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The Notre-Dame burning

What is called “Western Civilization” is not European, it is Turkic Mongolian pretending to be European while hostile to Europeans and abusing them.

The massive organized refugee crisis, the effacing of pre-Roman European history and identities, the 1848 Spring of Nations, the 1789 French, 1642 English, 1917 Russian Revolutions, WW1, WW2, Globalization and cultural Marxism are few evidences of “Western Civilization” continuous attack on patriotic Europe.

The Notre-Dame burning is actually an attempt to save the reality that the Canon of Jesus was forged and turned into today’s Judeo-Christianity.


Comments on: "“Western Civilization” is Burning Europe" (33)

  1. Erik Piculell said:

    I’m 74, and has lived most of my life in a relatively peaceful Europe, among other due to EU, with many foreign friendly people, but lives unfortunately today in a more and more hostile Europe and world due to patrotism.

    The obnoxious problem is, in most countries of Europe:
    When the economy goes up in one or several countries, all strangers are most welcome to take all the dirty and hard work.
    But when the recession is approaching, are everyone who looks just a bit foreign, or has a the wrong name, extremely unwelcome and must be thrown out immediately.
    And it doesn’t matter if they has been adopted as infant or is very well-established.
    Believe me I know it by experience.

    As I pointed out, I’m convinced that a more Patriotic Europe will end up in wars.
    To day we have a rather bad role-model, in the patriotic ruled Russia, which has annected, and steady try to annect, more and more of the areas, the former Sovjet Russia had occupied.
    Futhermore it’s more and more often they are generating the neighboring countries ship and air traffic electronically.

    • The Most Important Groups Created by Turkic Mongolians since 1800 BC. Hyksos, Bedouins, Persians, Jews, Romans, Turks, Indo-Aryans, Huns, and others are Turkic Mongolians. Jews are NOT Israelites; Bedouins are NOT Arabs; Romans are NOT Europeans; Persians are NOT Iranians; Indo-Aryans are NOT Bharat; Egypt and Misr is not Kmt; and many more misconceptions exist.

    • You could stop 3800 years of invasions or accept turning Europe to Turkic Mongolians.

    • The relatively peaceful Europe you lived experienced two great wars plus some smaller ones.
      Europe sure doesn’t need wars as long as you could rip off other remote nations. Like France while exploiting West Africa, and commodities markets. Take for example Cocoa and Chocolate, or crude oil, or Uranium, or Cobalt, Lithium & Graphite. or Gold, Copper and Diamond.
      I don’t think there is any peace in Europe, it is just under control.

  2. The peaceful Europe is a joke. It was at peace post 1945 only because it had been conquered and divided by 2 Jewish powers: Judeo-Bolshevism in the East, and international, finance capitalism (Jew controlled) in the West. Europe has been demoralized because of decades of socialism, feminism, and Cultural Marxism. It is just a province of the globalist elite plutocrats.

    • Europe is quite but not peaceful with itself or with the world at all.

      • That is true, Tarig. Note the zealous bombing of Libya in 2011 by the French who coveted Libyan oil. Look at post-Ghaddafi Libya now! It is terrible. The Europeans and the Americans are also responsible for the mess and the suffering in Syria (with the financial support for the murderous rebels coming from the Gulf oil states). It is terrible.

  3. Dear Anter,

    i made some ethnical comparisons of potential indigene phenotypes.
    It is a first try. I used some ancient mosaics and old/ancient paintings.

    I have compared them to human phenotypes living today.
    To distinguish between real Assyrians (e.g.) and Fake-Assyrians.

    Real Greeks and Fake-Greeks. Real Egypts and Fake-Egypts.

    I would share these comparisons with you.

    I need your e-mail-adress, because I have found no option to send you attachments.

    There are some ethnic phenotypes in Syria – I don’t know their origin.

    Turkey is involved in slavery and child-slavery. Turkey started the war in Syria 2011.
    With help of other countries.

    B. Shaaban, Adviser of the president of Syria (Assad) said in an interview on “Russia Today International” (February 2016), that Turkey started the entire war on Syria, wants Ottoman Empire. Rape women, destroy heritage, kill further minorities and enslave them. With help of other countries (Saudi-Arabia, Quatar).


    • Turkey uses/used Turkmongolic minorities (?) in Syria and elsewhere.

