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Mankind Must Come out of 2600 years Misguidance or it will be Ruined

Time and creatures are going towards knowledge, truth and faith. This path has been hindered by religious, scientific, academic, media, political and economic institutions based on delusions of 2,600 years since the beginning of the invention of the Tanakh in Babylon in 580 BC, which came as a result of the accumulation of the invasions of East and West Asia gangs into the World since 2400 BC on several axes.

In order for humanity to avoid the inevitable destructive clash between knowledge, truth and faith in one side in conflict against the reality, violence and backwardness in which we live, all nations must work on common global, national and independent levels to review and reform religious, scientific, academic, media, political and economic institutions.

The most important twelve issues that must be investigated, targeted, and urgently reformed in my personal view are:

1- There are national divine messages, not universal religions

2- It is an Arabic Muhammad’s message, not a Bedouin Islamic religion

3- It is an Israelite message of Jesus; and is not a Roman Christian religion

4- It is a Puntite message of Moses; and not a Persian Jewish religion

5- It is Aliya or Y/Jebus; not Quds or Jerusalem

6- They are infinite eternal life cycles; not a single perennial cycle

7- They are several national origins of the creatures; not a single global migratory couple

8- These are several life-like galaxies; not one tiny planet

9- To understand, research and discover the first Religion that was created before existence

10- Let us search for the lost Jerusalem and discover the Israelite Mosaic message

11- Let us search for the one universal Religion and discover the lost national messages

12- Let us search for the Israelites and the true Torah of Moses and the Gospel of Jesus who were lost

God Almighty created the first Religion before the creation of the Universe and Time as a simple basic constitution. God created in every child the innate nature that guides to the Religion. God sent messengers and sent messages to all nations that went astray without exception.

And the messages and messengers, we know few and most of them we do not know, are not in agreement at all with the works and concepts of the current religious, scientific, academic, media, political and economic institutions that exist for 2,600 years.

The inventors of the current sectarian Islam, Christianity and Judaism were all from the East and West Asian gangs, Turkic Mongolians and Levant Amorites, and the beginning was in the shed of the Bani Saada and Babylon. The Arabs were under occupation before the Muhammad’s message for 2000 years, and they were not even allowed to support the Muhammad’s message. The real Israelites their homeland was in Punt lands and were fractured and dominated upon the death of King Solomon in Afar region in 930 BC.

مخترعي الإسلام والمسيحية واليهودية الحالية الطائفية كلهم من عصابات شرق وغرب آسيا من تركمنغول وبدو عموريين شوام والبداية كانت في سقيفة بني ساعدة وفي بابل. والعرب كانوا تحت الإحتلال من قبل الرسالة المحمدية ب 2000 سنة ولم يسمح لهم حتي بمساندة الرسالة المحمدية. وبني إسرائيل الحقيقيين موطنهم بلاد بونت وتم تشتيتهم والسيطرة عليهم فور وفاة الملك سليمان في إقليم العفر عام 930 ق م


Sirius Relationship to Calendars and Chronology

The 5th millennium has become a startpoint for calendars and chronologies, though only one has any basis in reality. The year 4750 BC is the retrospective startpoint for the Assyrian calendar, marking the traditional date for the foundation of Assur, some 2,000 years before it actually happened.

Another traditional date is 19 July 4241 BC, marking the supposed beginning of the Egyptian calendar, as calculated retrospectively by Eduard Meyer. The more likely startpoint is 19 July 2781 BCE, one Sothic cycle later. It has generally been believed that the calendar was based on a heliacal (dawn) rising of Sirius but that view is now being questioned.

According to the Ussher chronology, the creation of Earth happened on 22/23 October 4004 BC. This chronology was the work of James Ussher, whose basis was the dates in the Old Testament of the Bible. He estimated that the universe was created by God at either 18:00 on the 22nd (Jewish calendar) or 09:00 on the 23rd (Ussher-Lightfoot-Chronology).

The only exact date in the 5th millennium is Monday, 1 January 4713 BC, the beginning of the current Julian Period, first described by Joseph Justus Scaliger in the sixteenth century. This Julian Period lasts 7,980 years until the year 3268 CE in the next millennium. It is a useful device for date conversions between different calendars. The date of origin has the integer value of zero in the Julian Day Count: i.e., in the Julian Calendar; the equivalent date in the Gregorian Calendar is 24 November 4714 BC

Sothic Cycle of Sirius

Sopdet is the ancient Egyptian name of the star Sirius and its personification as an Egyptian goddess. Known to the Greeks as Sothis, she was conflated with Isis as a goddess and Anubis as a god.

The Sothic cycle or Canicular period is a period of 1,461 Egyptian civil years of 365 days each or 1,460 Julian years averaging 365¼ days each. During a Sothic cycle, the 365-day year loses enough time that the start of its year once again coincides with the heliacal rising of the star Sirius (Ancient Egyptian: Spdt or Sopdet, ‘Triangle’; Greek: Σῶθις, Sō̂this) on 19 July in the Julian calendar. It is an important aspect of Egyptology, particularly with regard to reconstructions of the Egyptian calendar and its history. Astronomical records of this displacement may have been responsible for the later establishment of the more accurate Julian and Alexandrian calendars.

