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NOT THREE WISE MEN; IT WAS 12 Ethiopian Kings Prophets & Priests Came to See Jesus In Bethlehem, by Rabbi Yahoshua Yahir.

In The Hidden and Untold History of the Jewish People and Ethiopians by Dr. Fikre Tolossa we find this information on page  10-11 talks about 12 Ethiopian Kings, Prophets & Priests who came to see Jesus NOT THREE MAGI AS IS TOLD US  The biblical Magi (/ˈmædʒaɪ/ or /ˈmeɪdʒaɪ/; singular: magus), also referred to as the (Three) Wise Men or (Three) Kings, were, in the Gospel of Matthew and Christian tradition, a group of distinguished foreigners who visited Jesus after his birth, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.. Matthew 2:1-12 TRUTH IS BEING REVEALED TO THOSE WHO ARE SEARCHING FOR THE TRUTH.

How Jews, Judaism, and Hebrew were invented? My Punt Lands Hypothesis states that the Jews are not at all Israelite. Because the Jews are of Turkic Mongolian origin, just like: Hyksos, Mittani, Persians, Bedouin ʾAʿrāb, Sabaeans, Romans, Turks, Gypsies, Moors, Khazar, and others in Eastern Europe and the Eurasian Steppe.

While the Israelite were exclusively Ge’ez-speaking Africans from the Lands of Punt. The hypothesis also emphasizes that the stories of Creation, Deluge, Joseph, Exodus, Solomon, and all other biblical characters were in the Lands of Punt; and the Creation and Deluge were of local, and not global, nature. The Exodus of 1446 BC was within Punt by crossing a river only.

After receiving the Torah in Ge’ez on the Semien Mountains, Moses led the Israelite to their promised land in the Afar Triangle (the Danakil Depression) where they established Israel confederation then a united kingdom. While the original home of Abraham was near Harar city.

King Solomon ruled Israel and built Beit HaMikdash (The Temple) where he kept the Arc of the Covenant. Upon his death in 926 BC, the tribe of Judah started collusion with the Sabaeans in Yemen and Turkic Mongolians roaming in the Middle Assyrian Empire (1392-934 BC).

Due to Turkic Mongolian raids the whole of Eastern Mediterranean region suffered from the Late Bronze Age Collapse (roughly between the years of 1250-1000 BC). The period from 1200 BC to 900 BC was a dark age for the entire Near East, North Africa, Caucasus, Mediterranean and Balkan regions, with great upheavals and mass movements of people.

The Neo-Assyrian Empire (911 BC–609 BC) brought to its collapse by Turkic Mongolians allied with Judah tribe and Sabaeans. This led to the creation of Neo-Babylonian Empire (626 BC–539 BC) which ushered the rise of Judah tribe and the collapse of other tries of the Israelite.

Jews, Judaism, Hebrew language, and Rabbinic Hebrew Torah were invented during 580-530 BC by a collusion between Judah Israelite tribe and Turkic Mongolian colonizers of Neo-Babylonia and Turkic Mongolian Persians. The origin of Hebrew is Ge’ez mixed with Aramaic and Persian.

The Jews (Yehudi) are not Israelite or from anywhere in the region, they were Turkic Mongolians. The Turkic Mongolians origin is in Altai Mountains and northern Tarim Basin of Western Mongolia, Eastern Kazakhstan, and Northern Uyghur. The original Israel, Israelite, and the Law of Moses were African 100% and had nothing with Arabia or Jews or Asia.

The Persians and Neo-Babylonians were one branch of Turkic Mongolians who colonized Iran and Iraq. They imported the Israelite history and religion from the Land of Punt and cooked Judaism and invented the Jews and colonized Aramaic lands with their inventions. It is an ideology of political association for conquering nations and looting them with religious veils.

Jesus was of African Puntite origin and he was sent by the God of the Ge’ez Israelite to bring back the lost sheep of the House of Israel from colonized Aramaic lands. He was targeted and persecuted by Turkic Mongolian Persians, Jews, and Romans.

It is really amazing that scholars agree about the presence of camels, gold, frankincense, and myrrh, an eastern star and the devotion while denying that the visitors at Yeshua birth were Ethiopians.

The world, and the whole Universe, need to know that the Ethiopians were the only faithfuls for message of Mosses which was for them; and they were true Christians even before the birth of Yeshua, who is Ethiopian born in foreign land.

Prof Fikre Tolossa says: [There were 12 wise Ethiopian kings. And we know them by name.]

There is nothing called “Real Jews” or “Fake Jews” they are just “Jews”. But there are “Real Israelites” and “Fake Israelites”.

The “Fake Israeltes” are the “Jews” who are Turkic Mongolian; while the “Real Israelites” are from Punt Lands (the Horn of Africa).



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  1. Erik Piculell said:

    I would really like to see some proofs of your claims.
    Such as: Archaeological and/or Historical scholars’ articles

    • You forgot to point to any particular claim. This means you discredit the whole theory without a specific reason.

