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The home of present Turkic so-called Islam

The home of present Turkic so-called Islam

D'mt one of four Turkic Mongolian Mamluk Regimes after the Hyksos

D’mt one of four Turkic Mongolian Mamluk Regimes after the Hyksos

The history and origin of Turkic Mongolians and the many groups they formed since 1800 BC is a very important but ignored topic. I searched and investigated this issue for about 18 years trying to find out truth about slavery, Hyksos, and the difference between Jews and Israelites and between Bedouins and Arabs.

Surprisingly, the indications and evidences are too many and very obvious but the facts and truths are deliberately ignored by all historians and the academia.

About 1800 BC, Turkic Mongolians around Altai Mountains started to be the first to ride horses and use them to raid their neighbors. It was a very strong war weapon and made them expand swiftly to the West and loot, enslave and colonize nations.

The theories of mass migrations and the single or shared origin of nations and languages are indeed fake science and false history and forged religion.

I wrote tens of articles about my findings and they are posted on my blogs and some websites in English and Arabic.

I am sure the truth about Turkic Mongolian origin of the invading bandits who became known as Hyksos, Babylonians, Jews, Romans, Bedouins, Turks, Persians, Gypsies, Aleppo, yellow Indians, Moors, Andalusians, Kurds, and many more of their products are too strong and obvious to remain ignored and hidden any longer.

Just compare these two maps to discover how much deception survived 2600 years.
My Punt-Lands Hypothesis of the interpretation of the Mosaic Torah and the history of the Children of Israel

Compare Punt-Lands Hypothesis with what the academic, religious and media institutions offer. They mention the history of the Hyksos, of whom the Jews appeared after 950 years, and affixed it to the Children of Israel who had nothing to do with the Jews. And the world believed this naive lie for 2,600 years.

Comments on: "Turkic Mongolian Origin of Many Invading Bandits" (22)

  1. Gary W Laing said:

    You got written sources to prove this how can nation of 2 million people create all these eithic groups don’t get you at all

    • I said clearly it was not a nation, and I reject the claim that nations move or migrate.
      It was the work of bandit groups riding horses and raiding settled nations when no nation knew horses.
      Invading bandits created slums and camps of slaves and collaborators and together went on and colonized whole nations and stole their wealth and identities.
      Turkey is a good and obvious example. Turkish people are settlers from Mongolia but the indigenous Anatolian people were completely subjugated and Turkified

  2. Here are some ethnic people. Part I. Thracians/Greeks (Macedonians). Enslaved. With name of countries.

  3. Part II. The Illyrian people. Illyrians.

    • Producing and posting 6 videos on your newly created YouTube channel in one day is suspicious and illogical.

      • I collected photographies and informations. Since 2016. I didn’t know ancient people survived. I asked myself why ancient people and cities were destroyed. I knew: Turkic tribes replaced ethnic people (became minorities). Later I saw some photographies of “exotic” people and it caused pain. I hate enslavement. People told me ancient Greeks are not alive. And: Who knows his/her ethnic origin (in Russia, e.g.)? I started a comparison of ethnic phenotypes and compared them to ancient paintings/artefacts. Creating a video was a later decision. I was very angry when I saw ancient kidnapped Greeks (on turkic trucks) who were kidnapped. And nobody was interested (Syria, Iraq, Yemen). Ethnic origin probably could help people knowing their real enemies.

      • I am sure Turkic Mongolians were bandits and not an invading tribe or nation
        They kept enslaving and mixed with their slaves starting in Scythia in 1800 BC
        Most of their brute forces were local traitors and mercenaries
        Definitely, Turkic Mongolians have no common ethnic phenotype or genetic profile
        The enemy started from Asiatic group but quickly turned into the evil within our various nations
        Yes people must wake up.

      • Who can liberate ethnic people? There were/are no reactions (Afghanistan, Kabul – war? surviving ethnic Greeks (Minoans, Thracians, Phrygians)? Orphans! Media didn’t show ethnic adults, just children! Why? Who knows ethnic people who lived in ancient times? Basic phenotype of ethnic tribes? I merged my videos. A last attempt by myself. I would be glad if you comment my video. It was not easy. Just a try (most artefacts of people were destroyed). There are Greek or Sumerian phenotypes who looked like in ancient times. Compared to paintings and artefacts. Victims? Turkic Mongolian people know their origin? Some of them (victims) wear “special” clothes in relation to ethnic ancestors – like girls in Kashmir or a Thracian boy. Weird? Nobody is able to visit all countries…Looking for hidden people. URL to ethnic people:

      • Sorry you deleted the first short videos.
        I always ask myself where and who are the ancient nations of Europe not just before the Romans but before 1800 BC when there were no horse raiding?

  4. Part III. Ethnic Assyrians. Assyrian people. Countries unknown.

  5. Part IV. Sumerians/Akkadians? Victims and enslaved.

  6. Part IV. Sumerians and Akkadians?

  7. Once again. Part I. Real ancient Greeks and (Rufus-)-Thracian people. There are probably further phenotypes. I add these people in a further video. Comparisons to ancient paintings and arefacts.

  8. Part V. Thessalians, Minoans, Phrygians and further phenotypes?

  9. Romans are not Turkic. They are of Greco-Mediterranean stock.

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