      “Enemies of their religion”: Further genocide and enslavement. Like in
      Ottoman Empire, and in early caliphate (especially 800 A.D., in the Middle-East).

      For statistics the following URL:

      “Tears of Jihad”

      Turkey deflects attention away from its deeds. For its purposes.

      That sounds logical to me.

    • Global Monitoring:

      “Status of action against commercial
      sexual exploitation of children


      Click to access A4A_V2_EU_Turkey_FINAL.pdf

      Copyright © 2015, ECPAT International

      “Russia Today” explained, the report would be still brightened

    • Last comment:

      President Assad (Syria) to Turkey. “The Guardian” (with English subtitles).

      • Let me just give you a last information about a very cruel topic to Syria.

        April, 11th. 2019.
        US State Department to UN: Turkey is destination, transit and country of origin for sex and slave trade

        RT German guest author Rainer Rupp describes what refugee women and children can expect when they are deported from the EU to Turkey. Even the US Department of State has sent a comprehensive report to the UN refugee agency UNHCR, detailing the “Turkish hell for refugee women and their children”. It can be assumed that Washington was more reluctant to judge the NATO ally on the Bosporus.

        In Turkey, the sex trade with children has long been a flourishing business. Since the beginning of the war carried into Syria by “Al CIA-ida”, it has flourished particularly well. The victims are children aged 12 and over, especially little girls. The “hunting grounds” of modern slave and human traffickers lie both in the state-run or UN-led refugee camps and in the private refugee gettos in the large cities, where the majority of the refugees live, often under poverty-stricken conditions, and where above all children become easy prey.

        Therefore, the current implementation of the so-called “Merkel Plan”, i.e. also deporting refugee families with small children from Europe to Turkey without knowing what will happen to them there, can certainly be seen as aiding and abetting a serious crime.

        All just evil slander? Hardly, if even the US State Department sent a detailed report about this Turkish hell for refugee women and their children to the UN refugee agency UNHCR in 2013. It can be assumed that Washington was more reluctant than exaggerated to judge the NATO ally on the Bosporus. Nevertheless, the study by the US Department of State summarises the situation as follows: “Turkey is a country of destination, transit and origin for the sex trade with children”.

        The recently published report of the organisation “End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT)” tries to update the state of commercial sexual exploitation of children in Turkey. There it says among other things: “There is a danger that especially young asylum seekers will disappear from the accommodation centres and fall into the hands of traffickers. According to ECPAT, it is also to be feared that the frightening reports from the UN refugee camp for Syrians near Zaatari in Jordan will also apply to the camps in Turkey. “There, old men from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states benefit from the Syrian refugee crisis to buy cheap teenage brides,” the child protection organization said.

        A detailed report published less than a year and a half ago by the Turkish human rights organisation “Association for Human Rights and Solidarity with the Oppressed” (known in Turkish as MAZLUMDER) on the situation of Syrian women living in Turkey as refugees, asylum seekers or migrants speaks of mass early and forced marriages, polygamy, sexual harassment, human trafficking, forced prostitution and rape.

        According to MAZLUMDER, children of destitute families, but especially girls, suffer the most.
        According to the “Global Slavery Index”, Turkey is at an all-time high in Europe. According to the ECPAT report mentioned at the beginning, the main reason for this lies in the widespread and “ubiquitous trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation or the arranged marriage of child girls”.

        Therefore, child trafficking from Syria to Turkey also flourishes in the vicinity of non-refugees. Above all, established, so-called “marriage brokers” made a lot of money bringing young girls from poor families from strictly Muslim communities in Northern Syria to Turkey. For a “wedding fee” of the equivalent of between 700 and 1700 dollars, many Syrian family fathers sell their daughters, who then disappear across the border never to be seen again, according to the ECPAT report.

        At the same time, the US State Department report cited above deplores “the lack of protection for helpless women and children by the (Turkish) authorities”, which would make uprooted Syrian women and children victims of Turkish traffickers. The US report to the UN also states: “The Turkish government does not fully respect the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking in human beings”. Chancellor Merkel, who is praised as a “refugee mother”, is coldly ignoring all this. She has skilfully delegated the deportation of the refugees to Turkey to Greece as a subcontractor. Let them get their hands dirty.

