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Haile Selassie

Haile SelassieThe common saying that Ethiopia was never colonized is a fallacy because the Amhara elites were actually of foreign partial descent and total colonial interests. The colonization which turned Tigray in Gondar into Amhara was covert sneaking banditry control. Amhara elites since 1270 AD got power and wealth by serving slavery raids of the earliest Turkic Akkadian Jewish settlers.

Turkic Akkadians invented the early Jews out of the Hebrews in Babylon in 580 BC to threaten and attack the region and replace the Israelites. The Amhara elites aided early Jews to replace the genuine faith of Moses and Jesus and the history of the whole region with their Jewish versions.

The only true faithful monarchy of Ethiopia was Axum Empire (c. 100 –940 AD) and was annihilated in 940 AD by bandits led by a pagan warlord woman worked for the Turkic Akkadian Jews to destroy the genuine heritage of Moses and Jesus in Tigray. She was called Queen Yodit (Judith) or “Gudit”.

From Yodit bandits came the Zagwe dynasty (c. 940-1137/1270). It was replaced by two separate regimes. Amorite Bedouin collaborators created a regime on the Red Sea coast (today Eritrea) called Medri Bahri (c.1137–1879). And then Turkic Akkadian Jewish collaborators founded the Solomonic dynasty in the Amhara region. The actual last ruler of Solomonic and other Amharic regimes was Tafari Makonnen (Haile Selassie). They were in fact crypto Jews and not Israelites or Jesus faithfuls.

The Solomonic dynasty (1270-1604/1975), also known as the House of Solomon, claim lineal descent from the biblical King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. This claim is false, and the Amhara elite although were originally Tigray close to Israelites assisting the Jews against Tigray people.

All the Solomonic and other rulers in Amhara were feudal masters who served and intermarried with Akkadians. While their eastern counterparts in Medri Bahri were weaker and poorer Bedouin Amorites. Amhara fell under Akkadian influence and mixed elite who served Turkic Akkadian Jewish slavery and interests. While Eritreans were under Bedouin Arabized Amorites who also enslaved.

The Amharic language originated as result of a pidginization process with a local substratum and Akkadian superstratum to enable communication between people who spoke mainly Tigray with a number of different local languages. This pidginization of the new language had enabled Akkadian invaders and their soldiers to create communication means independent of the Church, which used the Ge’ez language. The Amharic language served as the working language of feudal Ethiopia.

The Amhara people are totally different from Amhara elite. The Amhara people are only Tigray who used a new mixed language called Amharic. This language was imposed by the foreigners and their collaborators and it was from Akkadian and mixed with other languages to serve war and slavery.

Genetics is an acrobatic methods claim to be scientific but it is not at all. The people of Tigray proper, and also the devastated Tigray in Amhara and Eritrea, are close to Israelites; but the Amharic and Eritrean elites are closer to Akkadians and Amorites which make them Turkic Jewish and Amorite Bedouins; but not Puntite African Israelites and Puntite ancient genuine Arabs.

Ethiopia was colonized by few Turkic Akkadians who were within the elites and collaborators. The elites were not recognized as foreigners but in fact they are foreigners. And this is tacit colonization and unrecognizable for the naïve and unaware.


Comments on: "Amhara Links to Turkic Akkadians and Early Jews" (11)

  1. Erik Piculell said:


    • Adam, Noah and all descendants are from Punt Lands and remained there. The Amhara and Eritreans are Semite but the Amhara and Eritrean elites are not.

  2. Written Amharic literature made its first appearance around 1300 but actually started to flourish only at the beginning of the present century.

  3. Here is a recent link from another blog on the origin of the Hyksos:

    • Thanks. As usual the so-called scientists or bureaucratic academics spend too much time, efforts and money on futile efforts because the are lacking the very basic imagination to see a wider picture. They din’t know what exactly they are looking for because they don’t have a clue and wide vision from other perspectives.
      This boring study did not mention the Amorites or the Akkadians even once. It does not make use of history, archaeology and other fields. I guess this is an attempt to confuse by using jargon.
      It used vague unhelpful terms. This is ridiculous narrow exercise indeed.
      The Hyksos are simply a local name for a mixed group of Amorite foot mercenaries who infiltrated Kmt pretending to refugees and prepared the way for horse-riding Akkadian raiders.
      The Akkadians were originally Turkic Mongolian nomadic invasive slavery bandits the first to use horses for war. Therefore, the Akkadians were heterogeneous group of Turkic male masters with various victims from all the regions extending from Alti region to south Caucasus.
      The Akkadians used big numbers of slaves and foot soldiers from different south Caucasus groups (Hurrians) to invade and colonize Subar and Sumer in 2400 BC.
      Akkadians were kicked out and went west in 2154 BC to nomadic Amorites.
      Together Akkadian horse riders with foot Amorites planned the invasion of Kmt. Amorites infiltrated and spied and prepared the field for Akkadian invasion.
      Heka-shasut (Hyksos) is a Kmtian term referring to Akkadians as foreign rulers and Amorites as nomads.

    • The interesting link is between Khazar DNA project and the Hyksos.
      Surely, the Jews are looking into studies that link the Hebrew and their origin to Hyksos and thus to Turkic Mongolians with great worries.

      • Yes, they are worried as their claims to being “God’s Chosen people” are at stake. These Jews are imposters, and frauds. The world needs to know the truth.

      • The Akkadians, who appeared suddenly in 2334 BC with a foreign language different from Sumerians, were Turkic Mongolian raiders with Hurrian mercenaries from south Caucasus.
        The Sumerians expelled the Akkadians in 2154 BC who fled west to work with the Amorites to attack neighboring nations.
        Jews are denying this strongly.

      • Jews are a scourge on the world. The history proves this.

      • Jews are leading other Turkic Mongolian groups

      • Yes, as the Malaysian Prime Minister said in late 2003, “The Jews rule the world by proxy.”,

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