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The ancient Egyptians and they are a people of Kmt, there were no Pharaohs among them, and no one of the Children of Israel lived among them at all. Pharaoh is any tyrannical ruler and the people of Kmt are the ones who called the Hyksos colonizer the title of pharaoh because they do not call them a king, which is Nesso by the language of Kmt

The pharaohs are the rulers of the Hyksos group. The Hyksos are 90% of infantry Bedouin Amorites of the, with 10% of Bedouins Turkic Mongolians came from East Asia on horseback.

The Hebrews are a branch of the expelled Hyksos. The Hebrews are not from the children of Israel.

All the allegations of relations between the ancient Egyptians with Pharaohs; and with the Children of Israel and their stories are the invention of the Amorites because they want to seize the north of Kmt since five thousand years.

Amorites also want to pass allegations that the Hebrews have a right of a colony in the south of Ugarit, call it Palestine and Israel, which is neither Palestine nor Israel. There was no Jerusalem in that region and the region have never seen the Children of Israel.

The south of Ugarit is occupied, it was the colony of Canaan for the Hebrews, and the north of Ugarit, which is currently Lebanon, was occupied by the colony of Phoenicia for the Hebrews.

May God deliver the region forever from the Amorite Hyksos, along with their Turkic Mongolian partners and their Hebrew, Babylonian, Kurdish, Sabaean, and Kushite branches. The peoples of Kmt, Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer, the Arabs, Iran, and the peoples of the Aegean Sea, Punt Lands, Kerma and Libya had suffered too long and greatly and for five thousand years from the Amorite nomads and their partners the Turkic Mongolians

This destruction, infringement, forgery, misrepresentation and backwardness have to end and people must understand and stop it once and forever

The Hyksos are the pharaohs, the Hebrews, the Kurds, the Babylonians, and the Mukarribs, and the Kushis

The unjust defamation done to the Arabs and the distortion of their reputation in the region and in the world is caused by the fact that the Amorite Bedouins claim to be Arabs.

Because the Amorite Bedouins invaded and occupied the civilizations and countries of the Arabs and the peoples of Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, Kmt, Punt and Libya, and they claimed that this invasion and occupation was Arab conquests and religiously motivated.

If the Middle East and Maghreb had not been infected with the epidemic of the Amorites five thousand years ago, the peoples of the region would have been at the top of the world and had farms on planets

The world witness the region is the home of many great civilizations, and this is not a coincidence. However, today the Middle East and Maghreb all are in tatters because of the Amorites


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