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There was no kingdom in the swamps of the Delta of Kmt (Ancient Egypt) before 3100 BC when King Menes expelled Amorite settlers and created 20 new Nomes in the wet land and imposed the authorities of Kmt on them. King Menes did not unify two kingdoms but expanded the only existing 22 Nomes and kingdoms and became king of kings.

The only major peoples and civilizations of the region were Kmt, Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer, Iran, the Arabs of Dilmun, Magan, and Meluhha, Punt and Kerma. The Hyksos were 90% Amorites on foot plus 10% Turkic Mongolians on horses, who were known as Akkadians before they were expelled from Sumer in 2154 BC

The expelled Hyksos fled east in 1523 BC branched into four bandits each one targeting a nation. Hebrews; Kassites; Mitanni and Mukarribs against Ugarit; southern Sumer; Ebla and Arab kingdoms.

The Hebrews colonized Ugarit and created a colony in its north calling it Phoenicia; and a colony in south Ugarit calling it ki-na-aḫ-na; in 580 BC turned to Canaan. The Hebrews used the resources, expertise and labor of Ugarit to create naval piracy. They invaded and colonized North Africa and resettled the Ugarit creating Carthage and Carthaginian Hebrew colonies. While expelling the Ugarit the Hebrews brought labor and slaves from the Mediterranean who were called Palestinians.

The Hyksos bandits of Hebrew; Kassites; Mitanni and Mukarribs changed their names to Jews; Babylonians; Kurds and Sabaeans in 580 BC after they, with Turkic Mongolians, defeated the allied armies of Kmt and Assyrians in the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC.

The Late Bronze Age great collapse in 1177 BC was direct result of long wide invasions and looting by East Asian Turkic Mongolian bandits that devastated all states and civilizations in the region.

The Romans were part of Asian Turkic Mongolian bandits made their first village Rome in 753 BC. They were savage male-only small group who destroyed the Etruscans and others and took their women. The Germanic and all European peoples were much more civilized than the early and later Romans

The Hyksos who were cut off and stranded in North Africa took two alternative routes to reconnect with the Hyksos of the Levant. By sea, they crossed the Mediterranean with help of the Carthaginians and went to Troy and were involved, with their West African black slaves, in their wars against the Aegeans. On land, the western Hyksos allied with the Meshwesh Berber to take slaves and mercenaries from West Africa. This amalgamation is the pale and black Fulani.

Pale and black Fulani invaded the southern Nile Valley regions and created Kordofan colony to attack the kingdoms of Kerma civilization since 1500 BC. Kerma states and its neighbors fell in 1000 BC shortly after the Hyksos from east, west and within Kmt caused the fall of Kmt New Kingdom in 1070 BC

Kerma was devastated by Fulani several bandits who were shocked by the victory of the 24th Dynasty in Kmt who expelled the 22nd and 23rd Hyksos dynasties of colonizers in Kmt. The Fulani brought their bandits under one warlord in 780 BC and called it Kush kingdom to invade and colonize Kmt and assist the defeated Hyksos particularly the Hebrews in colonized southern Ugarit

The Hyksos Mukarribs made a colony for plunder and slavery in Eritrea, whose name was D’mt in 1000 BC. It attacked the peoples and the kingdom of Sheba in the Tigray and the kingdom of Israel in the Afar. After the death of King Solomon in 930 BC, Mukarribs invaded, and looted the Kingdom of Israel. Some Judah rebels assisted them and took rule after the division of Israel. In 580 BC Hyksos of Babylon instructed them to destroy the Temple and enslave and disperse the Ten Tribes then to come to create Jews and Judaism

ابتسامة قناع سارديني من أصل قرطاجي – فينيقي – هكسوسي – عبراني
Sardinian mask smile of Carthaginian – Phoenician – Hyksosian – Hebrew origin

Pagan and Hebrew symbols of the Turkic Muhamadiyah, Sufism, Carthage, the Ummah Party, and mosques
وثنية وعبرانية شعارات التركمحمدية والصوفية وقرطاج وحزب الامة والمساجد

فينيقيا وكنعان مستعمرتان للعبرانيين. أحد أربع (والآخرون هم كيشيون بابليون وكرد ميتاني ومكرب سبئيون) تفرعوا من هكسوس مطرودين هم 90 ٪ عموريون و 10 ٪ تركمنغول

فينيقيا وكنعان تحتلان موطن حضارة أوغاريت من طرطوس إلى رفح

طرد العبرانيون الأوغاريت واستخدموهم لقيام قرطاج ومستعمراتها. عدم العلم كارثة

Phoenicia and Canaan were two colonies for the Hebrews. One of four (the others being the Kassites Babylonians, Mitanni Kurds, and Mukarribs Sabaeans) branched from expelled Hyksos who were 90% Amorites and 10% Turkic Mongolians

Phoenicia and Canaan occupy the home of the Ugarit civilization from Tartus to Rafah

Ugarit expelled and used Ugarit to establish Carthage and its colonies. Not knowing is a disaster


Comments on: "There are too many wrong information making a useful dialogue a daunting task" (2)

  1. You write alot of great information, but you clearly have a bias against West Africans which slightly jades your perspective on history.

    I even remember you wrote that Moorish Science Temple was influenced by Haile Selassie’s ascension to power, which is completely untrue as Noble Drew Ali had nothing to do with anything regarding Ethiopia.

    Anyway, I love what you write but you make a few claims that show your bias against certain tribes.

    What evidence do you have that it was the Fulbe people that found Kush and commited these atrocities thousands of years ago?…. You have so many different ethnic groups in the region (Siwa, Toubou, Zaghawa, Nubians, Dinka, Somalis, Mero, etc). How are you so sure that out of all these groups, it was specifically the Fulani from all those centuries ago?

    Is there anything written in Fulfude that has been uncovered?..

    . I agree with the Berber part (at least some Berber related groups, as they were known for introducing horses into Africa). But the Fulani part is a stretch.

    Now if you want to talk about the 16th, 17th Century, I completely agree. After the fall of Songhai, many rogue elements amongst the Fulbe committed many atrocities across the Sahel…. But in ancient times? I’m not convinced, especially considering that ethnic lines evolve over time.

    I’m not writing this out of disrespect, btw. I just want the truth to be linear so humanity can be freed from the grips of these wicked Zionis forces… and I know these wicked people have an agenda against African Moslems and “Horners”, as these are the biggest threat to theor wicked plans.

    Peace to you.

    • I cannot and I am not against any African people. But definitely I abhor North and West African pale and black Fulani bandits and these criminals are not any people or nation or tribe just like any mafia and criminal groups.
      Moors and Haile Selassie and Amhara elite and Kush are bandits.
      No true African were involved in ancient and modern slavery, ethnic violence and wars, colonial Jihad, terrorism coup d’états, collaborations, fake ancestries and scattered all over Africa like Fulani and Berber bandits

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