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An Easy Course in the Discovered Ancient History in 100 Images Prepared by Tarig Anter

An Easy Course in the Discovered Ancient History in 100 Images Prepared by Tarig Anter (PDF)

An Easy Course in the Discovered Ancient History in 100 Images Prepared by Tarig Anter (Word)

دورة سهلة في التاريخ القديم المكتشف في 100 صورة إعداد طارق عنتر (PDF)

دورة سهلة في التاريخ القديم المكتشف في 100 صورة إعداد طارق عنتر (Word)


History in Images

Here is a PDF file containing 82 of images I made expressing my discoveries in history

Levantine Amorites want to take over Egypt by Any Means and they must be stopped

For more than 5 thousand years, the Levantine Amorites wanted to seize Kemet by any means and with any claim, no matter how absurd their claims were.

The Amorites deny that they are 90% of the Hyksos and that they are partners with the Turkic Mongolians. The Amorites also claim that they are Arabs, while they are Hebrews and Bedouins. They claim that Amorite invasion and colonization of Kemet and the exploiting and hijacking of the Message of Muhammad, and turning it into a colonial weapon is Islamic expansion.

The Amorites claim that the Arabs have been present in Kmt since ancient times. The Amorites also claim that the people of the Kmt civilization are Arab, and they mean by that they were Amorites. The Amorites deceive and deny that they infiltrated and are still infiltrating Kmt in order to control and seize Kmt.

The Amorites deny that they are the Hebrews, Kurds, Babylonians and Sabaeans, and they are partners with the Persians, the Turks and the Romans. The Amorites of Levant claim that their infiltration into the ancient Kmt, which continues to this day, is peaceful with pretexts of Islamism, Arabism and asylum.

The Amorites deny that King Menes expelled them in 3100 BC because they were foreign attackers and took advantage of the formation of the new land in the Delta swamps to hide and wage crimes. The Amorites also claim that King Menes united two countries and that the northern imaginary country was theirs and they were the ones who developed the Delta of Lower Egypt.

The Amorite Hyksos claim that they have legitimate historical rights in Kmt, Arabia, Sumer, Ebla and Ugarit. The Amorites deny, ignore and challenge the existence and originality of the people and civilizations in the region, namely the Kmt, Ebla, Ugarit, Sumer, Dilmun, Magan, Meluhha, Punt, Kerma, Libu, Iran and Aegean

The Amorites claim that the Hebrew Hyksos, who they are part of, are from the Children of Israel. The Amorites claim that Aelia Capitolina, which is the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Jesus holy sites, is the lost Jerusalem, the site of Solomon’s Temple. The Amorite Hebrew Hyksos claim that the Hebrew entity of today was the Kingdom of the Children of Israel in the past; and that Palestinians are Arab

The Amorites claim that Thutmose III and Akhenaten were heroes because they betrayed Kmt and joined them to destroy and occupy Ugarit and Ebla. The Amorites Hebrew Hyksos deny that they overthrew and destroyed Ugarit, and established the colonies of Phoenicia and Canaan in the north and south of Ugarit.

The Amorite Hebrew Hyksos claim that the heavenly messages are religions to use them in invasion and occupation of peoples and countries. They ignore the role of Levant as the center for the Umayyads, Abbasids, Ottomans, Zionism, Pan-nationalism and terrorism. The Amorites, the Hebrew Hyksos, deny their role in sabotaging societies, behavior, and religious, media, academic, artistic and political institutions.

The Amorites claim that the Hebrews Hyksos participated in building the Pyramids; and that Sinai belonged to them, that the Delta were theirs, and that they had a role in the civilization in Kemet. The Hyksos Hebrew Amorites claim that Levant is the heart of Arabism and the Arab national resurrection, and they pretend that they have a conflict with the Hebrew entity. The Amorites, the Hebrew Hyksos, deny that they are currently occupying with their Persian partners the state of Lebanon, which is north of Ugarit as well as south of Ugarit.

Amorites, Hebrews, Hyksos, Sabaeans, Kurds, Babylonians, Turks, and Turkic Mongolians must be totally exposed and stopped from destroying and threatening the entire region.

Tesla on life Energy, Frequency and Vibration

Perhaps, Life is made up of several worlds occupying the same space and Time as we know it

However, lives have different frequencies. Our limited senses do not feel them, nor do they feel us, and we do not intersect in anything.