        Translated with



    • Human phenotypes living today don’t show history or invasions by bandits; but cultures and politics do.
      Turkic Mongolians were just very tiny separate bandits compared to any of their many victims of indigenous people, they were not nations and massive migrations.
      They didn’t change the genes or phenotypes but they devastated politics, economy. cultures, mentalities and societies.

      • What about the Armenian genocide (called: “Aghet”). The Assyrian genocide (called “Seyfo”). The Adana-Massacre before, the Semele-Massacre, the explanations of Assyrians. The worldwide population of (just) 300 Million people (till 1000 A.D.) There are quantitative other relations between ancient people in this old time.

        The Assyrians were decimated. 750.000 dead (Ottoman Empire, 1914). Armenians: 1,39 Million dead (Johannes Lepsius), 1914. Refugees: 244.400. Not killed: 204.700. Statistics by Johannes Lepsius (year: 1916). In the past centuries? Nobody knows it exactly.

        What about the differences between the minorities (phenotypes) in Syria as I saw on photographies? There are similarities to ancient mosaics. And paintings.

        What about the first great genocide in the Middle East (800 A.D., caliphate, as it explained on

        What about the fact, that Egyptian population in the Byzantine Empire was 12,5 Million, and when Napoleon came to Egypt, just 2 Million. I would share my phenotype-pictures, so I could hear your opinion.

      • War in Syria: 500.000 dead (2011-2018). Official statistic: 370.000 dead. A lot of Syrian people are missed. 2018. UNICEF.

        Genocide? Assyrians explained, Kurds an Turks (or others) killed them even in Iraq-War.
        I think they also destroyed/blasted the ruins of the ancient Assyrian city Nimrud.

        Same procedure in Yemen. Killing by starving them to death (by a conflict). Genocide?

      • Correction to “Seyfo”: 750.000 dead Assyrians till 2003 (Iraq-War).

        Dead Assyrians in Syria (2011-2018) or the Dead after the year 2003 not included.

      • Human phenotypes. Since Persian Empire a difficult topic.

        Ancient Greeks and modern Greeks are not the same. Just particulary. So I thougt I found some of them in Syria living. You saw my comparisons of phenotypes yesterday.

        Descendant of slaves are another topic you should recognize. So we have mixed types with dominating appearences. Does somebody knows about defination of (ancient) “Greeks/Hellenics”?

        This question was also discussed by ancient Greeks: “Who are real Greeks?” Thessalians? Thracians? Ancient Egyptians and Mycenians were once in cultural contact. Where are the mentioned Phrygians, where are the mentioned Lydians. How did they look like? And the other ethnic groups (once living in Asia Minor)? Not ethnic Greeks (Proto-Thracians) at all. Just their language.

        I think, at exemple: The Minoan Culture on Crete was Egyptian and “Thessalian”.

        Ancient Egypts where invaded by Turkmongolic clans (population today). Ancient Egypt was conquered by Persia in ancient times. There were just 2 Million of Egypts (but not Ancient Egypts at all) left when Napoleon (France) visited Egypt. Byzantine Empire statistics: 12,5 Million Egypts.

        There where also Egyptian influences on ancient Greece, you can find blackhaired Thessalians, redhaired-brownhaired-mixed northern Greeks. This fact could explain some different (?) and ethnical seperated areas of Greek City-State in ancient time.

        Redhair-Macedonians on Mosaics in Macedonia (Pella)? Byzantines, maybe ancient Greeks had bigger, rounded, oval forms in their eye-appearence. I think, ancient Armenians were (particulary) Greeks.

        One should call Greeks Byzantines today.

        But fivehundred years of Ottoman reign (remember Seljuks, Mamluks, Khazars, Avars)?

        In conclusion: Everyone has to find out his own ethnic origin.

        One way: A comparison (old paintings, mosaics), and phenotypes living today.

        A reconstruction of history. And maybe a genetic test.

        No conflict will be solved without recognizing their own ethnic origins.
        But you need comparisons and historical events.

      • Correction:
        – descendants
        – at example
        – there were

        Thanks for your attention.

      • I used the wrong word, sorry.

        I mean:

        Just “partial” of Greek oriigin, not “particulary”.

        The same word (partial) in relation to Armenian origin and Egyptian origin today.

