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Evidence that the Ge’ez Language of Abyssinia is the mother of Arabic and Hebrew is growing. Geographically, the separation between the Lands of Punt and south and west Arabia was smaller than what it is now. Punt Lands, now the Horn of Africa, extends from the north of eastern Sudan to southern Somalia. Its largest country is known now as Ethiopia.

It is proven that the original home of Dromedary is Punt Lands, and had been used for more than 5,000 years there. It is considered effective means of land and sea transport. Camels swim long distances to reach grazing areas and can swim several kilometers at a time in deep water.

The proximity of Punt Lands to the south and west of the Arabia suggests connections between events, movement and groups on both sides of the Red Sea. It makes a lot of sense to consider the south and west of the Arabian Peninsula as the eastern region of Punt Lands; but for political, religious and racist reasons pseudo-sciences and pseudo-religions are denying these glaring facts and putting too silly propositions and lies. This video shows Dromedary swimming in the sea.

Elephant was used in large numbers in war in Arabia and this indicates that elephant is able to swim. And This video shows how elephant is a good swimmer.

This supports my Punt Lands Hypothesis that all the stories and figures of the Quran and the Torah were on both sides of this region only, which is cracked by the Red Sea, while it did not occur anywhere else, such as Iraq, the Levant and Egypt (Kmt). Surely, south and west of the Arabian Peninsula as the eastern region of Punt Lands. It is very difficult to correct corrupt religions, sciences, and perceptions in a world that discovered the Americas only 527 years ago.

Semien Mountains in northern Ethiopia are not far from the city of Harar, called the City of Saints. And Harar is indeed the city where Joseph became a minister and received his father Jacob (Israel) and the rest of his sons, the brothers of Joseph. Harar is about 250 kilometers from Afar which is the true Promised Land of the Israelites after the Exodus. The alternative location of Israel in Aramaic region, which the Persians invented for the Jews to occupy with the help of the Hebrews (the tribe of Judah), is not based on any evidence, and therefore, it is impossible to have the Temple of Solomon and Jerusalem in today’s Israel.

Semien Mountains is about 350 kilometers from the Afar region, and it is probably the place where Moses received the Torah; rather than in the mountains of Sinai. Semien Mountains are about 150 kilometers from the birthplace of Moses, dubbed Misr/Egypt in the OT and the Quran; and The Pharaoh was one of local kings, or emperor, in northern Ethiopia. The real location of the Kingdom of Sheba is not in Yemen, but in the Tigray region and it is about 400 kilometers from the region of Afar, the location of the Kingdom of Solomon and Jerusalem.

All these places are located in today’s Ethiopia on the western side of the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab, which was certainly much narrower than its present size in the time of Abraham (1900 BC) and the time of Moses (1446 BC). Thus, the Hijaz, Mecca, Medina, and the place of the village of Lot and the lands of A’d and Thamud of Ancient Arabs were all close to each other and near other parts of the Punt Lands.


Comments on: "The Geography of Punt Lands Relates to the Quran and the Bible" (2)

  1. Erik Piculell said:

    Now I’m not perfect in English, and the web-translaters are not perfect in Danish, which ofcourse can creates some misunderstandings.

    But I have understand it this way, that the language Geez, just is one, of all the languages in the language stem called “the semitic languages?”

    The problem about the Land of Punt is, as this website writes:
    ///Will We Ever Discover the Elusive Land of Punt?///
    The Land of Punt was by the Egyptians described as “the land of the Gods.” as this website writes:
    And many other websites writes about “Punt” too.

    //(the tribe of Judah), is not based on any evidence,//

    The problem about that claim is, that it is general for all three so-called Abrahamic religions, that, besides the historic provable persons, are all three religions based on scriptures, written by humans via oral traditions, and no one knows for sure the exact truth.
    Yes I know there exists sure proof of a man by the name Muhammad at the time, and I also know, there exists sure proof of a man named Jesus at the time of him, but more correct would be say Joshua, there even exist proofs, of the existence of the brother of Jesus, James, but I also know, that the names Joshua and James (and John) was the most common names of the time.

    //to have the Temple of Solomon and Jerusalem in today’s Israel.//

    The difference between provable knowledge and dedicated belief,
    is analog the difference between truth and hope!

    The Temple of Solomon, is only existing in the belief, as long as the proofs does not exist.

    For not so long time ago I read, King David is proven.
    But after very short time came:
    Proof of King David? Not yet. But riveting site shores up roots of Israelite era.

    The above is exactly what happens constantly if one get hold of the wrong end of a story, which I have a lot of times through time, and therefore I now, always look through all available options.

    • Bear in mind that the Israelite were nomads and didn’t have great civilization, so kings and the Temple cold very simple humble compared to our today’s perceptions

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