Your quiet sleeping place in your home may be a noisy busy train station for creatures living in another world at different frequency.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla.

To explain this quote:

Beings are body, soul and mind

Realms are matter, place and time

Universes are object, space and motion

All beings, realms and universes live in different energy, frequency and vibration

الحياة عبارة عن عدة عوالم تشغل نفس الحيز الذي نعرفه بالمكان والزمان

ربما الحياة عبارة عن عدة عوالم تشغل نفس الحيز الذي نعرفه بالمكان والزمان. ولكن الحيوات لهم ترددات مختلفة. فلا تشعر بهم حواسنا المحدودة ولا هم يشعرون بنا ولا نتقاطع في شيء.

فمكان نومك الهادئ الذي تشغله في بيتك ربما يكون محطة قطار مزعج لمخلوقات تعيش في عالم آخر

“إذا كنت ترغب في العثور على أسرار الكون فكر في الطاقة والتردد والاهتزاز.” نيكولا تيسلا.

لشرح هذه المقولة العبقرية نجد أن:

الكائنات هم جسد وروح وعقل

العوالم هم مادة ومكان وزمان

الأكوان هم كواكب وفضاء وحركة

فجميع الكائنات والعوالم والأكوان يعيشون في مجالات طاقة مختلفة وترددات واهتزازات مختلفة. ولا يشعرون ببعضهم

A 124 pages on Academia edu mention Tarig Anter

A 124 papers on Academia edu mention Tarig Anter. However, I do not follow any known academic methodology, and I completely oppose it. They produced allegations and lies; and they published in all so-called references and sources in many issues that are definitely wrong. For example, saying that King Menes united two countries, or claim that the Muhammadan Message is called Islam; or that Aelia Capitolina is called Jerusalem, or that the first Jews are from the Children of Israel, or that peoples and tribes emigrate in mass, or the theory of evolution and development, or religious creation, and many more

I have used the Academia website for two years mainly as a storage drive for my short opinion articles, and I make sure that one article does not exceed 700 words or a single page. I do not write them carefully, nor with any prevailing methodology and without references. In addition, I do not fill in the required fields such as tags and fields, and in the subject because it is mandatory, write the History only

The neglect and confusion of the academic community on very important issues have no justification or reason. Rather, they are considered a clear condemnation and evidence of the failure of their approach followed in history researches.

For example, the civilizations of Dilmun, Magan, and Malluha, as well as the origin of the Hyksos and Akkadians, the history of the establishment of Phoenicia, Canaan, Carthage and Numidia, the emergence of Palestine, the language of the Torah of Moses, the history of the Hebrew language, the relationship of the Ge’ez language with Arabic, the formation and history of the Lands of Punt, the history of single hump camel and horse domestication and its relationship to the history of the region and divine messages

For example, no one in the academic field says or discusses the following of its truthfulness and importance:

It is now clear to me that the state of the Ugarit civilization on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean and with what is known today as Lebanon as its center was looted and devastated by an alliance between Thutmose III (1458-1425 BC) with the Hebrew who branched from the Hyksos who were expelled by King Ahmose I in 1523 BC

Thutmose III arranged an alliance with the Hebrews and invaded the center of the state of Ugarit only six months after the death of Queen Hatshepsut, who was patriotic and against the Hebrews and the rest of the expelled Hyksos

The Battle of Megiddo took place in 1457 BC, and Thutmose III forces with the Hebrews of the Hyksos defeated the Kings of Ugarit and overthrew them.

He plundered the cedar trees and handed over the defeated Ugarit to the Hebrews to make a colony called Phoenicia to undertake the supply of cedar wood to Thutmose III on a regular basis.

Phoenicia became the springboard for the Hebrews to launch piracy all over the Mediterranean. Hebrews used it to create Carthage colony and its colonies.

Then the Hebrews brought groups from the Mediterranean coasts to displace the people of southern Ugarit in what was their colony they called Canaan. The Hebrews called the foreign settlers they brought Palestinians.

Thutmose III was the wickedest traitor in the region and he must be brought to trial on charges of high treason 3,500 years after his death

There are too many wrong information making a useful dialogue a daunting task

There was no kingdom in the swamps of the Delta of Kmt (Ancient Egypt) before 3100 BC when King Menes expelled Amorite settlers and created 20 new Nomes in the wet land and imposed the authorities of Kmt on them. King Menes did not unify two kingdoms but expanded the only existing 22 Nomes and kingdoms and became king of kings.

