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This map shows exactly the difference between Israelites (Africans from Punt) in the south and Jews (Central Asiatic Turkic Mongolians came from western Mongolia in 1700 BC) colonized the region in the north.

The western part of genuine Israel is their sphere of influence in Arabia, but not the homeland of Israelites.

(الفرق بين بني إسرائيل (أفارقة من بونت) مقابل اليهود (تركمنغول من وسط اسيا

توضح هذه الخريطة بالضبط الفرق بين بني اسرائيل (أفارقة من بونت) في الجنوب واليهود (تركمنغول من وسط اسيا جاؤا من غرب منغوليا عام 1700 ق م) احتلوا المنطقة في الشمال

الجزء الغربي من إسرائيل الحقيقية هو مجال نفوذها في الجزيرة العربية ، ولكن ليس في وطن بني إسرائيل


Comments on: "Israelites, Africans from Punt, Versus Jews, Turkic Mongolians from Central Asia" (3)

  1. Did the ancient ethnic Greeks survived Persia and the Ottoman Empire? Do you have some informations (sources)? Are there ancient Greeks (descendants) in Asia Minor today, or just Turkish people (of different tribes)? Are Greeks in Greece today ancient Greeks (or Turkic Orthodox-Christians, descendants of female slaves)? Evi Sarantea has reconstructed some ancient Greek faces. They look different.

    Who are Thracians? First redhaired people (3000 B.C.) as described by Xenophanes, and later black haired people (600 B.C.). Thracian “Vessel”: Blackhaired man with Turkic-Persian tattoo an sword?

    Was there an “ethnical change” after Persian Occupation of Northern Greece (Darius I.). I need exact informations. Genetic-analysis are not adequate enough.

    In which countries could real “ancient” Greeks live today. Fivehundred years of modern Turkic reign: Also Persian reign before. And Skyths on ancient Thracian borders. There are many doubts about the further existence of ancient Greeks. Greeks: Proto-Thracians, Thessaly, Illyrians, and so on. Turkic Thracians later, european Thracians before. I don’t know. I found no informations about ethnical roots and changes, and no exact informations about indigene survivers referring tho these ancient Greek roots. Thracians/Greeks are still living today (which country)?


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