Protect Democracy & Expose Western Liberal Democracy

The way out from eminent civil war and genucide in Sudan is very clear.
The situation will never be resolved except by conducting elections within the judicial and legal institutions and by handing over the presidency of the Transitional Authority to the elected Judiciary
Then forming a civilian government of technocrats having no links with political parties. They must be nominated and selected by each professional discipline.
And the preparation of a new law for political parties and disesolution of all old political parties.
Then the registration of new political parties fulfilling the conditions of the new political parties law.
And holding presidential and parliamentary elections at the end of the transitional period after the return of the displaced and refugees and conducting a national census.
To implement the plan to achieve peaceful and fair transition to real democracy and rule of law Khartoum and all civilian areas must be free from arms and militias. And this requires the deployment of sufficient strong peace keeping combat forces selected from the southern African countries. The duties of these forces are to protect civilians and Judicial Authority and the Civilian Transitional Government until the Sudanese Armed forces are fully rehabilitated.


Comments on: "Stop the Coming Genocide in North Sudan" (11)

  1. Dear Anter.

    I made some reconstructions of ancient indigene people like Minoans, ancient Greeks, Assyrians, Sumerians, ancient Macedonians, Thracians. I compare them to ancient paintings, mosaics and artefacts. Here my video. What do you think about this video?
    I think I am the first who found an Priest-Descendant of ancient Sumerians (white upper social class) on a photography. A girl in Syria? With darkest blue eyes. Compare her to a statue in Bagdad-Museum and a Sumerian-Priest-Statue. She is a holy Sumerian descendant…It would be a sensation. But nobody is interested….The first girl is a redhaired Macedonian girl. Last survivors of ancient Macedonia? Sad.

    • The girl with red hairs on the truck: 2:20.
      This video was captured in 2014. Sinjar-mountains. Northern Iraq. Islamic state territory. Border to Turkey (yes). Turkey started Syrian war and infiltrated with terrorists Iraq before. I do not trust them. Turkic Kurds took Assyrian land, too, as Assyrians explained in Germany…Do we know, if ancient people are living today? Or do we trust media?

      Islamic State territory, and save in the mountains? I think it is a lie. Assad explained, Turkey managed the lies in Europe! I think some fathers were killed before, and there children were kidnapped by Kurdic groups and used for a show. So: You are right. Turkic evil bandits.

    • Minoans, Ionians (not Greeks), Macedonians, Thracians were all Hellenic tribes. Assyrians, Sumerians, Persians, Hurrites (Kurds) were all Indo-Semitic tribes.

  2. My second video:

  3. Sie meinen diese turkmongolischen Ethnien?

  4. Your proposition is fair. However, some people are prone to do evil. Big countries that exert power through influence, can corrupt those even of the tenderest heart. Especially if the leader thinks of not only himself but of the people chosen to govern. Sometimes deals with the devil are thought to be the best, at the time. As long as the elite global interest exert power to achieve their ends, ongoing war and toppling of governments will continue. Aid is needed to worn torn African countries. It should be expected from those who have the where withal, ancestry and compassion to help. Globally a collective of funds should be accumulated. To measure relief and aid in the country’s redevelopment as well as, rule dedicated solely to the improvement of the country without interest negotiation outside of the continent.

  5. To erase Turkic-Mongolian history these groups and her (mixed) slaves kill indigene ancient people everywhere, till today? Not only Sudanese people. Syria, Iraq. I was in Greece. Seems Turkic people deported the inhabitants of Danube-Area (Thracians) and inhabitants of Greece (Thessalians, Minoabs, Macedonian people) and once brought them to East. Only ethnic separation will solve all problems. Su you have to distinguish ethnic phenotypes. There are some characteristics in ethnic groups. Only a few. Turkic Mongolians destroyed greek cities, too (Olynthus, Pella, Aigai, e.g.). A few ruins left for mockery. I have made some relations and identified ethnic origin phenotypes. You are completely right! Gratulation. So unpolitical history is very easy to explain. Church replaces ethnic origin. Assyrian (turkmongolic) church. No ethnic Assyrians!

    • Rabia-Sign (satanic?) made by Persian King Dareius I. I have made some comparisons, but I can’t show you. My youtube-channel was deleted….

      Correction above: “Minoans” – “So”

    • groups, and “their” (mixed), sorry. I had a lot of work.

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