Protect Democracy & Expose Western Liberal Democracy

Of course, the demand to change the whole corrupt political partisan system and the accounting and formatting those entities that call themselves political parties while they are only criminal juntas makes them shudder for fear of the idea and the attempt.

They are not able to prove that these entities are political parties and definitely they entered into a dirty treacherous deal with the falling criminal regime of Alenqaz and to ensure their safe exit and prevent facing trials and justice against the criminals, the corrupt and their servants and their aid and foreign partners

All these tricks are done to deceive and betray the people, the revolution and the world. The only aim of these old so-called political parties in the Group for Change and Freedom is to climb to power and avoid genuine meaningful changes.

They must all fall and the revolution must create new thinking and a real democratic political system and parties.

The alternate course of corrupt political juntas then military rule must be ended now by the rising free independent revolutionists.

الأحزاب القديمة في السودان يجب أن تسقط جميعها وأن تخلق الثورة واقعًا جديدًا

بالطبع المطالبة بتغيير النظام السياسي الحزبي الفاسد و محاسبة و فرمتة الكيانات القديمة التي تسمي نفسها احزاب سياسية و ماهي سوي شلل اجرامية يجعلهم يرتعدون خوفا من الفكرة و المحاولة.

لن يستطيعوا اثبات ان تلك الكيانات هي احزاب ابدا و بالتاكيد دخلوا في صفقة قذرة خائنة مع الانقاذ و الكيزان لضمان خروجهم الآمن و عدم محاسب المجرمين و الفاسدين و خدمهم واعانهم و شركائهم الاجانب

تتم كل هذه الحيل لخداع وخيانة الشعب والثورة والعالم. الهدف الوحيد لهذه الأحزاب السياسية القديمة المزعومة في مجموعة التغيير والحرية هو الصعود إلى السلطة وتجنب التغييرات الحقيقية ذات المغزى.

الأحزاب القديمة في السودان يجب أن تسقط جميعها وأن تخلق الثورة واقعًا جديدًا بانشاء نظام سياسي و احزاب ديمقراطية حقيقية

مسار تبادل الادوار بين الشلل السياسية و حكم العسكر لابد ان ينتهي الان علي يد الثوار الاحرار المستقلين

Comments on: "Sudan’s Old Parties Must all Fall and the Revolution Create New Reality" (17)

  1. Erik Piculell said:

    You obviously know nothing about the Nordic countries’ democracies.

    And the English people have just decided, against the majority in both the upper house and the lower house, that they will leave the EU.

    Denmark is partly in EU, because of the people’s voice, while both Norway, Sweden and Finland are not for the same reason.
    Norway, Sweden of Denmark konstituelle monarchies without either voice or object.

    Incidentally, regarding corruption:

  2. Europe is post Christian now, thanks to decades of Cultural Marxism. Europeans are demoralized, and still cannot name their true enemy, the Jews.

    • I am sure Europeans are moving in the right path and the revival of their national heritage

      • Erik Piculell said:

        Unfortunately I’m not so sure.
        The national heritage of several European countries was: The want as great power as possible, culminating with Nazi Germany.

        If the emerging nationalism develops more, could it easyly end up with endless discussions countries between and possible wars about the nationality of the inhabitants in a tiny piece of land, as in before time, was a part of the territorial possession.
        So I certainly do not want the old nationalistic dream back

        But in my mind, are the EU parliament today filled with far too many livelihood politicians and lobbyists, and too few idealists, on either side of the political landscape.
        I think the European Parliament is a fantastic idea, as an European organization for a near cooperation the countries between.
        But the EU parlaement, has grown too big, too powerful, and far too complex.

    • The true enemy is in fact the Turkic Mongolian groups all together.