Three specific observations of the heliacal rise of Sirius are extremely important for Egyptian chronology. The first is the aforementioned ivory tablet from the reign of Djer which supposedly indicates the beginning of a Sothic cycle, the rising of Sirius on the same day as the new year. If this does indicate the beginning of a Sothic cycle, it must date to about 17 July 2773 BC. However, this date is too late for Djer’s reign, so many scholars believe that it indicates a correlation between the rising of Sirius and the Egyptian lunar calendar, instead of the solar civil calendar, which would render the tablet essentially devoid of chronological value. In 2017 it was claimed that a newly discovered Sothis date from the Old Kingdom and a subsequent astronomic study confirms the Sothic cycle model.

The second observation is clearly a reference to a heliacal rising, and is believed to date to the seventh year of Senusret III. This observation was almost certainly made at Itj-Tawy, the Twelfth Dynasty capital, which would date the Twelfth Dynasty from 1963 to 1786 BC. The Ramses or Turin Papyrus Canon says 213 years (1991–1778 BC), Parker reduces it to 206 years (1991–1785 BC), based on 17 July 1872 BC as the Sothic date (120th year of 12th dynasty, a drift of 30 leap days). Prior to Parker’s investigation of lunar dates the 12th dynasty was placed as 213 years of 2007–1794 BC perceiving the date as 21 July 1888 BC as the 120th year, and then as 2003–1790 BC perceiving the date as 20 July 1884 BC as the 120th year.

The third observation was in the reign of Amenhotep I, and, assuming it was made in Thebes, dates his reign between 1525 and 1504 BC. If made in Memphis, Heliopolis, or some other Delta site instead, as a minority of scholars still argue, the entire chronology of the 18th Dynasty needs to be expanded by some 20 years

Our Fast Travel towards Paradise for the Good and Hell for the Wicked

Indeed, high morals, kind heart and beautiful tastes are the Religion itself. And the Religion is universal and has nothing to do with the existing prevailing false multiple so-called religions. The Religion, with all its good qualities unite creatures, including animals and plants, with their different national messages in Heaven regardless of their race, homeland and the messages they follow.

The Solar System is traveling faster to approach, rotate around its binary companion Sirius, in a repeated cycle estimated to be 25,800 years.

As we are approaching the Sirius system, positive energies and various unbelievable capabilities of creatures increase, and our knowledge of and intimacy with God, goodness, beauty and knowledge will increase throughout the Solar System.

The rotational path of the Solar System and its binary partner, Sirius, are like two interlocked rings. And after the two stars reach the shortest distance between them, the distance between them the distance begins to widen again and conditions start to deteriorate.

At the furthest distance between them, the solar system will be in a state of collapse, evil and ignorance. At that point Evil will win over Good. And this part of the cycle had already passed in our present cycle. And we are moving forward toward closer and greater goodness.

Life-spans of creatures and their sensory, intellectual and spiritual capacities will steadily increase greatly, and the forces of good will win over the forces of evil, which will bring us in the nearest point to the state of Paradise for the good and the Hell for the wicked.

سفرنا السريع نحو الجنة للأخيار والجحيم للأشرار

الواقع أن الأخلاق الرفيعة والقلب الطيب والأذواق الجميلة هي الدين نفسه. والدين كوني ولا علاقة له بالأديان المتعددة المزيفة السائدة. يوحّد الدين بكل صفاته الحميدة المخلوقات من حيوانات ونباتات برسائلهم القومية المختلفة في الجنة بغض النظر عن جنسهم ووطنهم والرسالات التي يتبعونها

يسير النظام الشمسي بشكل أسرع ليقترب ، ويدور حول رفيقه الثنائي نجمة الشعري ، في دورة متكررة تقدر بـ 25800 سنة.

مع اقترابنا من نظام سيريوس (نجمة الشعري) ، تزداد الطاقات الإيجابية وقدرات المخلوقات المختلفة بشكل عظيم لايمكن توقعه ، وستزداد معرفتنا وحميميتنا مع الله والصلاح والجمال والمعرفة في جميع أنحاء النظام الشمسي.

المسار الدوراني للنظام الشمسي وشريكه الثنائي نجمة الشعري ،(Sirius) يشبهان حلقتين متشابكتين. وبعد وصول النجمين إلى أقصر مسافة بينهما ، تبدأ المسافة بينهما في الاتساع مرة أخرى وتبدأ الظروف في التدهور.

في أبعد مسافة بينهما ، سيكون النظام الشمسي في حالة من الانهيار والشر والجهل. في تلك المرحلة ، سيفوز الشر على الخير وقد ولي هذا الجزء من الدورة بالفعل في دورتنا الحالية. ونحن الآن نتقدم نحو خير قريب وعظيم

ستزداد فترات حياة المخلوقات وقدراتها الحسية والفكرية والروحية بشكل مطرد ، وستنتصر قوى الخير على قوى الشر ، الأمر الذي سيوصلنا في أقرب نقطة إلى حالة الفردوس للأخيار وجهنم للأشرار.

How Fulani Groups Colonized the Nile Valley?

It is irrefutable that the Fulani is not a cluster of tribes or a wandering nation. They are amalgamation of different groups of different origins, colors and traits made in collection camps, but not a nation at all.

The Fulani are groups made by and colluded with foreign small slavery and looting bandits from East and West Africa since the invasions of the Hyksos through Libya in 1500 BC, that is why there is no one particular specific homeland or region for the Fulani.

The Fulani were used by the Hyksos in 1500 BC; then by the Moors of the expelled colonizers of Spain and Portugal in 1500 AD both for Transatlantic slavery and for waging what claimed to be Jihadist invasions and colonization all over West and Central Africa and extended to Red Sea coasts to hunt and trade in humans and resources.

