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If this interpretation of history is true, it would indicate a catastrophic outcome.

Since the Jews were transformed from the Hebrews; and the Hebrews were the expelled Hyksos. And the Hyksos originally were the Akkadians with the Amorites.

And, since the Bedouins and the Yemeni Mukrabs were also Akkadians with the Amorites; but they did not join the Hyksos.

Thus, the Bedouins are, in fact, only poor and backward Jews. They became so because they did not participate in the conquest and occupation of Kmt (ancient Egypt); from which the Hyksos (Akkadians with the Amorites) learned and acquired skills, warship, and wealth.

Therefore, the Bedouins in the north and south of the Arabian Peninsula, the Gulf, the Levant, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt are really an extension of a backward, ignorant and impoverished type of Jews; even if only in the past century they have got money.

With this interpretation, we will find that the Jews’ ambitions for an entity from the Nile to the Euphrates have already become within their grasp; and an existing fact that people do not realize.

This requires very urgent action to contain the Bedouins; who are Amorites with the Akkadians. The Akkadians are Turkic Mongolians from East Asia who occupied Subar and Sumer (Mesopotamia).


Comments on: "Jewish Ambitions for an Entity from the Nile to the Euphrates Stares" (5)

  1. Confused said:

    I asked about Iraqis origin and history, you said it is very sad because Iraq’s history is lost and you explained the Turkic Mongolians and Hyksos invaded Mesopotamia. Yet here you state:”Therefore, the Bedouins in the north and south of the Arabian Peninsula, the Gulf, the Levant, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt are really an extension of a backward, ignorant and impoverished type of Jews; even if only in the past century they have got money.”

    Isn’t that a bit generalizing individuals calling them ignorant? You know what I think only God knows the truth. And calling folks ignorant in those areas generalizing people actually tells a lot about the person who looks at people as ignorant. History and geography can be studied but actually to label the people is no difference than reading a newspaper that uses the terms “neuralized” or uses stereotypical terms. You mention how Arabs are being stereotyped or the views are hostile towards them but here you are doing the same. Truth should liberate people and does not mean we should abuse them. And whatever happened in history it is not the fault of the future generations. Kindness is the sign of a pious man.

    Some say the truth might hurt but I say it liberates people.
    No matter who is God’s chosen people regardless of who they are or from where they are and regardless what they look like, I hope they will not be as judgemental as some. I also hope their rights will be given to them and if they will rule, they rule with justice not judging through the history that others been fooled with. I have been taught by a European teacher and I can assure he never called people of any area ignorant. Thank you for the insight and good luck with your truth.

    • The Bedouins are invading bandits of mixed Amorites and Turkic Mongolians who attacked and destroyed Sumer, Subar, Ugarit, Kmt, Arabs, Punt and even India, Caucasus and Asia Minor.
      Saying Mafia are criminal groups is not harmful or generalization because there is no good Mafia.
      Their is no political correctness that justifies their brutal backwardness.

  2. Confused said:

    I never said mafias should not be judged, those who destroy history and steal should be condemned and punished for their crimes but the question is who are the Bedouins according to you? And by the way generalizing Bedouins is also wrong. Not everyone belongs in a mafia. Just because back then in the history different groups intermixed, it does not make the every person belonging in the mafia. Someone said actions are judged by one’s intentions. Now tell me please have you met every Bedouin in those regions that you mentioned and based on what you came to that conclusion they are in mafia? Did you go with your camera and filmed the Bedouins by entering every tent that exists in those areas? And are you 100% sure they all belong into mafias? According to the hypothesis with the maps and history we have rights to label them all as mafia members. We don’t need Reel Bad Arabs documentary that talks about films that are filled with stereotypes, based on maps and history we can label folks as mafias without the need to meet them or entering every tent. I know there are organizations funded to cause chaos in those areas but it does not mean all the people there are like that.