      • Erik Piculell said:

        I have read several articles like this:

        But can’t compare the informations with the “Turkic Mongolian groups”

      • 1- Genetics could be a science, but till now it is pseudo.
        2- The “Turkic Mongolian” is a term I had to invent because no scholar saw the link of groups moved west since 1800 BC. The academia will admit this term at some point.
        3- The world was made to believe that European history before the Romans was insignificant.
        4- The concept of a single forefather or few origins is unscientific, illogical, nomadic, and ridiculous.
        5- Jews are totally against the fact that there are “Turkic Mongolian groups” and they are one of them, and they are not Israelite. And they fight hard to confuse and maintain their fake tales by using genetics.
        6- I am sure the researches will not try to find out the common origin of Jews and the whether they are Semite or not (and if Semites are really an ethnic, cultural or racial group and not just a small African tribal group) if they were serious and fair.
        7- European history, identity, and ethnicity are under attack for too long and such studies surely are funded and done by anti-European sources.

  3. Tarig:

    You make several good points above. Especially number 7 is quite correct as ethnic Europeans and their cultural identity are under serious attack by these damn Jews.

    About genetics being psuedo and not authentic science. It really depends on how it is applied in practice. In the US, it is a fad for people to send in a sample of their DNA (from saliva) for analysis. They are fools to do this. These private companies that for a small fee will claim to give you a fair and scientific analysis of your DNA to give you an idea of your ethnic ancestry do not do that. Instead they give you fake or bogus results to fool the customer. Ethnic Europeans are given results telling them that they are 8 per cent Nigerian or Congolese. It is absurd. To add injury to the insult, these companies also pass on the person’s real DNA data to the government for inclusion in its growing database. Thus, the promises of privacy are pure lies by these companies. Americans are such sheep.

    • The main premises and assumptions of academic genetic researches are flawed in many ways.
      The same applies to linguistic and cultural grouping, such as Indo-European nonsense.
      The theories of Human massive migrations are indeed nomadic primitive colonial mentality.

    • Erik Piculell said:

      //Genetics could be a science, but till now it is pseudo//

      One of the worlds most recognizes DNA scientists is the Dane Eske Willerslev, which I have followed a bit in the published articles.
      I.a. Due to his work with DNA determinations, on ia Greenland, is it today possbly to extract and determine extreme old genomes sequences, such as.
      World’s Oldest Genome Sequenced From 700,000-Year-Old Horse DNA
      = = =
      // The world was made to believe that European history before the Romans was insignificant.//

      I don’t agree.
      The Greeks language was lang before the Romans used as we use English today.
      Due to the Alexandrian Empire
      Already when I went to school in th 1950s, we learned about the Greeks and Athen, founded c 3,000 BC, as a tribute to the gorgeous Goddess Athena.
      While Rome was not founded before in the 8th BC, ie about 2,200 years later, and the start of the Roman empire did not happend before after 30 BC.
      The socalled Holy land, incl. Jerusalem, was occupied by the army of the Greek/Macedonian Alexander 332 BC and was not removed before 167 BC in what is called the Maccabean revolt.
      That’s one of the reasons why the New Testament was written in Greek.
      = = =
      //The concept of a single forefather or few origins is unscientific, illogical, nomadic, and ridiculous//

      I totally agree.
      And some Biblical scholars has also found the origin to the history about Adam, Eve, the devil/Satan and the Garden of Eden.
      inn the pagan religion of Ugarit (destroyed around 1200 BC)

      Click to access AdamEve+Devil.pdf

      Ie a history strongly related to both Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
      Did you know, that the evil concept of the devil/Satan is a very common figure in incredible many pagan religions?
      = = =
      //Jews are totally against the fact that there are “Turkic Mongolian groups”//

      A) – First I has to state:
      I’m an agnostic, I investigate all the Biblical eventuallities I may find, and compares them with the proven historic.
      I found, that it’s extremly unlikely, that any of the Biblical authors both of OT and NT, has experinced the stories they wrote.
      B) – Personally I find it was a terrible mistake, to restore Israel in 1948, just due to the story in the Pentateuch.
      Ba) – The Bible and the history tells us, it was the Jews who were the conquerors, of both the land of Cana’an and Samaria, which at the time was inhabited by various other Semitic tribes.
      Be) – I still I can’t agree, with your theory about neither the Jews nor the locality of Israel.
      My view is simply due to all the archaeolocal findings in the area.
      Bf) – Did you know, that it’s believed that Jerusalem was already a settlements around 3,500 BC?
      It’s believed, that King David conqurered Jerusalem around 1000 BC.
      Bg) – Which means that both the Bible and the real story shows, that the Jews were the original conquerors

