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Stop the Coming Genocide in North Sudan

The way out from eminent civil war and genucide in Sudan is very clear.
The situation will never be resolved except by conducting elections within the judicial and legal institutions and by handing over the presidency of the Transitional Authority to the elected Judiciary
Then forming a civilian government of technocrats having no links with political parties. They must be nominated and selected by each professional discipline.
And the preparation of a new law for political parties and disesolution of all old political parties.
Then the registration of new political parties fulfilling the conditions of the new political parties law.
And holding presidential and parliamentary elections at the end of the transitional period after the return of the displaced and refugees and conducting a national census.
To implement the plan to achieve peaceful and fair transition to real democracy and rule of law Khartoum and all civilian areas must be free from arms and militias. And this requires the deployment of sufficient strong peace keeping combat forces selected from the southern African countries. The duties of these forces are to protect civilians and Judicial Authority and the Civilian Transitional Government until the Sudanese Armed forces are fully rehabilitated.

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