The only major peoples and civilizations of the region were Kmt, Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer, Iran, the Arabs of Dilmun, Magan, and Meluhha, Punt and Kerma. The Hyksos were 90% Amorites on foot plus 10% Turkic Mongolians on horses, who were known as Akkadians before they were expelled from Sumer in 2154 BC

The expelled Hyksos fled east in 1523 BC branched into four bandits each one targeting a nation. Hebrews; Kassites; Mitanni and Mukarribs against Ugarit; southern Sumer; Ebla and Arab kingdoms.

The Hebrews colonized Ugarit and created a colony in its north calling it Phoenicia; and a colony in south Ugarit calling it ki-na-aḫ-na; in 580 BC turned to Canaan. The Hebrews used the resources, expertise and labor of Ugarit to create naval piracy. They invaded and colonized North Africa and resettled the Ugarit creating Carthage and Carthaginian Hebrew colonies. While expelling the Ugarit the Hebrews brought labor and slaves from the Mediterranean who were called Palestinians.

The Hyksos bandits of Hebrew; Kassites; Mitanni and Mukarribs changed their names to Jews; Babylonians; Kurds and Sabaeans in 580 BC after they, with Turkic Mongolians, defeated the allied armies of Kmt and Assyrians in the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC.

The Late Bronze Age great collapse in 1177 BC was direct result of long wide invasions and looting by East Asian Turkic Mongolian bandits that devastated all states and civilizations in the region.

The Romans were part of Asian Turkic Mongolian bandits made their first village Rome in 753 BC. They were savage male-only small group who destroyed the Etruscans and others and took their women. The Germanic and all European peoples were much more civilized than the early and later Romans

The Hyksos who were cut off and stranded in North Africa took two alternative routes to reconnect with the Hyksos of the Levant. By sea, they crossed the Mediterranean with help of the Carthaginians and went to Troy and were involved, with their West African black slaves, in their wars against the Aegeans. On land, the western Hyksos allied with the Meshwesh Berber to take slaves and mercenaries from West Africa. This amalgamation is the pale and black Fulani.

Pale and black Fulani invaded the southern Nile Valley regions and created Kordofan colony to attack the kingdoms of Kerma civilization since 1500 BC. Kerma states and its neighbors fell in 1000 BC shortly after the Hyksos from east, west and within Kmt caused the fall of Kmt New Kingdom in 1070 BC

Kerma was devastated by Fulani several bandits who were shocked by the victory of the 24th Dynasty in Kmt who expelled the 22nd and 23rd Hyksos dynasties of colonizers in Kmt. The Fulani brought their bandits under one warlord in 780 BC and called it Kush kingdom to invade and colonize Kmt and assist the defeated Hyksos particularly the Hebrews in colonized southern Ugarit

The Hyksos Mukarribs made a colony for plunder and slavery in Eritrea, whose name was D’mt in 1000 BC. It attacked the peoples and the kingdom of Sheba in the Tigray and the kingdom of Israel in the Afar. After the death of King Solomon in 930 BC, Mukarribs invaded, and looted the Kingdom of Israel. Some Judah rebels assisted them and took rule after the division of Israel. In 580 BC Hyksos of Babylon instructed them to destroy the Temple and enslave and disperse the Ten Tribes then to come to create Jews and Judaism

ابتسامة قناع سارديني من أصل قرطاجي – فينيقي – هكسوسي – عبراني
Sardinian mask smile of Carthaginian – Phoenician – Hyksosian – Hebrew origin

Pagan and Hebrew symbols of the Turkic Muhamadiyah, Sufism, Carthage, the Ummah Party, and mosques
وثنية وعبرانية شعارات التركمحمدية والصوفية وقرطاج وحزب الامة والمساجد

فينيقيا وكنعان مستعمرتان للعبرانيين. أحد أربع (والآخرون هم كيشيون بابليون وكرد ميتاني ومكرب سبئيون) تفرعوا من هكسوس مطرودين هم 90 ٪ عموريون و 10 ٪ تركمنغول

فينيقيا وكنعان تحتلان موطن حضارة أوغاريت من طرطوس إلى رفح

طرد العبرانيون الأوغاريت واستخدموهم لقيام قرطاج ومستعمراتها. عدم العلم كارثة

Phoenicia and Canaan were two colonies for the Hebrews. One of four (the others being the Kassites Babylonians, Mitanni Kurds, and Mukarribs Sabaeans) branched from expelled Hyksos who were 90% Amorites and 10% Turkic Mongolians

Phoenicia and Canaan occupy the home of the Ugarit civilization from Tartus to Rafah

Ugarit expelled and used Ugarit to establish Carthage and its colonies. Not knowing is a disaster

Who plundered King Solomon’s wealth, destroyed his capital, Jerusalem, and scattered the people of Israel?