This second Fulani wave created the fictitious “Arabs” in the Nile Valley and Abyssinia to trade slavery to Arabia via what was made and named Fur, Funj and Ja’alyin groups

In 1820 AD Mohamed Ali recruited a lot of Fulani with assistance from the Fulani colonizers of North Nigeria (Sokoto) led by Usman Dan Fodio and from around Lake Chad.

This wave of Fulani led to the bloody regimes of Al Turkiyya and Al Mahdiyya for looting and slavery. From this wave came the regimes that led to today’s Janjaweed militias and the Umma and other forms that pretend to be political parties.

Alturabi, Omer Albashir, Sadiq Almahdi, Abdallah Khalil, Azhari, Daglo all who inherited the Condominium colony in 1956 and until today controlling politics and businesses are from earlier or recent Fulani groups.

Sudan has groups who claim without any support to be tribes and “Arabs”. Those who claim to be the “Arabs” of Sudan are, in fact, mixed indigenous local groups that have been dominated by small invading factions, and their native original affiliations and history were obliterated by slavery.

It is impossible to prove any existence of their “Arab” titles and groups’ names before the emergence of the colony of Funj in 1500 AD. The Funj was in persistent conflicts with the Black Kingdom of Berta, Gumuz and Shilluk, who are the original inhabitants of Aljazeera between the Blue and White Niles.

The first wave of those who claim to be Arabs in Sudan, their rulers were from the gangs of East and West Asia, who are the Bedouins of the Levant and Jordan with the Hyksos. They invaded North Africa and allied and mixed with the Berbers. These colonizing rulers are the oldest and less brown “Arabs”. They also mixed with the people of the kingdoms of the Karma civilization on the Nile at the time of Kush colony made in 785 BC. These are the older pale Fulani and they are the origin of Ja’alyeen groups

The second wave of Sudan’s “Arabs” is a mixture of East and West Asian gangs with West African slaves and mercenaries and their breeding from them produced Juhayna groups in West and Central Sudan. They are tanner than the Ja’alyeen group, except for Berbers who less mixed with West Africans

1- The Ja`alyeen groups (Ja`alyeen, Shaikiyah, Bdairiyah, Rubatab, Merifab) and Al-Batahin claim Abbasid and Qahtan origin. The Al-Batahin, east of the Nile, played the same role that the Jumu’iyya played in West Nile. The very wide spread of Ja’alyeen is from their work in human hunting and in West African Jallaba

2- Other “Arab” groups are Juhayna in the West, Al-Jazeera; plus Al-Shukria, Al-Ja’alyeen Daglal ​​Al-Bunni Amer in the East; plus Al-Rashaydah from Eastern Arabian Peninsula

Ethiopian Elites are Colonizing Ethiopia and Selling it out

Let me point clearly to specific recent historic facts:

1- There were no such terms as “Amhara” or “Tigrinya” or “Tigre” or “Jabarti” before the destruction of Axum Empire of the Tigray in 900 AD by a slave bandits led by Yodit

2- Axum and Tigray never practiced slavery; while the elites of Amhara; Tigrinya; Tigre and Jabarti practiced slavery extensively upon their formation less than 900 years ago

3- The so-called Solomonic dynasty invented by the Amhara Yekuno Amlak in 1270 was bandits to hunt and enslave and deal in humans and it was till its fall criminal and collaborated with west and east Asian bandits in Arabia sold Ethiopians to them

4-The Oromo, Afar, Banishangul-Gumuz, Gambela and the what is called the Southern nations were all victims of slavery and bloody attacks from Amhara elites with their foreign interests and links

5- No-body is revealing the crimes committed by Tafari Makonnen (Haile Selassie) (Sep 1916 – Sept 1974) and his Amhara Derg successors (Tafari Benti (Nov 1974 – Feb 1977) and the Amharic baria/slave Mengistu Haile Mariam (Feb 1977 – May 1991).

6- The Amhara elite who controlled the Derg red terror successors killed General Aman Mikael Andom (Sept 1974 – 17 Nov 1974) after two months only in power, the real hero of deposing Tafari Makonnen, just because he was of a Tigray origin.

7- The Amhara elite controlled the Derg regime (1974-1991) and went further and killed more than 2 million civilian Ethiopians from all other groups.

8- While Amhara elite committed well documented and proven crimes they keep attacking and claiming baselessly that the Tigray and TPLF committed crimes and genocides

9- Any fair and objective researches and fact finding work will certainly acknowledge the great progress, peace and justice that all Ethiopia enjoyed during the contribution and leadership of TPLF and Meles Zenawi (May 1991 – Aug 2012)

10- The history and the very present of modern Ethiopia is quite clearly showing how Amhara and Tigrinya elites with their Oromo collaborating elites turned a very rich country and good people into victims of slavery, famines, abject poverty, extreme disparities, injustice, continuous ethnic racism and bloody violence, chaotic instability and criminal parliament and rule.

In any failed state or community look into the elite and get rid of them. Revealing and exposing the evils of Amhara and Tigrinya elites are not condemnation for the Amhara, Tigrinya, Ethiopia or Eritrea

The Early Jews had nothing to do with the Israelites

Indeed, there is a very large interval of more than a thousand years between the Israelites who appeared in about 1850 BC and the Jews who began their appearance in 580 BC, and this is 1270 years

The beginning of the appearance of the Jews came 25 years after the famous Battle of Carchemish, when neither the Jews nor the Hebrew Bible, namely the Tanakh, had any presence at the time of the battle in 605 BC.

