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(L-R) Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci, Response coordinator for White House Coronavirus Task Force Deborah Birx and CDC Director Robert R. Redfield attend the daily briefing on the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, in the Brady Briefing Room at the White House on April 8, 2020, in Washington, DC. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Please sign and share this petition to take action against USA deep state for their involvement in COVID-19 Pandemic

USA Deep State Involvement in COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Mr. President of the USA,

1. COVID-19 is real, but it is not naturally occurring pandemic; and it’s international medical guidelines and the overall system are totally wrong, corrupt and wicked.

2. Humanity, law and justice need to respected.

3. Charges against Bill Gates; CDC; Anthony Fauci; Robert Redfield; Wuhan Virology Institute; and the WHO must be filed.

4. Dr. Judy Mikovits must be protected, allowed and assisted to files law cases against your USA criminal deep state.

5. If your Administration cannot do these then it is a shameful and disgraceful complicity in international criminality.

Go to in the link below and support if you care

A video titled: (Plandemic Documentary The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19) telling you exactly who are the culprits was taken off by YouTube repeatedly after it reached 2 million views in two days.
If it is removed before you watch it search with the title and find it.

Comments on: "USA Deep State Involvement in COVID-19 Pandemic" (14)

  1. Yes, this is a criminal conspiracy, and if President Trump were a true leader he would have told these corrupt Deep State doctors that the economy would not be locked down. Other measures could have been taken to protect public health. Power mad governors of several US states demanded extreme measures be enforced that go way beyond the authority of their office. Sadly, the Americans mindlessly obeyed these nonsensical and harmful orders.

  2. It’s all fake lol. Are you blind or just completely stupid?

  3. 1. COVID-19 is real

    No. COVID-19 is obviously not real. You have been brainwashed by the criminal media and what you are watching on teLIEvision. It’s a live exercise – with a lot of money being made and money laundering going on (PPE, vaccines, loans)

    – Mike Pompeo refuses to say whether it’s a hoax:

    – Mike Pompeo says it’s a live exercise:

    It looks like the intention of this fraud is to collapse the financial system, so that the globalists (worldwide ruling class) collapse the dollar, and then rise the east (like a phoenix) as the leader of the world (instead of America), birthing the so-called “new world order”.

    Those behind this want people to “beg” for a new world order, so what better way of doing this, than by collapsing countries with a fake virus (all promoted by their media) and have all those collapsed countries begging for a saviour.

    The rumour is that BRICS is the saviour – aka the real “new world financial order” – BRICS being made up of those tyrannical commie countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.

    They could also collapse the financial system by creating a war scenario from the revelation that this is non-existent virus promoted by the deep states media machine (this could be the “narrative” given to the people, but….. in reality, there is no “deep state”).

    • Spirit Warrior said:

      Yes indeed. They have out us under house arrest to stop us from talking to each other, to stop the truth being told that no one knows anyone who has actually died from the bogeyman called covid19 lol. No names, no addresses, only celebrities promoted by media!

  4. All of those involved in this are mentioned




    It includes the WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CDC, Rockefellers etc etc etc.

    This is very obviously a “military” managed operation. Note that the events page shows us that China and the USA are working together.

    – The Johns Hopkins for Center Security, USA
    – Tianjin Univeristy Center for Biosafety Research and Strategy, China

    The “military simulation” that this world is experiencing right now, is called EVENT 201

    What is a military simulation?

  5. Satanism is about deception and mockery. All these doctors and nurses dancing about, are mocking you, because they know this whole thing is a fraud, and most of them seem to be involved.

    And here is what the satanists have done to the people. They have completely mind controlled everyone who watches their television:

    We also see that hospitals and care homes are signing people off as ‘dead with Covid19’ when they died of other things, such as heart attacks, diabetes, falling over, cancer, etc etc…. so this is another obvious sign this whole thing has been staged.

  6. Why do they censor any dissenting views from the official story line?!

    Sweden and Belarus did not lock down. If we are to believe these quacks, their citizens should have been dropping like flies weeks ago,

    It is a fake crisis to do three things. 1. Insure that Trump loses to brain dead Biden. 2. To see how obedient the masses are in the Western world. These masses are cowering in fear in their homes glued to the disinformation coming through their TV sets. 3. Pave the way for mandatory vaccines (greatly desired by the wealthy control freak, Bill Gates). Of course, these vaccines won’t prevent the disease or flu, but will destroy our health with all the nasty ingredients in these vaccines.

    • I agree, but the theater show called party politics doesn’t matter, and the puppets of the parties don’t matter either. They’re all related, all intermarried cousins.

      It’s clear what they want for the future. And they certainly do plan on giving us ‘the mark’ to control us (via vaccine). They have a patent for it. Westerners are the most dangerous to their plans, hence the harsh test of mind control on the public.

      • Although party politics is largely theatrical, it does look like there is a creepy internal thing going on, and Trump is acting very weird.

        This whole thing really stinks to high heaven, and Gates, the World Health Org, Johns Hopkins, and the media look like they’re up to their necks in it. Although Gates looks like a front man and a fall guy to me.

        We need to realise that the CCP could very well be heavily involved in this virus nonsense, and is perhaps working alongside these subversive western organisations which people are calling deep state. We know that the CCP owns land, business and infrastructure across the globe, especially in the USA.

  7. I should be clearer. IMO, those orgs I mentioned, including the media, appear to be subversive “ANTI-western”, and working against western nations

    • I see the first video posted on here has just been censored, even though I had the video opened in my browser tab last night and it said it came from Bloomberg News.

      Why is Google censoring other news channels??????? WTF is going on?

      Evidence it was from Bloomberg News:

      But I found the same video here:

    • Helen:

      Goofy, control freak Bill Gates funds, through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, so much of this pharmaceutical and vaccine research. Whatever role he is playing it is not good. As I said, he is a control freak, not just a computer nerd. He demands on universal, worldwide vaccinations for everything. What does he know that we don’t know?!

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