King Solomon was born in 990 BC and ruled the period 970-930 BC in the Kingdom of Israel in the Afar Triangle. In about 950 BC, the Queen of Sheba from the Tigray region visited him, and her name was Makeda. It is well known that King Solomon’s enormous treasures disappeared immediately after his death. This refers to a major looting that took place and destroyed the real kingdom of Israel and destroyed the temple of King Solomon in the real city of Jerusalem, which is located in the Afar region in present-day Ethiopia.

The Hyksos are gangs consisting of 90% of the infantry Amorites from the Bedouins of Jordan and the deserts of Syria and Iraq, plus 10% of the Turkic Mongolians on horses from East Asia who were Akkadians in Sumer. Four gangs branched out of the Hyksos expelled from Kmt in 1523 BC, were the Hebrews in Jordan, the Mitanni in Syria, the Kassites in southern Iraq, and the Mukarribs in the Arab kingdoms. The gangs looted and cut off the trade routes between Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, Kmt and the Arabs. The Mukarribs invaded southwestern Arabia in Yemen, which is east of Punt Lands, since 1200 BC, from which they crossed Bab al-Mandab to west of the Red Sea in Eritrea, western side of Punt Lands, first in a peaceful and exploratory manner due to the large number and strength of the peoples of Western Punt Lands.

In 1177 BC, the large-scale repeated invasions of the Turkic Mongolian gangs from East Asia resulted in the fall of the kingdoms of Anatolian civilizations known as Asia Minor and the kingdoms of the civilizations of the Aegean Sea. The fall of the kingdoms marked the beginning of the Great Collapse of the Late Bronze Age. The attacks of Turkic Mongolians increased and expanded in eastern and southern Mediterranean, and the bands of the Hebrews and Mitanni from the expelled Hyksos participated in their invasions.

The people of the Ugarit civilization were originally from the coasts of the Mediterranean from Tartus to Rafah. The Hebrews, along with the Turkic Mongolians, occupied Ugarit in 1177 BC and called the north Phoenicia and the south ki-na-aḫ-i, which in 580 BC became Canaan. Hebrews and Turkic Mongolians used the expertise and resources of Ugarit people in the Phoenician colony for piracy and made Carthaginian colonies in North Africa. Piracy gangs brought groups from Mediterranean and settled them in Canaan to be Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza to occupy southern Ugarit and colonize the people of Ugarit.

Gang attacks on land and at sea caused the sabotage or destruction of most civilizations in the region, including the states and civilizations of Kmt, Anatolia, the Aegean Sea, Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer and the Arabs. While the colonies of the Hebrews in Phoenicia, Canaan, Carthage, Philistia and the Sea Peoples, as well as the Mukarribs colonies in Yemen, that period was an era of power and wealth for them. The ambitions and hostility of the malicious Mukarribs in Yemen increased towards the countries of Punt in the West

The Mukarribs made a colony for plunder and slavery, whose name was D’mt in 1000 BC in Eritrea. It started attacking the peoples and the kingdom of Sheba in the Tigray and the kingdom of Israel in the Afar triangle. However, the strength and size of the people and the wealth of the kingdoms of Sheba and Israel resisted the Mukarribs gangs of D’mt. Nevertheless, immediately after the death of King Solomon in 930 BC, Mukarribs gangs took advantage of the opportunity, invaded, and plundered the Kingdom of Israel. Among those who collaborated with them were rebellious individuals from the tribe of Judah to the House of Israel, who aspired to have power and wealth in their hands after the death of Solomon. This is the same as what the Amhara class of rulers is doing in Ethiopia since 1200 AD

Jerusalem, the capital of the Kingdom of the House of Israel, and the Temple fell into the hands of an alliance of D’mt and Judah and thus the Kingdom of Judah was established. The presence and authority of the rest of the tribes of the Children of Israel was confined to the northern edge of the first kingdom of Israel, which was known as the Samaritan because they were the majority of the Semites next to the Tigray region, their former allies. Looting, slavery, and trade of the Kingdom of Judah with the Mukarribs of Yemen increased, and the supply of goods to the wealthy colonies of the Hebrews in Ebla, Babylon, Phoenicia, and Canaan. During that period, the wealth of King Solomon was partially looted and transferred to the Hyksos in northern Arabia and Levant

