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The Notre-Dame burning

What is called “Western Civilization” is not European, it is Turkic Mongolian pretending to be European while hostile to Europeans and abusing them.

The massive organized refugee crisis, the effacing of pre-Roman European history and identities, the 1848 Spring of Nations, the 1789 French, 1642 English, 1917 Russian Revolutions, WW1, WW2, Globalization and cultural Marxism are few evidences of “Western Civilization” continuous attack on patriotic Europe.

The Notre-Dame burning is actually an attempt to save the reality that the Canon of Jesus was forged and turned into today’s Judeo-Christianity.



Comments on: "“Western Civilization” is Burning Europe" (8)

  1. Erik Piculell said:

    I’m 74, and has lived most of my life in a relatively peaceful Europe, among other due to EU, with many foreign friendly people, but lives unfortunately today in a more and more hostile Europe and world due to patrotism.

    The obnoxious problem is, in most countries of Europe:
    When the economy goes up in one or several countries, all strangers are most welcome to take all the dirty and hard work.
    But when the recession is approaching, are everyone who looks just a bit foreign, or has a the wrong name, extremely unwelcome and must be thrown out immediately.
    And it doesn’t matter if they has been adopted as infant or is very well-established.
    Believe me I know it by experience.

    As I pointed out, I’m convinced that a more Patriotic Europe will end up in wars.
    To day we have a rather bad role-model, in the patriotic ruled Russia, which has annected, and steady try to annect, more and more of the areas, the former Sovjet Russia had occupied.
    Futhermore it’s more and more often they are generating the neighboring countries ship and air traffic electronically.

    • The Most Important Groups Created by Turkic Mongolians since 1800 BC. Hyksos, Bedouins, Persians, Jews, Romans, Turks, Indo-Aryans, Huns, and others are Turkic Mongolians. Jews are NOT Israelites; Bedouins are NOT Arabs; Romans are NOT Europeans; Persians are NOT Iranians; Indo-Aryans are NOT Bharat; Egypt and Misr is not Kmt; and many more misconceptions exist.

    • You could stop 3800 years of invasions or accept turning Europe to Turkic Mongolians.

    • The relatively peaceful Europe you lived experienced two great wars plus some smaller ones.
      Europe sure doesn’t need wars as long as you could rip off other remote nations. Like France while exploiting West Africa, and commodities markets. Take for example Cocoa and Chocolate, or crude oil, or Uranium, or Cobalt, Lithium & Graphite. or Gold, Copper and Diamond.
      I don’t think there is any peace in Europe, it is just under control.

  2. The peaceful Europe is a joke. It was at peace post 1945 only because it had been conquered and divided by 2 Jewish powers: Judeo-Bolshevism in the East, and international, finance capitalism (Jew controlled) in the West. Europe has been demoralized because of decades of socialism, feminism, and Cultural Marxism. It is just a province of the globalist elite plutocrats.

    • Europe is quite but not peaceful with itself or with the world at all.

      • That is true, Tarig. Note the zealous bombing of Libya in 2011 by the French who coveted Libyan oil. Look at post-Ghaddafi Libya now! It is terrible. The Europeans and the Americans are also responsible for the mess and the suffering in Syria (with the financial support for the murderous rebels coming from the Gulf oil states). It is terrible.

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