    • Dear Anter,

      just a comment to your explanation: “Turkish people are just turkified Greeks”.

      It’s wrong. You know Turkish slavery (in centuries before). Surely, there are some dominating phenotypes and appearences of ancient ethnic tribes in these present days. but you can make comparisons and you see that there are many mixed people living in Turkey today. I could show you some pictures of potential indigene original ethnic-phenotypes.

      Asia Minor was home of many ethnic tribes. Not Greeks. Greeks (most modern scientists wrote) are Proto-Thracian people. Maybe Thessalians. You know Scyths. Or Assyrians. Pale skin, black-(blue)-hair. Bright eyes. They once lived in the south-east of Asia Minor (Armenians in the north). Phrygians? Lydians?

      Now some assyrian-like phenotypes called Yazidi (just in relation to faith, not in an ethnical relation).

      But there are also Yazidi mixed hellenic-turkmongolic phenotypes.

      “Ancient Greek/Hellenic” was language and culture, not ethnic based.

      You’re right about the Persians. They conquered Asia Minor, and Thracian territory (rule of Darius I.) in earlier centuries.

      So: Ancient indigene tribes in Greece and ethnic tribes in Asia Minor could be mixed by other ethnic groups.

      To much similarities in phenotypes between Avars and modern Greeks, or Turkish people. There must be something wrong. Since Byzantine Empire (what about Persians in this time?) a very difficult topic. Most of ancient mosaics were destroyed by invading Turkish tribes to destroy the knowledge about ethnic roots and origins.

      Ottomans, Seljuks, Khazars, Albanians, Bulgars (also of Turkish origin, later maybe mixed with Thracian tribes) e.g.

      650 A.D. Byzantine Empire was under attack of different Turkish groups.

      Sassanid Empire (today Iran) was also collapsing. Calphat (Persians?) from the South, Turkish tribes invading from the north.

      I think Justinianus I. of Byzantine Empire was an Assyrian.

  4. Each ethnic group and nation have some characteristic phenotypes and not one and they change over time for many simple reasons but not at all by invading bandits.
    Invaders trigger and grow all sort of criminal behavior within a subjugated nation and corrupt and deform the existing relations, institutions and practices.
    Slavery, genocides and further invasions and crimes were committed by those indigenous parts under the influence and direction of Turkic Mongolian bandits.

    • Dear Anter.

      So let me show you my first comparisons of phenotypes.

      URL to the pictures (most of them Syrians, with comparisons):

      I hope you can see them all.

      A first try, but some old ancient groups seem to live.

      Nevertheless: Turkmongolics kill people in Syria. And they have occupied Syria’s territory (Afrin, IDLIB). They started the War in Syria for its purposes. “Panturkism”.

      They kill the last descendants of Byzantine Empire, and kill descendants of Assyrian Empire. Nobody knows it. Nobody is and was interested.

      The genocide goes on. Young Turks. Neo-Osmanic. Most of these refugees are in Greece and Germany. I live in Germany. And I am a half-greek. So I am in Greece every year (Macedonia, Northern-Greece). My Greek father was born in West-Thrace.

      But cruel: Child-Slavery, and no one seems to be interested.
      Selling children to Saudi-Arabia was also done by “Islamic State”. (Children from Syria).

      So you now what I mean….

      • I analyze and look into cultures, politics and relations; but not at all interested in genes and phenotypes.
        Take for example the Moors and Fulani of North Africa and the Jews all over the world, they are of too many different phenotypes and genes but not a nation and still I could describe them as Turkic Mongolians, which is for me a social status, or organization and institution, just like cowboys and slaves.

      • Studies found that Greek and Turkish Cypriots to be close genetically.

    • So, here the truth about Turkey. And Syria.

      • I a certain that the war in Syria was planned and carried out by Turkic Mongolian groups. This includes: Jews; Bedouins; Turks; Central Asians; Roman descendants; Palestinians and even Persians.
        The war in Syria is one episode of a series of wars to erase the history of Turkic Mongolians and the truth about Judaism and Christianity, which poses serious threats against the legitimacy of the State of Israel.
        Other wars in the series include: Iraq; Yemen; Somalia, and possibly in the near future Ethiopia; Sudan and Egypt.

