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I came across one massive load of nonsense titled “Encyclopedia of African History, ISBN 0816051992, 9780816051991. Willie F. Page, Editor, Revised edition by R. Hunt Davis, Jr., Editor”, 2005, by The Learning Source, Ltd. (2176 pages)

Vol 1, is titled “Prehistory to 500 CE”. Do these guys really know what is “Prehistory”?

In their first map on page 9 titled “Africa and the Mediterranean Region: Major Empires and Kingdoms, 3000 BC-700 CE” it stated too many new and foreign names (Persia, Assyria, Egypt, Kush, Abyssinia and all of it) and ignored the genuine native names (Iran, Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, Dilmun, Magan, Meluhha, Kmt, Kerma and many others). Do these people and their so-called universities know these civilizations and their history???

That book stated that Egypt existed in 2700-1070 BC and Kush started in 2400 BC, and Aksum (500 BC-1000 AD) is different than Punt saying it began in 2000 and ended in 1500 BC!!!!! Do these people and their so-called universities know that Queen Hatshepsut, who visited the prosperous Punt, ruled in the period 1458-1425 BC????

Editor of First Edition, Willie F. Page is professor emeritus (retired) of Africana studies at Brooklyn College, in Brooklyn, New York. He is the author of numerous reviews and journal articles. His published works include The Dutch Triangle: The Netherlands and the Atlantic Slave Trade 1621–1664.

General Editor of Revised Edition R. Hunt Davis, Jr., Ph.D., is professor emeritus of history and African studies at the University of Florida. He received a Ph.D. in African studies from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Dr. Davis is an expert on the history of South Africa, African agricultural history, and the history of education in Africa. His published works include Mandela, Tambo, and the African National Congress (1991) and Apartheid Unravels (1991), along with numerous articles and book chapters. He served as director at the University of Florida Center for African Studies and is also a past editor of the African Studies Review.

Contributing Editors of Revised Edition Agnes Ngoma Leslie, Ph.D., outreach director, Center for African Studies, University of Florida. Dianne White Oyler, Ph.D., associate professor of history, Fayetteville State University

In my opinion, this bunch of contributors and universities are harmful to knowledge and any history.

Afrocentrism is working against Africans and history in general. They are serving their Hyksos masters since 1500 BC until today.

African Americans, Fulani and Turkic Mongolian Akkadian-Amorite Hyksos are really diverting Africans, particularly in West Africa and Maghreb, from their own history to use them against the history of Kmt, Kerma, Punt and Arabs, and even Europe.

Hyksos with Berber devastated West Africa and Maghreb and are using them along with ridiculous arguments to claim that the civilizations and the peoples of Kmt, Kerma and Punt were Negroid West African. Moreover, West Africans, particularly African Americans and Fulani bandits are satisfied with this hoax to fill and forge the gabs in their modern and ancient history under slavery since 1500 BC until 1700 AD, by books, public media or churches. Enough is enough. You must stop this nonsense and treason against Africa and Humanity.


Comments on: "African Americans and Fulani Bandits must come to Sense and be challenged" (1)

  1. Greetings good sir,

    I am an avid student of African history, its relationship to the middle east, and have been researching this subject for some years.

    I have been working on a paper for some time (correcting the lies and forgeries of Modern academia) and just a few weeks ago, came across your blog.

    This is truly divine, and may you be rewarded by the Almighty.

    Your work is amazing, and has basically verified everything I suspected. Especially what you wrote about Puntland being the true home of the Israelites (Lalibela is the true Jerusalem).

    However, this article is interesting. I agree whole heartedly that modern day Afrocentricism is not only pure idiocy, it is indeed an enemy to Africa and our cultural heritage.

    But I have one question….

    I noticed that you claimed the Fulani are one of the groups that was formed out of the Hyksos…

    From my research, the Hyksos (or their likes) were mainly the Mongrel horse raiders from Central Asia that even the Bible condemned (Chaldeans, Babylonians, Scynthians, same people). The only people in Africa who were notorious for horse raiding were the Berbers…

    And their African allies were the indigenous Numidians of North Africa.

    Is there a particular Fulani clan that you suppose aided the Libyans in their attacks against Kmt and other regions?…… Because my research reveals that some Fulani clans, mainly the Toorobe, are descendants of the Israelites who merged with Woodabe groups from the Senegambia and they originally spoke an Arabic dialect.

    I would truly appreciate your insight on this.

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