      Let me ask you first do you have some proofs of your common tale such as archaeological or even logical? Forget about scholars and sources who produced our current miserable inconsistent knowledge. Like: they were three from the East; I wonder why they insist they were from the east without knowing from which part or country, despite meeting Herod?
      And why some say the visitors were on camels and others say were on horses?

      I could only recommend a method of doubt, analysis, evidences, logic, investigation, reconstruction, and testing.

      • But, Tarig, that is the problem. It is difficult to test the veracity of accounts thousands of years old. And, ultimately, whichever version of these wise men is correct does not effect the story of Christ’s life and public ministry, His crucifixion and resurrection.

      • No nation in the east was following the Law of Moses, and stating east shows deliberate deception not ignorance. The gifts are well known products of Punt.
        Yeshua was sent to the lost Israelite, who are the Judah tribe who became the Hebrew Israelite, to guide them to the true Law ofd Moses, and take them back to their original home, the Ge’ez Israel, and save them from Jews, Romansa, and Persians. And that is why Yeshua was humiliated tortured and crucified.
        His resurrection means God will sent Him again to finish this job.

      • Erik Piculell said:

        It’s easy to answer.
        Dedicated believers are convinced, that the Bible is the words of God.
        If it really was the word of God, would the Bible be nearly flawless, consistent and undeniable, but unfortunately that’s rather far from the truth.

        Fact is, the NT is written on rumors, guesswork and not at least, several verses from Tanakh.
        Because none of the Biblical writers has probably never saw or heard Jesus
        That is in fact what the Bible itself and its chronology says, and it helps a lot to have more than one, experienced scholars to help with the chronologi.
        1) – Paul was the first to mention Jesus in AD 50+, c 20y after he died.
        1a) – Only 7 of the 13 Pauline epistles are consideren as written by Paul.
        1b) – Paul was mentioned by Luke in Acts 9:3-9
        1) – The Gospel of Mark was written by John Mark (Acts 12:12), around AD 70, Mark was a disciple of Peter, ie Mark is only a second-hand witness.
        2) – Gospel of Matthew (AD 75-95), used 607 verses out of the 661 verses of the Gospel of Mark.
        2a) – An eyewitness and educated customs officer, would never have used some informations, from a second-hand witness. – Ie the Author is unknown.
        3) – Gospel of Luke (written between Ad 85 and 110, (Luke is the doctor ia Col 4:14) Luke was the friend of Paul.
        4) – Gospel of John, the Gospel is said to be written on Patmos where John was depoted to by emperor Domitian in the last years of his reign ie AD 95-97.
        4a) – It is said, John was born 06, in a time where the average lifespan was between 40 and 50 years, John must have been immensely old, nevertheless is it said, that the apostle John, wrote boththe Gospel and the Revelation.
        4b) – I personal do not believe, that a probably respekted man, as the Apostle John, would ever have written verses like these:
        John 13:23, 19:26, 19:35, 20:2, 21:07, 21:20 and 21:24

        The biggest problem is, that all four Gospels quotes Christ Jesus literally, even if the evangelists had been eyewitnesses, it sounds unlikely, that the ever could quote him literally after from c 20y to about 70y after the possible crucifixion.

      • I agree totally.
        One more important issue:
        Jesus knew how to read and write. So, is it sensible that Jesus didn’t leave any written record, not even a shred?
        It doesn’t make any sense to say that Jesus ministered without writing, so, there is a huge possibility that the true New Testament (Ingeel in Arabic) existed and was destroyed. And the later versions were replacements that don’t represent the original.

      • Erik Piculell said:

        At the time, all boys who was about 5y, was sent to the temple to memorize the Tanakh.
        It is shown in the New Testament which is full of copies and paraphrases from both the Old Testament and from the other books in NT.
        All the predictions of Jesus, is due to the copies and paraphrases.
        I have investigated several, and has reject all I have investigated.
        There is nothing to suggests that Jesus should have written anything, If he had, I think at least one of the first century followers of Jesus would have mentioned something.
        Some claims, that the NT is written by the Romans, but the Romans became not involved in the Christian movement before around the 200s, and first about the 300s they began to interfere.
        But it is well known that probably Roman Christians have added 50± verses to the Bible.
        List of New Testament papyri, P52 going back to AD 125
        And the most modern Bibles, is translated from the oldest possibly papyrus ie within AD 400.

      • The OT and NT were written by Turkic Mongolians and the Romans, Persians, Bedouins, Sabaeans. and Aryan Indians are Turkic Mongolians, by vulgarizing the traditions of invaded and colonized nations.

  2. I really don’t care about names, titles, and nationality. The only important issue that differentiates between genuine and fake churches is the statement that Jews are totally different from Israelites ethnically, religiously, and historically.

    If any church accepts the Hebrew Bible, and doesn’t say the Law of Moses was in Ge’ez and Yeshua, along with Adam and all his descendants, were not Ethiopians it is not a church at all in my opinion.