While the Torah of Moses was revealed in 1446 BC, and the period between the Torah of Moses and the beginnings of the invention of the Hebrew Bible is about 900 years

The places where the first Jews were found did not know camels during the time of Abraham, which was 1900 BC. Rather, these regions knew camels a thousand years after Abraham.

The children of Israel did not know or were directly affected by the events of the late Bronze Age Collapse in 1177 BC, which were very dangerous and loud events in the entire eastern Mediterranean region. While the first Jews were not even there to witness the events of that period.

There is no denying that the first Jews were a repackaging of the Hebrews, the Arameans and the Kassite, all of whom were the expelled Hyksos.

The Hyksos are an Egyptian name for mixed gangs of Akkadian horse riders with Amorite infantry from the Levant and Jordan Bedouins.

And the Akkadians were originally and definitely not Sumerians, but rather they are male gangs from East Asia from around the Atai Mountains in western Mongolia, eastern Kazakhstan and northern Uighurs, and they were the first to use horses for invasion in 2400 BC.

And those gangs invaded, enslaved and used the peoples of the South Caucasus, and were called the Hurrians to invade and occupy Subar, Sumer and Ugarit in 2343 BC and were expelled in 2154 BC to flee westard and form an alliance with the Amorite Bedouins of Levant and Jordan.

This is how the Hyksos were produced in 1670 BC, then the Hebrews, Arameans and Kissite in 1523 BC, then the Babylonians and the Jews in 580 BC

The inventors of the current sectarian Islam, Christianity and Judaism were all from the East and West Asian gangs, Turkic Mongolians and Levant Amorites, and the beginning was in the shed of the Bani Saada and Babylon. The Arabs were under occupation before the Muhammad’s message for 2000 years, and they were not even allowed to support the Muhammad’s message. The real Israelites their homeland was in Punt lands and were fractured and dominated upon the death of King Solomon in Afar region in 930 BC.

مخترعي الإسلام والمسيحية واليهودية الحالية الطائفية كلهم من عصابات شرق وغرب آسيا من تركمنغول وبدو عموريين شوام والبداية كانت في سقيفة بني ساعدة وفي بابل. والعرب كانوا تحت الإحتلال من قبل الرسالة المحمدية ب 2000 سنة ولم يسمح لهم حتي بمساندة الرسالة المحمدية. وبني إسرائيل الحقيقيين موطنهم بلاد بونت وتم تشتيتهم والسيطرة عليهم فور وفاة الملك سليمان في إقليم العفر عام 930 ق م

What Jews, AlAzhar and Vatican do not say about Life, Religion and Messages

God Almighty, the universe, and religion have no temporal and spatial beginning or end

Whereas life is a show of ephemeral bands that live in all galaxies in short seasons on an infinite eternal stage

Life is cycles of the clock, so when one life cycle ends, another cycle of infinite number begins, and God, the Universe, and the Religion remain forever.

Religion is in the heart of every child born in any nation in the universe in all galaxies, and it is the instinct. This Religion and the Creator are known to Arabs only in the name of Islam and Allah, and other nations know them by other names. To remedy the misguidance of any nation, God Almighty sends a messenger from them with a special message dedicated to the one Religion, whatever its name

In order for us to be redirected to the Religion, whatever its name, a person must follow the messenger of his/her nation in particular, because his message and book came in a language from them. It is not permissible to leave the messenger of one nation and follow the messenger of another nation, even if it is heavenly. Religion is good for every time, place, creature and it is constant, but messages are limited to nations and regions and must be evolved and developed

God guides the heart and mind to messages until we reach the Religion, otherwise we will remain in what were made by gangs of East and West Asia, including Bedouins, Turks, Persians, Jews, Romans, Sabaeans and others with the invention of the Tanakh of Babylon, the Crusades of Rome, Islam of Bani Sa’idah, and the claim that there are several religions and that various messages are different religions

The fake religions of forged messages are now uniting forces to fight the real One Religion after they failed to fight it separately