      • We must ask ourselves: Why only Greek history and language were only allowed to survive the Roman assault on Europe and the rest? And: Were they representing the real Greeks?
        My answer is because the Romans based their savage regime on colonized, vulgarized and stolen Greek Civilization; and what we were told about Greek Civilization is a Roman version.

      • If only 1% of fair researches were directed to Punt Lands then we could had found all evidences of Abraham, Moses, Exodus, Sheba, Solomon, and Jerusalem.

  4. One thing is becoming more certain. That is that the alleged Exodus of the Jews (ancient Hebrews really) did not occur, could not have occurred in/from Egypt. I have seen a few scholarly articles in recent months (written in the past several years) that tell us that : the ancient Egyptians never called their king by the term “Pharaoh”; that the word Pharaoh is closely related to a phonetically similar word used in the southern part of the Arabian peninsula near to modern day Yemen; that the Bible never specifically identifies the “Pharaoh” when it uses the word several times (i.e. which Pharaoh is being indicated? Ramses II? or another Pharaoh?); that the Egyptians have no record in the history of the ancient Hebrews being enslaved in Egypt.

    We must consider 3 things here. First, if the Egyptians had been subjected to the ten plagues noted in the Bible, why then did not they not convert en masse to the religion of the Hebrews, given the tangible evidence of their god?! Second, why is there no archaeological evidence (as of yet) substantiating the Hebrews being in Egypt? Third, we must bear in mind the Septugaint translation of the Old Testament done in Alexandria a couple of centuries before Christ by the seventy Jewish scribes (hence the name of the translation). These Jewish scribes altered the focus of the OT events and stories to be of Mediterranean locus from the original Arab-Yemen locus.

    • The world could safely reject all OT tales and start looking for true history away from the alleged locations.
      We don’t need to prove to the world that unsubstantiated tales are incorrect.

      • Yes, good points. Your last sentence above is good, but many folks are in ignorance and do believe that unsubstantiated tales are correct. They are too lazy, or slothful to do their reading of the research of others.

  5. This article could be interesting for you. It was released yesterday. It was translated (origin: german language) by a Website (artificial intelligence).


    Sudanese military leadership wants to introduce Sharia laws consistently
    9.05.2019 (May, 9th.) – 22:57 o’clock

    Russia Today German


    Demonstrators in Sudan demand a political new beginning. Contrary to their expectations, the military leadership announced that the future judicial system would be based entirely on Sharia law. Sharia law was already partially implemented under the deposed president.

    After the dismissal of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir in April, the military seized power in the country. The population demanded a new political start from the military and made several demands, but without having considered the design of the new legal system. Now the ten-member military council announced that its vision for a new Sudan is based on Sharia law.

    Under former President Bashir, Sharia law was used arbitrarily and not uniformly, although it is the guiding principle of the constitution. In the past, there have been stonings and floggings of women accused of “immoral behaviour”. The peace treaty between Northern and Southern Sudan brought legal protection to non-Muslims, so the Sharia law was not applied across the board.

    Lieutenant General Shamseddien Kabbashi, spokesman for the Military Council, said at a press conference:

    The statement did not mention the sources of legislation, and Islamic law and the Sharia tradition should be the source of legislation.”

    Since the start of the protests on 19 December 2018, 90 people have been killed in Sudan, according to the Medical Association. One of the protest leaders against the president, Mohamed Naji al-Assam of the Sudanese Professionals Association, said:

    The solution and success of the revolution lies in the transfer of power to a fully-fledged civilian authority.”

    The African Union and the demonstrators demand the transfer of power to the civilian population.

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