  3. Erik Piculell said:

    About Jesus and the Bible.
    It’s nearly for sure, that none of the writers of the New Testament, had ever seen or heard the man Jesus, nevertheless is the Bible always referred to as authentic?
    Another scenario than yours could be:
    That didn’t happend, because:
    Jesus was the charismatic leader of a minor sect, when he died, the rumors of his greatness and deeds grew now rapidly over the years.
    Around AD 48, his followers held a council, today called the Apostolic or the Jerusalem Council. (Acts 15), where they agreed what to do in the future and who to do it.
    → The first to write about Christ Jesus was Paul in 1 Thess 1:1, estimated written after AD 50 ie but only a few years after the Council
    Fact is, that the Bible tells us, that Paul had only seen Jesus in a vision (Acts 9:3-9).
    → The next to write about Christ Jesus is a disciple not of Jesus, but of the apostle Peter by the name John Mark (ia Acts 12:12), ie a second-hand witness, who wrote → → The Gospel of Mark around AD 70 (ie c 40y after the dead of Jesus.)
    → The Gospel of Matthew is written after AD 75, this Gospel contains 607 of John Mark’s 661 verses (would a trained customs officer and eyewitness use a second-hand witness’ writings?)
    → The Gospel of Luke, is believed to be written by the mentioned doctor a friend of Paul (ia Col 4:14, (Luke also wrote the Acts)), both estimated written between AD 80 and 130)
    → The Gospel of John, is said to be written on Patmos together with Revelation, where Emperor Domitian evicted John, in the last years of his reign ie between AD 95 and 97.
    It is believed, John was born 06, ie John was around 90y when it is said he was relegated to Patmos, in a time where the average lifespan was around 40-50y, but it is mentioned, that a few priests, which probably never lacked anything, reached as high an age as 84 years.
    Morover, it’s sounds a bit od, that one of Jesus most reputed Apostles should have written such verses as:
    John 13:23, 19:26, 19:35, 20:2, 21:07, 21:20 and 21:24

  4. The main issue here is that Turkic Mongolians destroyed the records of Yeshua and invented what is called now the New Testament as they did with the original Law of Moses (the Ge’ez Torah) and invented the Old Testament and the Hebrew Torah.

    I have been for some years searching for the history of Turkic Mongolian male-only raiders who invaded most of the world since 1800 BC, starting with Scythia and the Indus Valley then they formed the Hyksos group which colonized Kemt (ancient Egypt) from 1630 to 1523 BC.

    Turkic Mongolians were the first people to use horses as war weapon. And the were devastating wherever they raid. Then, they formed the Bedouins, Sabaeans, Persians, Kurds, Romans, Jews, D’mt, Kush, Huns, Roma, and Aryan Indians (the true name of Indians is Bharat). Later groups included the Khazar, Turks, Mongols, Moors, those who invaded north Africa and Iberia, and Mamluks.

    • Erik Piculell said:

      //The main issue here is that Turkic Mongolians destroyed the records of Yeshua and invented what is called now the New Testament//

      Please deliver some proof, in my 16 years of investigations of the Abrahamic religions, I have never met any records or informations from neither Christian nor Muslim scholars

      • The NT states that Herod met and spoke with the visitors who came to the baby Yeshua, and asked them to let him know after they find him. But strangely the NT writers are uncertain about the nationality and status of those visitors.
        The gifts are certainly products of Punt Lands.
        Jews, Persians, Bedouins and Romans are certainly Turkic Mongolians. They are not Israelites, Iranians, Arabs and Europeans.
        Camels mentioned 47 times in OT and all regions of OT had no camels.

      • Erik Piculell said:

        The Gospel of Matthew 2:7, is the only Gospel mentioning the three wise men.
        The Gospel is written by unknown after AD 75, and contains 607 verses copied and/or paraphrased from The Gospel of Mark’s, 661 verses.
        Everything suggest, that Matt 2:7 is a fiction, just as so much else in the Bible.
        It’s really extraordinarily sad when one consider, that there is estimated, over 2 Billions of users.

  5. Erik Piculell said:

    I forgot the Camels.

    I guess I once wrote about Abraham and “Ur of the Chaldeans.
    That it’s well known among those who know the chronology of the Pentateuch, that the five books was rewritten between 900 and 400 BC, and that the reviews of “Ur of the Chaldeans” and thus also the “Camels” in the Pentateuch and similar is due to the writers who rewrote the texts between 900 and 400 BC

    But your claims of nationality, is impossible for me to get confirmed!

  6. Gary W Laing said:

    You need provide sources for you views

    • The Hebrew Bible has no sources or any evidences, but mine are based on logical and material evidences.

      • Gary W Laing said:

        You talk like they was literally jesus and moses walking on earth where is proof of these tribes existence lmao or any tombs of these prophets lol

      • Logical evidences are plenty but let us ignore them. Material evidences like tombs and archeology were searched for 3000 year in the wrong regions because the guides taken from forged history were using false history. Regarding the existence of Yeshua it proven by all sorts of records.

      • Gary W Laing said:

        What evidence is there what accient historian mentions this Yeshua lol name dam one relgion is astrology that is it

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