Foods Arranged by Strength and Number of Available Essential Nutrients

12 Spinach  

11 Salmon  

10 Tuna  

9 Lentils  

9 Sardines  

9 Shrimp 

9 Soybeans  

8 Beef  

8 Beet Greens  

8 Garbanzo Beans  

7 Turkey  

7 Turnip Greens  

6 Black Pepper

6 broccoli

6 Chicken  

6 Lima Beans  

6 Scallops  

6 Sweet Potato 

6 Swiss chard  

5 Brussels sprouts  

5 Cod  

5 Collard Greens  

5 Eggs  

5 Lamb  

5 Oats

5 Sesame Seeds 

5 Sunflower Seeds 

5 Tempeh  

5 Yogurt 

4 Almonds 

4 Barley

4 Dried Peas  

4 Kidney Beans  

4 Mustard Greens

4 Navy Beans  

4 Pinto Beans 

4 Pumpkin Seeds  

3 Asparagus  

3 Cashews 

3 Cow’s milk 

3 Kale  

3 Mushrooms Shiitake

3 Oranges  

3 Peanuts 

3 Quinoa  

3 Romaine Lettuce  

3 Tomatoes 

3 Walnuts 

2 Avocado  

2 Banana

2 bell peppers

2 Brown Rice  

2 Cantaloupe  

2 Carrots 

2 Cauliflower

2 Mushrooms Crimini

2 Onions 

2 Parsley  

2 Pineapple  

2 Potatoes  

2 Strawberries   

2 Tofu 

1 apples

1 blueberries

1 Bok Choy  

1 cabbage

1 celery

1 Cheese 

1 cherries

1 Chili peppers

1 Cloves  

1 corn

1 Cranberries

1 Flaxseeds 

1 Garden peas

1 Grapefruit 

1 Green Beans 

1 Green Peas  

1 Kiwifruit  

1 Lemons

1 Lettuce

1 Olives  

1 Papaya  

1 Peaches

1 Pears

1 Plums

1 Raspberries

1 Rye  

1 Sea Vegetables 

1 sprouts

1 Watermelon

1 Winter Squash

1 Zucchini

The 31 Essential Nutrients

  1. Biotin
  2. Calcium
  3. Choline
  4. Chromium
  5. Copper
  6. Fiber
  7. Flavonoids
  8. Folate
  9. Iodine
  10. Iron
  11. Lutein and zeaxanthin
  12. Magnesium
  13. Manganese
  14. Molybdenum
  15. Omega-3 fatty acids
  16. Pantothenic acid
  17. Phosphorus
  18. Potassium
  19. Protein & amino acids
  20. Selenium
  21. Vitamin A
  22. Vitamin B1 – thiamin
  23. Vitamin B12 – cobalamin
  24. Vitamin B2 – riboflavin
  25. Vitamin B3 – niacin
  26. Vitamin B6 – pyridoxine
  27. Vitamin C
  28. Vitamin D
  29. Vitamin E
  30. Vitamin K
  31. Zinc

Essential Nutrients in Foods

The percentage are for DRI/DV

Biotin: Almonds 49%; Sweet Potato 29%; Eggs 27%; Onions 27%; Oats 26%; Tomatoes 24%; Peanuts 21%; Carrots 20%; Walnuts 19%; Salmon 15%;

Calcium: Tofu 77%; Sardines 35%; Sesame Seeds 35%; Yogurt 30%; Collard Greens 27%; Spinach 24%; Cheese 20%; Turnip Greens 20%; Mustard Greens 17%; Beet Greens 16%;

Choline: Shrimp 36%; Eggs 35%; Scallops 30%; Chicken 23%; Turkey 22%; Tuna 21%; Cod 21%; Salmon 19%; Beef 17%; Collard Greens 17%;

Chromium: Broccoli 53%; Barley 23%; Oats 15%; Green Beans 6%; Tomatoes 4%; Romaine Lettuce 4%; Black Pepper 3%

Copper: Sesame Seeds 163%; Cashews 98%; Soybeans 78%; Mushrooms, Shiitake 72%; Sunflower Seeds 70%; Tempeh 68%; Garbanzo Beans 64%; Lentils 56%; Walnuts 53%; Lima Beans 49%;

Fiber: Navy Beans 68%; Dried Peas 58%; Lentils 56%; Pinto Beans 55%; Black Beans 53%; Lima Beans 47%; Garbanzo Beans 45%; Tempeh 43%; Kidney Beans 40%; Barley 38%

Flavonoids: onions; apples; parsley; oranges; blueberries; bananas; bell peppers; grapefruit; romaine lettuce; celery; lemons; strawberries; tomatoes; peaches; cherries; garbanzo beans; pears; oranges; almonds; watermelon ; cabbage; turnip greens; chili peppers; cranberries; sweet potatoes; cantaloupe; plums; quinoa; lettuce; raspberries

Folate: Lentils 90%; Pinto Beans 74%; Garbanzo Beans 71%; Asparagus 67%; Spinach 66%; Navy Beans 64%; Black Beans 64%; Kidney Beans 58%; Turnip Greens 42%; Broccoli 42%;

Iodine: Sea Vegetables 500%; Scallops 90%; Cod 88%; Yogurt 47%; Shrimp 31%; Sardines 24%; Salmon 21%; Cow’s milk 19%; Eggs 18%; Tuna 15%

Iron: Soybeans 49%; Lentils 37%; Spinach 36%; Sesame Seeds 29%; Garbanzo Beans 26%; Lima Beans 25%; Olives 25%; Navy Beans 24%; Swiss Chard 22%; Kidney Beans 22%

Lutein and Zeaxanthin: Green vegetables such as kale, spinach, turnip greens, collard greens, romaine lettuce, broccoli, zucchini, corn, garden peas and Brussel sprouts are among the best sources of lutein and zeaxanthin.

Magnesium: Pumpkin Seeds 45%; Spinach 37%; Swiss Chard 36%; Soybeans 35%; Sesame Seeds 30%; Black Beans 29%; Quinoa 28%; Cashews 28%; Sunflower Seeds 27%; Beet Greens 23%

Manganese: Cloves 110%; Oats 83%; Brown Rice 77%; Garbanzo Beans 73%; Spinach 73%; Pineapple 67%; Pumpkin Seeds 64%; Rye 63%; Tempeh 63%; Soybeans 62%

Molybdenum: Lentils 330%; Dried Peas 327%; Lima Beans 313%; Kidney Beans 295%; Soybeans 287%; Black Beans 287%; Pinto Beans 285%; Garbanzo Beans 273%; Oats 64%; Barley 60%

Omega-3 fatty acids: Flaxseeds 133%; Walnuts 113%; Sardines 61%; Salmon 55%; Beef 46%; Soybeans 43%; Tofu 28%; Shrimp 14%; Brussels Sprouts 11%; Cauliflower 9%

Pantothenic acid: Mushrooms, Shiitake 52%; Avocado 42%; Sweet Potato 35%; Lentils 25%; Dried Peas 23%; Mushrooms, Crimini 22%; Chicken 22%; Turkey 20%; Yogurt 19%; Broccoli 19%