The Turkic Mongolian gangs in Eastern Europe and Asia Minor expanded westward and established in 753 BC small, backward village of Rome, which did not have women and kids. The Romans plundered southern Europe and its coasts, and the Phoenician-Hebrew Carthage plundered Africa and its northern coasts

After the victory of the alliance of the branches of the Hyksos and the Turkic Mongolians in the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC over Kmt and Assyria, the Hyksos in Babylon decided to convert the colony of Canaan into a forged version of the Kingdom of Israel and Jerusalem so that they could claim that the Hebrews, who were renamed to Jews, are from the children of Israel and have a divine right to a colony near Kmt to controls the trade routes between Kmt, Sumer and Arabia. The Tanakh was invented by merging the heritage and stories of the Children of Israel with the heritage and stories of the neighboring peoples, and the Hebrew language was invented by mixing the language of Ge’ez from Punt Lands with the Aramaic, Amorite Canaanite and Akkadian languages. The Tanakh was called the Hebrew Torah, which is opposite and contradictory to the Torah of Moses, which disappeared and was written in the language of Ge’ez, which was also destroyed.

Therefore, they carried out total looting and destruction of Solomon’s Temple and the original Jerusalem in the Afar Triangle to establish a copy of the Kingdom of Israel and the real Jerusalem in the lands of Canaan and Jebus/ Aelia Capitolina in southern Ugarit with that money and heritage. The originals were destroyed so that it would not compete with fake Israel and fake Jerusalem, which were forged in Canaan and to expose the Hyksos and the falseness of the origin of the Jews and their lack of connection at all with the Children of Israel.

It was decided to enslave and disperse the ten tribes of the children of Israel from the northern kingdom who challenged the kingdom of Judah and the Mukarribs of the Hyksos. The members of the ten tribes of the Children of Israel were sold into slavery on the coasts of Arabia and to ships in the Red Sea and in the jungles of Central, East and North Africa. Thus, the children of Israel were dispersed, and they no longer have a known existence and entity today

The Tanakh or Hebrew Bible or Old Testament is very unreliable

Moses was born on the shores of Lake Tana in Gondar region. He fled to Beja land in the north of Punt Lands (now part of the West-North Africans colony called the Sudan). God spoke to him and instructed him to lead the Israelites and evacuate Gondar and take them to a new homeland in Promised Land.

Moses and the Israelites were instructed by king of Gondar to leave without taking their wealth. They fled secretly and crossed a seasonal wide river. The river became dry briefly during their crossing then flooded the pursuing forces of king of Gondar. They took refuge in the ranges of Simien Mountains where God spoke to Moses and gave him the Ten Commandments and the Torah written in Ge’ez.

The Israelites were instructed to move on to their new homeland in the Afar Tringle in the Rift region.

One of the absurdities of the Tanakh/Hebrew Torah is that they say that in the fifth year of Rehoboam’s reign, which lasted 17 years, Rehoboam, who is claimed to be Solomon’s son or successor, gave a king called Sheshak all the treasures of the temple as a tribute.

They don’t know the exact name of the king to whom they gave King Solomon’s entire fortune

The truth is that the Hyksos Mukarribs with traitors from the tribe of Judah looted and sold the treasures of King Solomon to the Hyksos of Levant after the death of Solomon

They kept the temple empty until the Hyksos of Babylon in 600 BC ordered them to destroy the temple, captivate and sell the members of the ten tribes who claim that they were lost or disappeared and to come to Babylon to begin inventing the Jews and Judaism

The period from the death of Solomon in 930 BC until the year 600 BC was the looting and slavery of the peoples of Punt Lands

The strange Tanakh mentions that a king among them named Asa was invaded by an Ethiopian army numbering one million, led by an Ethiopian named Zerah in 900 BC. How did a huge Ethiopian army of one million arrived coming via or from Egypt or other country? They do not explain this, nor do they say why the Egyptians did not record a great event and such an army, which, according to them, includes Libyans.

