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Turkic Islam

Turkic Islam

We find general and common terms such as Islamic history, Islamic culture, Muslim scholars, Islamic sciences, Islamic law, Islamic countries, Muslim peoples, Muslim rulers and many others. So what is meant by an Islamic term? What is the specific definition of Islam so as not to be confused and misunderstood?

Is the meaning of Islam is related to the Muhammadian Sharia/Law/code and the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad pbuh? But the Muhammadian Sharia/Law/code, the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad all affirm that Islam is much, much older than them. So it is clear and strange that the common understanding and common sources attribute Islam to a body while the same body denies this relationship or descent. Where did this relationship or descent come from? And what is the validity of those Islamic terms?

The answer is clear and logical, but it is abandoned and even rejected. The true laws/codes are all ways leading to a single Religion, but not any law is a Religion by itself, as well as Muhammadian Sharia/Law/code and is only one of the laws lead to Religion. For example, if a house is located on the road leading to Beirut, it cannot be said that this house is located in Beirut.

The Creator sent to every, and each, nation in the universe and in our little earth a messenger and a law in their language to guide them to Religion. And each nation has a name for the Religion and for the Creator according to their language, but the Creator is one and the Religion is one. If there are multiple Religions, it means that there are multiple creators, and this is impossible. The Religion called by the Bharat (who are referred to by a term derived from the Persian language as the Indians) call this Religion “Dharma” meaning the natural law. While the Arabs call this Religion “Islam”; and the Mazdayasna (later became Zoroastrianism) call the same Religion “Asha”, meaning truth and order

But the confusion and error in naming the Muhammadian Sharia as Islam or Religion is the result of the kidnapping and falsification of Muhammadian law by the Turkic-Mongolians since the Umayyad era and the following eras and even today; and their use of that Sharia after falsification as means of claiming Religion and giving them justification for invasion and expansion and occupation. Therefore, these false Islamic terms refer to false Muhammadian Law only; because the right meaning of Islamic is Religious, without any definition, and should include all true laws without discrimination in the globe and in the whole universe.

The Muhammadian Sharia turned into what is now known as Islam, which deserves to be called the Turkic Islam, to distinction it from true Islam or the Religion. Turkic Islam began to form immediately after the Prophet’s migration to Yathrib (now called Medina) after the threat of Arabs, especially Quraysh. Immediately after the emigration to Yathrib, the Muhammadian Law was held hostage by the Bedouins (who are not Arabs and were called Ansar) and Jews, and both were partners of Persians and the Romans, and all of them are Turkic-Mongolians.

Then immediately after the death of the Prophet and throughout the period of the Caliphate, they stepped up their campaign against the Muhammadian Law and kidnapped it, and their believers and caliphs were assassinated and poisoned and persecuted. And they ignited the great Fitnas and civil wars; and bought the Umayyad and put them for a short-term in sham power to deceive and appease Quraysh and the Arabs.

Then Turkic-Mongolians killed their Umayyad allies and obliterated them and established the Abbasid state which carried out the complete forgery which continues to this day. So it is clear that the Muhammadian Sharia was killed in the cradle and its dress was stole and now pagan idolatry Turkic-Mongolians is wearing it and called itself a religion; but it is in fact an organization that should be called Turkic Islam.

The real problem with both Muhammadians and non-Muhammadians is that they cannot part from the old common misconception promoted by corrupt institutions such as Al-Azhar, churches and others since the Umayyad era that Turkic Islam is the Islam and that Islam came only with the Koran and that the Religion has only one name which is Islam.

Faith in every Sharia is to follow its messenger and to abide by the specific duties prescribed in its law. And faith in the Muhammadian Sharia is defined by the testimony that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is a Messenger of Allah and to perform prayers and the provision of Zakat and pilgrimage of the Sacred House. And similarly, the belief in the Sharia of Yeshua (Jesus) is to testimony that there is no god except Elohim and Jesus is a messenger of Elohim and the performance of their worship. The same applies with other uncountable messengers.

Original Mazdayasna, not the present form, for example, is one of the oldest codes and faith in it takes to the Religion, but in that nation and other nations the names of Religion are different. Even Kemet (the ancient Egyptians), Kerma (the ancient Nubians), the Assyrians, the Bharat (the ancient Indians), and all European and African nations had their own codes that qualified them to describe as Religious or monotheists, but in each nation the name of Religion was different but its content was the same. No any individual code could not be described rightfully as the Religion or even a religion.

Comments on: "The Proper Meaning of Islamic terminology and Islamic characteristics" (9)

  1. There is too damn much corruption of religion. People do terribly violent and immoral things in the name of their religion, or their ideology. Islam today is a socio-political ideology masquerading as a religion.

    Muslims demand the whole world conform to their way of life, much as the Jew controlled US demands the whole world accept (Jew controlled) US hegemony.

  2. Today’s Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and others are not religions at all.
    And there are no religions. There is only One God and One Religion.
    What are called religions are all just forged versions of heavenly messages that were supposed to be local codes sent for each and every nation in the universe.

    • Thank you
      It is also written and posted in Arabic.
      But the spread is slow and reaction is low, I am sure Facebook is hindering its sharing and reach

  3. Left picture: This is old Sumerian, not Islam?

    These Sumerian symbols are older. They were adopted.

    Sumerian star and crescent.


  4. Excellent post. I learn alot from your writings….

    I have one question, though it may branch off to three different questions… but all leading back to one idea (Islam’s early history)

    Based on what you wrote regarding the Caliphates that arose after the death of the Prophet [SAW], 1) would you say that the Rashidun Caliphate was the only true Calipha of the faith?

    2) What do you make of the Early Muslims that fought against these Turkic Mongolian empires (Rome & Persia)

    And 3) What is your opinion of the Ibadi Muslims of Oman, being that they appeared to arise before the mainstream version of Islam, and even opposed the Ummayad?

    I would love to hear your answer on this. Shukran brother.

    • Islam for me is either the preexistence Religion or the corrupted message of Muhammad.
      1- Even the Rashidun period was not on the genuine Message
      2- Military expansions are against the message and the Religion forced by corrupting it
      3- The Message of Muhammad is contrary to all schools and doctrines that claim the Message is a religion and there are religions and sects
      The Wahbi is considered to be the most mainstream of the schools of thought within Ibadism

      • Thanks for your response.

        Much of what you write is groundbreaking and has truly helped me, as I have been doing independent research on these regions for some time.

        I have also came to very similar conclusions based off of historical texts as well as studying older maps. Your writings are gems.

        Not to stray off topic, but I notices you believe that the true Israel and all her temples, was in Northern Ethiopia….

        How do you reconcile that hypothesis with the Kebra Nagast, which I believe claims that the Israelite presence in Ethiopia started with Menelik, the son of Solomon?

      • After the destruction of Axum by Yodit with her Akkadian-Abbasid supported gangs and the formation of Solomonic Dynasty and both the Amhara and Tigrinya criminal elites out of collaborating Tigray even Kebra Nagast was not saved from twisting and corruption
        I am sure the original heritage of Tigray and Afar confirm my Punt Lands Hypothesis

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