Phosphorus: Scallops 69%; Sardines 64%; Soybeans 60%; Pumpkin Seeds 57%; Cod 56%; Tuna 54%; Salmon 52%; Lentils 51%; Shrimp 50%; Tempeh 41%

Potassium: Beet Greens 28%; Sweet Potato 20%; Swiss Chard 20%; Potatoes 20%; Lima Beans 20%; Spinach 18%; Bok Choy 13%; Tuna 13%; Beets 11%; Brussels Sprouts 11%

Protein and Amino acids: Chicken 70%; Turkey 68%; Tuna 66%; Soybeans 57%; Salmon 53%; Beef 52%; Shrimp 52%; Lamb 51%; Scallops 47%; Sardines 45%

Selenium: Tuna 223%; Shrimp 102%; Sardines 87%; Salmon 78%; Turkey 62%; Cod 58%; Chicken 57%; Lamb 51%; Scallops 45%; Beef 44%;

Vitamin A: Sweet Potato 214%; Carrots 113%; Spinach 105%; Kale 98%; Mustard Greens 96%; Collard Greens 80%; Turnip Greens 61%; Beet Greens 61%; Swiss Chard 60%; Winter Squash 59%

Vitamin B1 – thiamin: Sunflower Seeds 43%; Navy Beans 36%; Black Beans 35%; Barley 33%; Dried Peas 31%; Green Peas 30%; Lentils 28%; Pinto Beans 28%; Lima Beans 25%; Oats 25%

Vitamin B12 – cobalamin: Sardines 338%; Salmon 236%; Tuna 111%; Cod 109%; Lamb 105%; Scallops 102%; Shrimp 78%; Beef 60%; Yogurt 38%; Cow’s milk 23%;

Vitamin B2 – riboflavin: Soybeans 38%; Spinach 32%; Beet Greens 32%; Tempeh 31%; Yogurt 27%; Mushrooms, Crimini 27%; Eggs 20%; Asparagus 19%; Almonds 18%; Turkey 18%

Vitamin B3 – niacin: Tuna 156%; Chicken 97%; Turkey 83%; Salmon 56%; Lamb 50%; Beef 48%; Sardines 30%; Peanuts 28%; Shrimp 19%; Brown Rice 19%

Vitamin B6 – pyridoxine: Tuna 69%; Turkey 54%; Beef 44%; Chicken 40%; Salmon 38%; Sweet Potato 34%;  Potatoes 32%; Sunflower Seeds 28%; Spinach 26%; Banana 25%

Vitamin C: Papaya 224%; Bell Peppers 157%; Broccoli 135%; Brussels Sprouts 129%; Strawberries 113%;  Pineapple 105%; Oranges 93%; Kiwifruit 85%; Cantaloupe 78%; Cauliflower 73%

Vitamin D: Salmon 128%; Sardines 44%; Tuna 23%; Cow’s milk 16%; Eggs 11%; Mushrooms, Shiitake 5%

Vitamin E: Sunflower Seeds 82%; Almonds 40%; Spinach 25%; Swiss Chard 22%; Avocado 21%; Peanuts 20%; Turnip Greens 18%; Asparagus 18%; Beet Greens 17%; Mustard Greens 17%

Vitamin K: Kale 1180%; Spinach 987%; Mustard Greens 922%; Collard Greens 858%; Beet Greens 774%; Swiss Chard 636%; Turnip Greens 588%; Parsley 554%; Broccoli 245%; Brussels Sprouts 43%

Zinc: Beef 37%; Lamb 35%; Sesame Seeds 25%; Pumpkin Seeds 23%; Lentils 23%; Garbanzo Beans 23%; Cashews 21%; Turkey 18%; Quinoa 18%; Shrimp 17%

المواد الأساسية في الأغذية

النسب هي لمقدار المادة في الوحدة / المقداراليومي المطلوب

البيوتين: اللوز 49٪؛ بطاطا حلوة 29٪؛ بيض 27٪؛ بصل 27٪؛ شوفان 26٪؛ الطماطم 24٪؛ فول سوداني 21٪؛ جزر 20٪؛ الجوز 19٪ ؛ سمك السلمون 15٪؛

الكالسيوم: التوفو 77٪؛ السردين 35٪؛ بذور السمسم 35٪؛ زبادي 30٪؛ كولارد جرينز 27٪؛ سبانخ 24٪ ؛ جبن 20٪؛ اللفت الخضر 20٪؛ الخردل الخضر 17٪؛ البنجر الأخضر 16٪؛

الكولين: الجمبري 36٪؛ بيض 35٪؛ الإسكالوب 30٪؛ دجاج 23٪؛ تركيا 22٪ ؛ تونة 21٪؛ سمك القد 21٪ ؛ سمك السلمون 19٪؛ لحم بقر 17٪؛ كولارد جرينز 17٪؛

الكروم: البروكلي 53٪؛ الشعير 23٪؛ الشوفان 15٪؛ الفاصوليا الخضراء 6٪؛ الطماطم 4٪؛ خس روماني 4٪ ؛ فلفل اسود 3٪

النحاس: بذور السمسم 163٪؛ الكاجو 98٪؛ فول الصويا 78٪؛ فطر شيتاكي 72٪؛ بذور عباد الشمس 70٪؛ تمبيه 68٪ ؛ فاصوليا Garbanzo 64٪ ؛ العدس 56٪؛ الجوز 53٪ ؛ فاصوليا ليما 49٪؛