The Tanakh intentionally mixes events that happened to the children of Israel in the Afar in Ethiopia with completely different events that occurred with the Hebrew Hyksos in the south of Ugarit, which they called Canaan

ابتسامة قناع سارديني من أصل قرطاجي – فينيقي – هكسوسي – عبراني
Sardinian mask smile of Carthaginian – Phoenician – Hyksosian – Hebrew origin

Pagan and Hebrew symbols of the Turkic Muhamadiyah, Sufism, Carthage, the Ummah Party, and mosques
وثنية وعبرانية شعارات التركمحمدية والصوفية وقرطاج وحزب الامة والمساجد

فينيقيا وكنعان مستعمرتان للعبرانيين. أحد أربع (والآخرون هم كيشيون بابليون وكرد ميتاني ومكرب سبئيون) تفرعوا من هكسوس مطرودين هم 90 ٪ عموريون و 10 ٪ تركمنغول

فينيقيا وكنعان تحتلان موطن حضارة أوغاريت من طرطوس إلى رفح

طرد العبرانيون الأوغاريت واستخدموهم لقيام قرطاج ومستعمراتها. عدم العلم كارثة

Phoenicia and Canaan were two colonies for the Hebrews. One of four (the others being the Kassites Babylonians, Mitanni Kurds, and Mukarribs Sabaeans) branched from expelled Hyksos who were 90% Amorites and 10% Turkic Mongolians

Phoenicia and Canaan occupy the home of the Ugarit civilization from Tartus to Rafah

Ugarit expelled and used Ugarit to establish Carthage and its colonies. Not knowing is a disaster

Why Languages and genetics are not history tools?

Different regions on Earth and in the Universe created different indigenous species of humans, plants, animals, microorganisms and structures without any foreign interference; as if they were living in different planets. Certainly, humans (with S) species do not migrate like birds, locust or fish.

The first couple of every nation sprouted from their own soil and water separately depending on the environment. Then they multiplied sexually. In addition, nations do not migrate or mix at all.

Humans are too many different and distinct species. It is true that humans are different creatures having apparent and deceptive similarities. Single origin and mass migrations are just religious and academic mythologies unsupported by any evidence or even logic and common sense.

Each nation got heavenly language, message, messengers and written or verbal holy book of their own. All messages are supposed to be local. However, all messages lead the nations to one eternal Religion.

The so-called Jews in Lemba of Zimbabwe or in Nigeria and elsewhere are certainly victims of slavery or colonization from small foreign bandits that erased their true history and replaced it with myth to justify and explain foreign attacks. Early and recent Jews are not Israelites at all; and there is no Israelites other than in Punt Lands on West and East of southern half of the Red Sea

The Amhara, Tigrinya and Tigre are ruling regimes created, installed, served, and collaborated with the Turkic Mongolian and Amorite regime of the Abbasids in looting and slavery that colonized Western and Eastern Punt Lands.

The Turkic Mongolian-Amorite Abbasids made the Amhara, Tigrinya and Tigre ruling regimes 300 years after the destruction and annihilation of Axum Empire of Greater Tigray in 930 AD on the hands of bandits of slaves led by a woman called Yodit. The defeat of Greater resulted in dividing it into lesser Tigray, Amhara, Tigrinya and Tigre

Amhara was Turkic Mongolians influenced. Tigrinya and Tigre were under Amorites and Sabaeans control. The Turkic Mongolian-Amorite-Sabaean differences between Amhara, Tigrinya and Tigre are still evident.

The greatest threat for Life is the Turkic Mongolian globally controlled media. All nations are under continuous attacks since 2400 BC from Turkic Mongolian bandits on horses. They are bandits and not nations. Nations must fight back and defeat these savage bandits.

Life is under great threats of the secretly declared WW3 from Turkic Mongolians. They are using pandemics, media, drugs, gender fluidity, Liberalism, Communism, Zionism, UN, EU, terrorism, institutional forgery of divine messages, regional conflicts, arms trade and controlled illegal migrations to destroy all nations and create their globalist hegemony.

The World was taking it easy since 2400 BC but now it is the end game. The whole world must confront the leadership of the Turkic Mongolians and the Amorites. This leadership of the gangs that secretly declared World War III is the Chinese Communist Party, which occupies the people and state of the Han.

The prevailing political system and the so-called Democracy must be corrected urgently. Nations need true and effective representative system, and not just corrupt political parties and fake and forged elections. Nations need Three Dimensional Democracy (3DD) by which every citizen elects three representatives for social, economic and political wider representation

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