    You asked me do not tell me about black colour is beautiful (black is not color though I like it). However,Those are your own lines not mine. There is no black nor there is white when it comes to skin. Even albinos are not white. I have seen paper is white. But zi have not seen a black nor white human. But I will tell you this that people are like apples. There are green apples and red apples. Some of the green apples might be sour and some of the red apples are sweet. Before the red apples becomes red, it was green, but within time it became red. For people to mature in their thoughts and actions it require time for them to ripen like the apple does. Sometimes individuals can be too toxic that they ruin themselves because they are filled with hatred towards others. You have not walked in those individuals shoes yet all of them are in mafias. There are ordinary people as well. I just want to ask you what have you learned from all the saints or holy figures or prophets? Did they teach you to judge? Did they teach you to judge based on a map or history? Or did they teach you to give benefit of a doubt? We should not judge a book by its cover but some of us think they are all knowing. Tell me also can a thief repent and change his ways and change his life? During the prophets were there people who repented? After the prophets were there people who repented? But we should hate people and label them because they did this and that yet there is the new world order there are secrets societies and Bedouins are mafias and there are those who have the wrong skin colour, they are not the chosen and we are the chosen, chosen chosen chosen is all people care about labelling others thieves, mafias, I thought prophets came to guide people to better their lives their behaviour, being compassion to one another, didn’t the prophet visit his sick neighbour no matter how he was mean to him but when he fell sick he visited him. Was the message of the prophets to be chosen or to guide mankind or was it to judge fellow human beings….If individuals behave like that, then being in isolation seems like a paradise to me because indeed the saddest soul is the one that is among folks that do not get it.

  3. Confused said:

    I am not defending mafias nor groups nor with the Bedouins nor supporting chaos and violence, I am against that. I do not like generalizing but with the incident of Speicher massacre that took place in Iraq, some say the first ones that welcomed Isis were the Bedouins. Some say the Bedouins informed to Isis of any survivors. Only one Iraqi guy who was shot by Isis terrorists, he survived and he was hidden and helped by a Bedouin woman. That is why I say not everyone is bad. Like that woman who helped that Speicher victim to escape. She gave him water and food and even made him make a call to his family. And warned him not to knock on certain doors. Therefore, I believe there can be good individuals too like that woman.

  4. Confused said:

    And before you misunderstand my message wrong, it is like with the Tzar family when they were killed, some said some of the family members survived and many came from different countries claiming to be Anastasia or Alexander and so on, came even with the DNA tests. With the chosen folks it is the same matter, almost every country taken DNA tests claiming to be the lost tribes.
    The concept of chosen is misunderstood, there were people that God chose from among them messenger and prophets that were meant to guide not only their own people but mankind. Chosen does not mean you can rape, kill, molest and create chaos yet you get away with your crimes nor it means you will you will be favoured nor it means you are are above others. Nor it means you look down on those who look different. Chosen is because God sent many prophets to guide their people, some of them walked with prophets yet they disobeyed and disbelieved, and some of them killed prophets and slaughtered their progenies. War was never the solution the prophets wanted and they were sad even with the ones they had to go war against. Because they wanted the betterment for all people not only for their own people.

    As for the mafias you can criticise them but tell me how many freemasons that repented and wanted to warn people yet they were sacrificed, kidnapped or enter being murdered or assassinated for telling the truth.

    If a Bedouin woman helped an Iraqi guy and to escape while being wounded, she gave him shelter in the barn and gave him food and warned him, till he survived and he told his story.

    You often judge folks and judge nations because we only see and make hypothesis and we think we are experts judging nations. But the fact is we do not read minds nor do we read hearts to know the true intentions of a person, we see a pattern, reports and news of groups of people and we label everyone in those areas. But rarely we know those people individually nor read their intentions. I have lived in Europe, met very nice people and I have came across individuals who have been calling me a terrorist yet I never had anything to do with 9/11. Nor ever stepped in USA. It puzzles my mind how we are quickly to judge individuals without knowing their names, knowing their stories yet we think we are all knowing, when a man becomes like a god he thinks he is all-knowing, all judging, thinking he knows best.

    All prophets who walked with their people were sent to guide their people and to guide mankind, the message was never about who is chosen. How many thank the Creator for waking up this day and their soul is in their body and how many thank for the graces that we see on the Earth. I hope there are many. Often lost sheeps follow their needs. But there is always room for the betterment of the self.

    When the history is corrected and the lost tribes located, will the superiority ends? Will the injustice stop? Will leaders rule with justice? Will the secret society end their schemes and psyops on communities? Will it help us to stop generalizing? Will the wars stop? Will the poor have equal rights? Will the slavery ends? Will the orphans be taken care of? Will the criminals get their sentences for abusing many children?

    If all that to end quires to find the lost tribes, I hope they will be found.

    Good luck and goodbye.

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