      • Turkey also wants to start a war against Greece. Turkey wants Cyprus, West-Thrace, Dodekanes-Islands (Rhodos, Kos, Samos, Chios).

        “Turkey announces its preparations for invading Greece
        Voltaire Network | 23 February 2018

        On 17 February President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan delivered a speech on Operation Olive Branch (the current invasion of Syria by the Turkish army) at the Provincial Congress of Eskişehir of the AKP. He declared the following: “Those who think that we have erased from our hearts the lands of from which we withdrew in tears, 100 years ago, are quite mistaken. On ever occasion we say time and time again, that Syria, Iraq and other places on the map of our hearts are no different from our own homeland. Wherever a call to prayer is heard, we fight to ensure that no foreign flag flutters. What we have done till now, is nothing compared to the far bigger attacks that we have in mind for the forthcoming days. This is what God wants!”

        Turkey, a Nato member, is already occupying territories in Cyprus, Iraq and Syria. She is making a claim to Greek territories where a Muslim minority is dwelling.

        On 15 October 2016, President Erdogan unveiled Turkey’s new foreign policy, during a speech delivered at the university which bears his name. He announced his intention to reconquer the territories that his country had been deprived of following its defeat at the end of the First World War. By this, Erdogan would be implementing the national oath (Misak-ı Millî) of the last Ottoman Parliament, adopted in 12 February 1920. Erdogan mentioned specifically Western Thrace and the archipelago of Dodecaneso which today form part of Greece.

        In December 2017, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of the People’s Republican Party (CHP, socialist), announced that Turkey would invade 18 Greek islands in 2019 just as Bülent Ecevit had invaded Cyprus in 1974 because, “there is no document” proving that these island depend on Athens.”


        Maybe, my last journey to Greece this year. Once lost, Greece will never exist any more. Ruins will be destroyed like Nimrud. Ruins of Macedonia (Pella). Islamic-State-Fighter said, we will conquer Germany and destroy all artefacts like the Babylonian Ishtar-Gate. Or blast the Pyramids of Gizeh. Islamic State is/was Turkmongolic – group, like others.

        “Also Armenia will been invaded”, a turkish user wrote. “Together with Aserbaidschan. It will happen – Very soon, I think”. “We infiltrate the country with islamic fighters”, he wrote.

        But Armenia’s population is not entirely ethnic Armenian. It would be easier to start a rebellion. There are just a few real Armenians left.

      • Turkish people are, in my opinion, are just lost and Turkified Greeks.
        The people may have no problem with Greeks because they are their kin, but the ruling minority in Turkey are too irritated by Greek originality, and consider the Greek influence as deep threat that could rebel their subjects.

    • Modern Turkish genocide. You should read this:

      Today’s Turkey continues the Armenian genocide
      by Thierry Meyssan

      The world has just commemorated the centenary of the genocide of Turkish non-Muslims. However, contrary to conventional wisom, this crime began with the Hamidian massacres of 1894-95, which were ordered by Sultan Abdülhamid II, and continued on a huge scale with the massacres perpetrated between 1915 and 1923, planned by the young Turks. They continue today with the massacres of Deir ez-Zor and Kessab, organised by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. For 120 years, the Turkish power elite have been successively massacring non-Muslimns – to general indifference – in order to build a homogenous nation.
      Voltaire Network | Damascus (Syria) | 14 May 2015

      The centenary of the genocide of Turkish non-Muslims prepared the stage for festival of hypocrisy. While certain states celebrated the memory of the victims at Erevan, others showed themselves to be shameless.

      – First of all, Turkey, whose ancestors committed the crime. President Erdoğan had the opportunity to confess to this very old story, of which he is in no way responsible. Had he done so, he could have made his country a normal state. But no! Instead he hung onto his lies, denying History and affirming that there had been « only » 100,000 dead, and that they had been executed for their participation in terrorist activities.

      By draping itself in this absurdity, today’s Turkey is not only manifesting its support for the Hamidian massacres of Sultan Abdülhamid II (1894-95) – which caused between 80,000 and 300,000 victims – but especially for the crimes committed by the « Special Organisation » of the Union and Progress Committee (UPC), starting from 1915 until the election of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as President of the Republic (1923), which caused between 1,200,000 and 1,500,000 deaths – and its ideological continuity with the ancient régime. And this is what we all noted with horror when, last year in 2014, we watched the Turkish army accompany the al-Nusra Front (in other words al-Qaïda in Syria) to Kessab for the purpose of chasing away the Armenian population. Or again, when the same Turkish army helped Daesh to dynamite the Deir ez-Zor Memorial, which commemorated the 1916 extermination of more than 200,000 Armeniens in the camp that the Turks had built for them.

