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Colonialism, underdevelopment, misinformation and injustice began in Kemet (Egypt) since the fall of the Modern Kingdom in 1077 BC prey to various invading nomads from East Asia. The claim that Egypt was fine during Jesus’ time is untrue and unsupported by any evidence. Examining the history of the fall of the ancient Egyptian religion sheds light on the relation between the Coptic Church and the Roman rule. Claiming that the conquest of Egypt in 639 AD was a liberation led to present heretic Turkic Islam. This is all connected and essential history.

It is very clear that all religious institutions and their followers are managed by a parallel similar deceptive mentality, and only tolerate reforms and the history of Holy Scriptures and nations as long as they do not touch their practices and institutions and true history. It is time to hold accountable religious, academic and media institutions, regardless of the banners they raise.

Reformation, enlightenment and truth must not be biased or partial and be used for sectarian purposes by opening one eye and close the other. The works of existing religious and academic institutions propagate misguidance and misinformation systematically that lead to terrorism.

History is abused. All the biblical figures from Adam to Solomon were Africans from the lands of Punt (the Horn of Africa), Moses’ Law (the original Torah) was in Ge’ez language, and Yeshua (Jesus) was an Ethiopian who was born in Assyrian Aram. His message was only for misguided Ethiopians who became Hebrews (Lost Sheep of the House of Israel) who forged the Torah and participated in the making of Jews and Judaism in Babylon in 580 BC. Jesus called the Hebrew to stop collaborating with Turkic Mongolian groups, including Persians, Bedouins, Sabaeans and Romans plus their Jewish invention. The true call of Jesus is to abide by the original Law of Moses before its falsification, and to return home, and freedom from Jewish collaboration.

The Arabs were an ancient nation closer to the Habesha than any other nations. They were occupied and colonized by Turkic Mongolian raiders (Bedouins) since 1700 BC, who made the Sabaeans and stole the identity, history and lands of Arabs. Thus the message of Muhammad came to guide the Arabs to the religion of Abraham, which is the same religion of Moses and Jesus, and to liberate the Arabs from Bedouins and their fellow Jews, Persians and Romans

“Infidels” in general sense means those who refuse to believe in the existence of the Creator or reject religion or truth. In its specific indirect meaning it points, for that region and time, to the majority of Bedouins and their allies the Jews, Persians and Romans. Following the death of Muhammad, Bedouins and Jews stopped the liberation of Arabs and resumed their control.

The unknown truth is that the message of Muhammad is not only piety and guidance, but it had a hidden implicit and serious liberation message that rejects the colonization of Bedouins; and ordered Arabs to resist tyranny and aggression, that is Jihad and fighting. Therefore, the Quran called on resistance and military action, not against the world but against the Turkic occupiers.

It is time to hold accountable the truth of the religious, academic and media institutions, regardless of the banners they raise.

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  1. Erik Piculell said:

    The Pentateuch/the Book of Moses is believed to be written down after oral translation in the 1100 BC, but was rewritten (no ones know why) between 900 BC and 400 BC
    Adam, Eve and the devil/Satan is proven a copytale from the city-state of Ugarit.

    Click to access AdamEve+Devil.pdf

    Just as Noah is a copytale of the Epic of Gilgameš, which has its roots in the Akkadian Epic “Atra-Hasis”, which has its roots in “the Eridu Genesis”.
    According the Jewish organisations such as Chabad Org and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is it estimated that:
    Abraham (1813 to 1638), was the first Jew ever, and thus their ancestor.
    Ie. the Jewish People did not exist before the family of Abraham was serious multiplied.
    There exists no references to Moses, beyond what is written by the Abrahamic religions.
    Re.: Jesus, none of the authors who mentions him, had probably never heard or seen the man, the first credible mention of Jesus is from the Roman Gaius Suetonius in AD 110, but the mention may just as well depend on rumors as on reality.
    Navnet Jesus is Englich derived from the Greek Iesous but more correct is it Joshua (strong 3091 – Yehoshua), was one of the most common names in both BC and AD periods, why it can be found in many stories over time.

    I know, that you do not agree with the above, but try to used the chronology first, and then the story, that’s the only way to find the original History vs the tale.

  2. All the religions show evidence of abuse of authority. That is the eality when you have priestcraft and it occupies a privileged place in society. Ignorance breeds fear as they say, thus people are easily misled by false religious teachers. People need to govern their religious fervor with reason!

    Despite the problems with organized religion, God does exist, Tarig.

    • It is clear for me that there is only one Creator and thus there is only one Religion.
      The so-called religions are just corrupt national codes.

      • Erik Piculell said:

        That’s exactly the same as the Hindus believes.
        That’s exactly the same as the Buddhists believes.
        That’s exactly the same as the Jews believes.
        That’s exactly the same as the Christians believes.
        That’s exactly the same as the Muslims believes.

      • You mentioned forged messages impersonating the Universal Only Religion.
        The original messages are only national codes derived and leading to the Universal Only Religion, but none of them is the Universal Only Religion.
        Messages are numerous roads leading to a specific city, and the city is like the Universal Only Religion. Or, like medications to treat different illnesses; and medicine is like the Universal Only Religion.
        The so-called religions are just colonial tools.

    • Erik Piculell said:

      Which “GOD”?
      It’s a fact, only one eternal almighty God can exists
      It’s proven that through time, thousands of gods has come (ie created by humans) and thousands of gods are just as quietly vanished.
      Today still exists hundreds of gods that all are worshiped by several believers, who sincerely believes in, that their worship of their very god helps enormously in their daily life.
      In the Abrahamic religions we have:
      YHWH of Judaism, The Triune God of Christianity and the Islamic Allah.
      All the believers says: »Our God is the only eternal and almighty God, because our God is the only one whos is not manmade!
      Problem is, only one God can be eternal and almighty.
      And when one reads about thise deities, is the essence of each of the Gods, more or less different from eachother.
      The Christian says:
      The Triune God, is YHWH united with Christ Jesus, therefore is the Triune God still YHWH.
      No, because YHWH is still worshiped in Judaism,
      The Muslims says Allah is the only existed God ever.
      That’s why iI asked: Which God?


    This article is interesting. Maybe the location of the ‘local flood’ differs

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