الألياف: الفاصوليا البحرية 68٪؛ البازلاء المجففة 58٪؛ العدس 56٪؛ بينتو فول 55٪ ؛ الفاصوليا السوداء 53٪؛ فاصوليا ليما 47٪؛ فاصوليا Garbanzo 45٪ ؛ تمبيه 43٪ ؛ حبوب الكلى 40٪؛ الشعير 38٪

الفلافونويد: البصل. تفاح؛ بقدونس؛ البرتقال. توت؛ موز؛ الفلفل؛ جريب فروت؛ خس روماين؛ كرفس؛ الليمون. فراولة؛ طماطم؛ الخوخ. الكرز. حبوب الحمص؛ إجاص؛ البرتقال. لوز؛ البطيخ     ؛ الكرنب؛ اللفت الخضر؛ الفلفل الحار؛ التوت البري؛ البطاطا الحلوة؛ الشمام؛ برقوق؛ الكينوا؛ الخس؛ توت العليق

حمض الفوليك: العدس 90٪؛ بينتو فول 74٪ ؛ حبوب Garbanzo 71٪؛ الهليون 67٪؛ السبانخ 66٪ ؛ الفاصوليا البحرية 64٪؛ الفاصوليا السوداء 64٪؛ الفاصوليا 58٪؛ اللفت الخضر 42٪؛ بروكلي 42٪ ؛

اليود: خضروات البحر 500٪؛ الإسكالوب 90٪؛ سمك القد 88٪ ؛ زبادي 47٪؛ روبيان 31٪؛ السردين 24٪؛ سلمون 21٪؛ حليب البقر 19٪؛ بيض 18٪؛ التونة 15٪

الحديد: فول الصويا 49٪؛ العدس 37٪؛ السبانخ 36٪؛ بذور السمسم 29٪؛ حبوب Garbanzo 26٪ ؛ فاصوليا ليما 25٪؛ زيتون 25٪؛ الفاصوليا البحرية 24٪؛ شارد سويسري 22٪ ؛ حبوب الكلى 22٪

لوتين وزياكسانثين: تعد الخضروات الخضراء مثل الكرنب والسبانخ واللفت الأخضر والكرنب والخس والبروكلي والكوسا والذرة والبازلاء وبراعم بروكسل من بين أفضل مصادر اللوتين والزياكسانثين.

المغنيسيوم: بذور اليقطين 45٪؛ السبانخ 37٪ ؛ شارد سويسري 36٪ ؛ فول الصويا 35٪؛ بذور السمسم 30٪؛ فاصوليا سوداء 29٪؛ الكينوا 28٪ ؛ كاجو 28٪؛ بذور عباد الشمس 27٪؛ بنجر أخضر 23٪

المنغنيز: القرنفل 110٪؛ شوفان 83٪؛ أرز بني 77٪؛ حبوب Garbanzo 73٪ ؛ السبانخ 73٪ ؛ أناناس 67٪؛ بذور اليقطين 64٪؛ الجاودار 63٪ ؛ تمبيه 63٪ ؛ فول الصويا 62٪

الموليبدينوم: العدس 330٪؛ البازلاء المجففة 327٪؛ فاصوليا ليما 313٪؛ حبوب الكلى 295٪؛ فول الصويا 287٪؛ فاصوليا سوداء 287٪؛ بينتو فول 285٪ ؛ حبوب Garbanzo 273٪ ؛ شوفان 64٪ ؛ الشعير 60٪

أحماض أوميغا 3 الدهنية: بذور الكتان 133٪ ؛ الجوز 113٪ ؛ السردين 61٪؛ سلمون 55٪؛ لحم بقر 46٪؛ فول الصويا 43٪؛ التوفو 28٪ ؛ روبيان 14٪؛ كرنب بروكسل 11٪؛ القرنبيط 9٪

حمض البانتوثينيك: الفطر ، شيتاكي 52٪ ؛ أفوكادو 42٪ ؛ بطاطا حلوة 35٪؛ العدس 25٪؛ البازلاء المجففة 23٪؛ فطر كريميني 22٪؛ دجاج 22٪؛ تركيا 20٪؛ زبادي 19٪؛ البروكلي 19٪

الفوسفور: الإسكالوب 69٪؛ السردين 64٪؛ فول الصويا 60٪؛ بذور اليقطين 57٪؛ سمك القد 56٪ ؛ تونة 54٪ ؛ سلمون 52٪؛ العدس 51٪؛ روبيان 50٪؛ تمبيه 41٪

البوتاسيوم: البنجر 28٪؛ بطاطا حلوة 20٪؛ شارد سويسري 20٪ ؛ بطاطس 20٪؛ فاصوليا ليما 20٪؛ سبانخ 18٪؛ بوك تشوي 13٪ ؛ تونة 13٪ ؛ بنجر 11٪؛ كرنب بروكسل 11٪

البروتين والأحماض الأمينية: دجاج 70٪؛ تركيا 68٪ ؛ التونة 66٪؛ فول الصويا 57٪؛ سلمون 53٪؛ لحم بقر 52٪؛ روبيان 52٪؛ خروف 51٪؛ الإسكالوب 47٪؛ السردين 45٪

السيلينيوم: التونة 223٪ ؛ روبيان 102٪؛ السردين 87٪؛ السلمون 78٪؛ تركيا 62٪ ؛ سمك القد 58٪ ؛ دجاج 57٪؛ خروف 51٪؛ الإسكالوب 45٪؛ لحم بقر 44٪؛