      Pan-Islamism, the project of Sultan Abdülhamid II and the Young Turks early in the 20th century, like the AKP today, aims to become the leader of the sunnite world, and in order to achieve this aim, it intends to create a homogenous sunnite state. This project required the extermination of the Christians (Armenians, Pontic Greeks, and Assyro-Chaldeans) and the Yezidis. They all died, exactly as Daesh is exterminating Christians and Yezidis today.

      The intervention of the Turkish army into Syrian territory, at Kessab and Deir ez-Zor, is coherent with this project, since Recep Tayyip Erdoğan hopes to annex Northern Syria once NATO has overthrown President Bachar el-Assad.

      It is a fact that the pan-Islamist ideology is today adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood (and thus by the AKP, which is controlled by the Turkish branch of the Brotherhood), as well as by al-Qaïda and Daesh.

      Another fact is that for a century in this region of the world, only Turkey and Daesh have committed the crime of genocide. And today, the former is helping the latter to do so.

      It is not surprising that Turkey and Daesh are at war with the Syrian Arab Republic, because Syria embodies the opposite principle. The oldest country in the world has always welcomed people from the region who suffer from persecution, until it has become the « ethnic mosaïc » that it is today. In the years after 2000, Bachar el-Assad’s Minister of Defence, General Hassan Tourekmani, elaborated a « Defence Doctrine » based on the conservation of this diversity [2].

      – Next, Israël. A state which was created in 1917 by an agreement between London and Washington, but which pretends to have been constituted in reaction to the genocide of European Jews by the Nazis, in 1942-45. Israel’s absence at Erevan – to avoid annoying its Turkish ally – is enough to demonstrate that its rhetoric is no more than an exhibitionist justification to mask its colonial projects.

      It is also a recognition of the role of the Dönmehs with the Young Turks. The Dönmehs were a kabbalistic sect which converted to Islam in the 17th century in order to escape persecution, but conserved its Jewish faith.

      Israël’s support for the genocide of 1915 is not news, but it had never been expressed officially until now. We may remember the position of professor Bernard Lewis, ex-advisor to Benjamin Netanyahu, when he was ambassador to the UNO, then member of the National Security Council of the United States. He is above all a historian and a specialist on modern Turkey. The inventor of the « war of civilisations » strategy claimed in the French daily Le Monde that the massacre had been exaggerated and had never been planned, despite the fact that – unlike the genocide of the Jews by the Nazis – in this case, we have at our disposal documents which ordered the crime, and we know that the Western chancelleries were informed a long time in advance. Bernard Lewis was convicted in France for having damaged the interests of the Armenian community by deliberately hiding historical elements which invalidated his presentation of the facts [3].

      – Finally, the United States. President Obama nominated Samatha Power as ambassador to the UNO. She is the author of « A Problem from Hell” : America and the Age of Genocide ». In this study, which begins with the Armenian genocide and the legal reponse that Raphaël Lemkin attempted to provide for the League of Nations, she presents the reactions of Washinton to the crimes committed in Cambodia, Iraq, Bosnia, Rwanda and Kosovo. She shamelessly manipulates historical truth, exonerates her country of its responsibilities, and pleads the case that the US should become a moral authority which is opposed to all genocide. But Ms. Power was also absent at Erevan, as were all other political representatives from her country.

      For those who believe that the United States have changed and that today they are geuinely seeking to protect people who are persecuted because of their faith or ethnicity, the absence of US representation has shown that Washington has no morality, only interests. Ms.Power’s blather is only of importance when it allows her to condemn, with or without proof, the enemies of the United States.

      By its absence at Erevan, Washington has demonstrated that it is on the side of crime, Turkey and Daesh.

      The declarations of President Gauck

      By recognising German « co-responsibility, and even, potentially, complicity » in the 1915 massacres, German President Joachim Gauck lifted the taboo concerning the continuance of the crime, and he did so with even more courage considering the strong Turkish presence in Germany and the absence of an Armenian electorate.

