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Israelite Journeys

Israelite Journeys

Aramaic land was stolen in 530 BC by Turkic Mongolian Persians who called themselves Jews and pretend to be from the tribe of Judah.

They were assisted by unfaithful Israelite who were brought in 580 BC from their homeland in the lands of Punt (the Horn of Africa) where the original Israel and the promised Israel were. They were invited to Neo-Babylonia in what the Old Testament call “Babylonian Exile”.

The unfaithful Puntite original Israelite were 100% Africans. They agreed with the Turkic Mongolian colonizers of Assyria to work together and invent the Jews, Judaism, Hebrew, and shift the original Israel from the lands Punt to Aramaic lands.

Those unfaithful Israelite were originally Ge’ez speaking then invented the Hebrew language by mixing Ge’ez with Persian and Aramaic and then became the Hebrew Israelite.

The Hebrew Israelite and the Turkic Mongolian Jews became one group of colonizers in colonized Aramaic lands which they called “Israel”; with the Jews as dominant majority.

The Hebrew Israelite are the lost sheep of the House of Israel mentioned by Yeshua: “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matthew 15:24).

Early Christianity called for breaking the alliance between Hebrew Israelite with the Turkic Mongolian Jews. Yeshua asked them to repent and hold the Law of Moses.

Original Christianity was not an invention but rather revival of the Law of Moses and Abraham. Early Christianity threatened the legitimacy of that colony and the Jews, who share with the Romans and the Persians the same origin.

The Romans, the Jews, and the Hebrew Israelite fought back and turned early Christianity form the spiritual and moral teachings of Jesus to pagan practices about Jesus, and made him god and son of God.

The Hebrew Bible and also the New Testament were edited and revised too many times and became totally different from the original Ge’ez Bible and the teachings and history of Yeshua. The religion attributed to Jesus and called Christianity is actually not a separate new religion but only the restoration for the religion of Abraham which was restored before by Moses but his efforts failed.

The religion and the history of Abraham and his descendants are the religion and history of the lands of Punt. They were not meant to be international, global, and certainly not universal.

The Turkic Mongolians who originally from around the Altai Mountains and northern Tarim Basin of Western Mongolia, Eastern Kazakhstan, and Northern Uyghur turned the teachings of Abraham, Moses, Yeshua, and Mohamed into aggressive terrorist colonial tools; and they became global and even universal machines.

Genuine Israel and Israelite versus Fake Israel and Israelite

Genuine Israel and Israelite versus Fake Israel and Israelite

Persian Empire at the time of Xerxes I (519–465 BC) and Esther

Persian Empire at the time of Xerxes I (519–465 BC) and Esther

Comments on: "Correcting the History of Israelite against the Jewish Stories" (4)

  1. I suggest that “I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah” (Jeremiah 31) indicates that the house of Judah left the house of Israel in the lands of Punt and colluded with Turkic Mongolian Persians in Neo-Babylonia in 580 BC to invent Jews, Judaism, and Hebrew and worked together against the Law of Moses to colonize Aramaic land and call it wrongly “Israel” as a forged copy of real Israel in Punt. The house of Judah are the lost sheep of the house of Israel. But also many from the remaining house of Israel abandoned the faith.

  2. The conventional dates of Solomon’s reign are circa 970 to 931 BC. Significant academic debate exists around the character of the Kingdom of Judah (9th or 8th century BC till 586 BC). Little archaeological evidence of an extensive, powerful Kingdom of Judah before the late 8th century BC has been found.
    The collaboration between elders from Judah and Persians, deceptively called Babylonian Exile, began after Solomon during extensive colonization of Arabia and Yemen since 1000 BC creating Sabaeans bandits (1200 and 800 BC) in Yemen and D’mt (c. 980 BC–c. 400 BC) in eastern Punt, and later on Kush in Sudan (c 785 BC–c AD 350). These were Judah/Jewish-Persian colonies.

  3. Following the ministry of Jesus, both the Jews and their kin, the Romans and the Persians, realized that they shouldn’t trust their partners the Hebrew Israelite regardless of their position toward Jesus.
    The Hebrew Israelite became serious security threat against the Jews, Romans, and Persians. Therefore they decided to disperse, expel and persecute all the Hebrew Israelite despite their historic collaboration, and their invaluable assistance to create the Jews, Judaism, Hebrew, and the Aramaic colony they named Israel.
    The persecution of Hebrew Israelite, who were of African Puntite origin, were conducted massively and systematically under the banners of Roman persecution of Jews.
    After few decades the Hebrew Israelite were extinct as an ethnic group leaving the theatre for the Jews, Romans, Persians, and other groups of Turkic Mongolian origin, including the Bedouins in the region.

  4. The real and original Israel, Promised Land, Solomon’s Temple, and Jerusalem were all in the Afar Triangle. The present day “Israel” is actually an imitation started in 530 BC only. It should be called “Turkic Israel” or in short “Tisrael”.

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