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This altercation with a Turkic Mongolian on began by him answering my objective messages supporting the 1st half of the 18th Dynasty of Kmt and accusing the 2nd half of treason. He responded yesterday saying:  [Thank you for all the messages and long letters that you wrote to me in many sites!

I don’t think that, without many years of ordinary studies in specialized departments and without learning two or three or even more ancient languages, one can speak about the topics you raise. You are not an historian to eventually challenge the predominant academic standpoint. So, you don’t write based on historical sources but on your personal feelings, being eventually guided by others.

History is not a History of Races, but a History of Spiritual Force and Material Implementation. There is no spiritual force without Truth, but you dwell in the darkness of the Lie and the Evil Distortion. Your attempt to establish an ethnic group categorization/classification is totally wrong and contradicts the written evidence (which you evidently never studied), but this is still a minor problem compared to more essential

Expressing support for the filthy and paranoid Satanist Hatshepsut, who dared to ask her scribes to present her as a product of theogamy is a sacrilege. It is blasphemous, inhuman and monstrous act. Only the evil and the ignorant people support her. The credit for the Expedition to Punt goes to the admiral Nehesy – not her. Tuthmose III and Akhenaten were the greatest pharaohs of the 18th dynasty. Their God is God. The abomination of Amun that Hatshepsut worshipped is Satan himself – a lower and evil spirit.

The only people to deny this fact are the evil Jesuits, i.e. Satan’s top organization on Earth, and the disreputable, paranoid pseudo-pope Francis I whose end will be more torturous and more excruciating than any other’s.

Do not reproduce the silly propaganda of the Amhara cholera! The ancestors of the Abyssinians have nothing to do with Hadhramaut or Mahra. Those places were out of their reach. From other lands in NW Yemen these incestuous pigs were thrown out in order to keep the land clean from their pestilence. Yemen was kept clean and an arid region of Eastern Africa became cursed because of their presence. Soon that place will also be cleaned, because no place on Earth will be left the Amhara contamination.

And why are you repeating their paranoid lies? Are you on the payroll of the criminal state of Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia)? In such case, you are a traitor and you have no place in Kemet / Masr.]

Tarig Anter: [You are a wretched hallucinating filthy ignorant. We will see who the brain and the soul to erase the stupid nonsense produced by the criminal Turkic Mongolians and their offshoots.]

Shamsaddin Megalommatis: [That’s what I thought; you are a venomous racist and a psychopath. Egypt is a good cage for you. By the way, I know many Fidjeki Nubians in Aswan. None is devilish and pathetic as you are. Most probably, you are not even a Nubian. Get lost!]

Tarig Anter: [Your name tell it all. Shamsaddin indicates Turkic Mongolian filth. What racism against criminal heterogeneous bandits. You are product villainous acts and you do not belong to any country or nation. I am certain you are from Hyksos offshoots and byproducts.

Very soon the Turkic Mongolian-Amorite bandits and their vassals will be well exposed in the world. The bandits of Akkadians; Hyksos; Berber; Hebrews/Jews; Kassites/Babylonians; Mitanni/Kurds (your bandit); Mukarribs/Sabaeans; Kushites; Romans; Persians; and Fulani reached their despicable end.

A shoe from Hatshepsut is much more valuable than all of you.]


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