      Historians established the role of the German delegation in the genocide a long time ago. The orders of deportation signed by the Ottoman Vice-Chief of Staff, German general Fritz Bronsart von Schellendorf, have been published. The German Empire of William II had already tested genocide by exterminating the Hereros and the Namas in South-West Africa (now Namibia) in 1905. The German officers who observed and sometimes participated in the genocide of non-Muslims in Turkey put their skills to use during the Nazi régime. For example, this was the case for Rudolf Höß – his father participated in the genocide of the Hereros in 1905, as he did himself with the Armenians in 1916. He then became the commandant of the camp of Auschwitz from 1940 to 1943, where he massacred Jews, gypsies and Slavs.

      In order to understand and prevent genocides, we must not study them from the point of view of the victims, but by correctly understanding the point of view of the executioners.

      Until now, we have belived, wrongly, that the Young Turks and the Nazis were the only ones responsibles for the Armenian and Jewish genocides. But History shows us that the ideologies which led to these crimes were shared by others, before and after them, who also attempted to perpetrate them. Contrary to what we might imagine, there is no example of a genocide which was accomplished in a single operation, nor against a single population. These crimes continue for a very long time, and always concern several ethnic groups. It is therefore essential to condemn the first massacres, and to condemn the underlying ideologies in order to prevent the continuance of genocides.

      Pete Kimberley



      • You should notice this infomation, I read in Germany.

        May, 9th. 2019.


        Sudanese military leadership wants to introduce Sharia laws consistently

        Demonstrators in Sudan demand a political new beginning. Contrary to their expectations, the military leadership announced that the future judicial system would be based entirely on Sharia law. Sharia law was already partially implemented under the deposed president.

        After the dismissal of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir in April, the military seized power in the country. The population demanded a new political start from the military and made several demands, but without having considered the design of the new legal system. Now the ten-member military council announced that its vision for a new Sudan is based on Sharia law.

        Under former President Bashir, Sharia law was used arbitrarily and not uniformly, even though it is the guiding principle of the Constitution. In the past there have been stonings and floggings of women accused of “immoral behaviour”. The peace treaty between Northern and Southern Sudan brought legal protection to non-Muslims, so the Sharia law was not applied across the board.

        Lieutenant General Shamseddien Kabbashi, spokesman for the Military Council, said at a press conference:

        The statement did not mention the sources of legislation, and Islamic law and Sharia tradition should be the source of legislation.”

        Since the protests began on 19 December 2018, 90 people have been killed in Sudan, according to the Medical Association. One of the protest leaders against the president, Mohamed Naji al-Assam of the Sudanese Professionals Association, said:

        The solution and success of the revolution lies in the transfer of power to a fully-fledged civilian authority.”

        The African Union and the demonstrators demand the transfer of power to the civilian population.


        “Translated with” (my English is not good enough).


      • Sudan is facing Invasion under a Veil of Uprising
        The problem is not a political crisis nor religious at all but it is the decision of invasion by unlawful militias and mercenaries from foreign origins and their slaves and collaborates ruling Sudan since 1820 and now they are revealing their faces and taking it all.
        This is the second Mahdist invasion of 1881 and it will be followed by famine
        All these old and recent invaders and settlers in Sudan since 1820 AD are Turkic Mongolian products and slavery creations
        The first destruction and fall of sovereignty in Sudan began in 1070 BC by the fall of Kerma state and civilization by Turkic Mongolian Sabaean bandits who came from Yemen and formed the colony of D’mt, who later on formed Kush vassal kingdom
        The other branch of invaders and settlers are the Fulani who came from North and West Africa
        Fake religion, which is Turkic Islam, is just a tool of power and terrorism in Sudan and the region.

      • The only solution for the situation in Sudan is to hand over power to an elected Judiciary body
        The election of the judiciary and the handing over of the transitional authority to the elected judiciary is the only beginning of a truly democratic transition and a proper exit from bloody escalation
        This has been proposed for a long time before the massacre of the sit-in and still exists as the best undisputed solution
        The other alternative is the military confrontations between the armed rebel factions against the Rapid Support Forces (Janjaweed) in Khartoum; and a civil war with a failure of the agricultural season and production and entering famine like that of Mahdiyya of 1884

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