the Gentiles” to be the Turkic Mongolian Romans and Jews. “a city of the Samaritans” could be any city inhabited by none-Turkic Mongolians possibly refugees from Anatolia and Aramaic people.
    He wanted those lost sheep of the house of Israel to repent and go back home to their land of Punt.

  2. Interesting so what was the original name moses from the puntite language and where did the laws of moses the puntite come from it could not be kemet because punt was before kemet and even many kemetians said they were from punt
    What is the name of god in puntite tongue ?
    Punt came

    • Kemetians came from south, probably from Nabta Playa, as Kerma too.
      I guess Punt was no a single nation, and the T at the end could indicate a plural.
      So, there could be a number of related languages. Ge’ez must be one late member.
      Lord or ruler in Ge’ez is `əgzi which in brief could be `əg may be pronounced by some as EL.

  3. Sir it’s keep it up. Write something about Jesus

  4. Gog and Magog are dangerous people they replace every single civilization they encounter by murdering them and then pretend to be them.

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