فيتامين أ: بطاطا حلوة 214٪ ؛ جزر 113٪؛ سبانخ 105٪ ؛ كالي 98٪ ؛ الخردل الخضر 96٪ ؛ كولارد جرينز 80٪؛ اللفت الخضر 61٪؛ بنجر جرين 61٪؛ شارد سويسري 60٪ ؛ الاسكواش الشتوي 59٪

فيتامين ب 1 – الثيامين: بذور عباد الشمس 43٪ ؛ الفاصوليا البحرية 36٪؛ فاصوليا سوداء 35٪؛ الشعير 33٪؛ البازلاء المجففة 31٪؛ البازلاء الخضراء 30٪؛ العدس 28٪؛ بينتو فول 28٪ ؛ فاصوليا ليما 25٪؛ الشوفان 25٪

فيتامين ب 12 – كوبالامين: سردين 338٪ ؛ سمك السلمون 236٪ ؛ تونة 111٪ ؛ كود 109٪ ؛ لحم خروف 105٪؛ الإسكالوب 102٪؛ روبيان 78٪؛ 60٪ لحم بقر؛ زبادي 38٪؛ حليب البقر 23٪؛

فيتامين ب 2 – الريبوفلافين: فول الصويا 38٪؛ السبانخ 32٪؛ البنجر الأخضر 32٪؛ تمبيه 31٪ ؛ زبادي 27٪؛ فطر كريمينى 27٪؛ بيض 20٪؛ الهليون 19٪؛ لوز 18٪؛ تركيا 18٪

فيتامين ب 3 – النياسين: التونة 156٪ ؛ دجاج 97٪؛ تركيا 83٪ ؛ سلمون 56٪؛ خروف 50٪؛ لحم بقر 48٪؛ السردين 30٪؛ الفول السوداني 28٪؛ جمبري 19٪؛ أرز بني 19٪

فيتامين ب 6 – بيريدوكسين: تونة 69٪ ؛ تركيا 54٪؛ لحم بقر 44٪؛ دجاج 40٪؛ سمك السلمون 38٪؛ بطاطا حلوة 34٪؛ بطاطس 32٪؛ بذور عباد الشمس 28٪؛ سبانخ 26٪؛ موز 25٪

فيتامين ج (سي): البابايا 224٪ ؛ الفلفل الحلو 157٪؛ بروكلي 135٪ ؛ كرنب بروكسل 129٪؛ الفراولة 113٪؛ أناناس 105٪؛ البرتقال 93٪ ؛ الكيوي 85٪؛ شمام 78٪ ؛ القرنبيط 73٪

فيتامين د: سمك السلمون 128٪ ؛ السردين 44٪؛ تونة 23٪؛ حليب أبقار 16٪؛ بيض 11٪؛ فطر شيتاكي 5٪

فيتامين هـ: بذور عباد الشمس 82٪ ؛ لوز 40٪؛ السبانخ 25٪؛ شارد سويسري 22٪ ؛ أفوكادو 21٪؛ فول سوداني 20٪؛ اللفت الخضر 18٪؛ الهليون 18٪؛ البنجر 17٪؛ الخردل الأخضر 17٪

فيتامين ك: كالي 1180٪ ؛ سبانخ 987٪ ؛ الخردل الخضر 922٪ ؛ كولارد جرينز 858٪؛ البنجر الأخضر 774٪ ؛ شارد سويسري 636٪ ؛ اللفت الخضر 588٪ ؛ بقدونس 554٪؛ البروكلي 245٪ ؛ كرنب بروكسل 43٪

الزنك: لحم البقر 37٪؛ خروف 35٪؛ بذور السمسم 25٪؛ بذور اليقطين 23٪؛ العدس 23٪؛ حبوب Garbanzo 23٪ ؛ الكاجو 21٪؛ تركيا 18٪ ؛ الكينوا 18٪ ؛ جمبري 17٪

The Tigray and TPLF are being Attacked Maliciously

A reader asked me on my inbox [why do you support the TPLF?]. Please any objective comment or question better to be posted on my relevant article, because it is not a personal matter, and for public benefit, and that saves my time. My answer is:

I researched deeply into the history of the region, and I wrote about it. I found that TPLF truly represents the Tigray people, who are from my researches the origin of the Amhara, Tigrinya, Jabarti and Tigre peoples.

TPLF and Tigray have great patriotic and religious history and achievements despite the continuous assaults from foreign Turkic Akkadians and Bedouin Amorites and Persian Abbasids since 900 AD and before that during the D’mt colony (1000-400 BC).

My opinion and support for Tigray and TPLF is not biased but based on respect and gratitude for their patriotic and religious heritage.

And I honestly believe that they should lead other Punt Lands peoples and they represent hope for the region to get rid of the consequences, corruption, criminality and deformities created by the bloody invasions of foreign bandits for 3000 years, which made the region synonymous with slavery, poverty, famine, feudal system, refugees, bloodshed, cruelty, civil wars, great disparities, ethnic attacks and underdevelopment.

Foreign bandits and their slavery-feudal elite collaborators now are controlling the Amhara, Tigrinya, Tigre, Jabarti, Afar, Oromo and Beja peoples.

This is the basic cause of Ethiopia’s total failures in almost all fields, despite Ethiopia’s and Eritrea’s huge wealth and human resources. These have to change quickly.

And the Tigray and TPLF must be treated fairly and given the leadership that they deserve but is now in the hands of Amhara elites who have foreign interests and backing, and a very shameful history that is devastating Ethiopia and the region.

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