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Amorite Bedouins of the Levant are not Arabs ay all, but they dropped their language and learned Arabic during their colonization to Arabs

The Arabs built three ancient major states and civilizations: Dilmun in the East; Magan in the West and Meluhha in the South. These three states and civilizations are forgotten and hidden

Amorite Bedouins of the Levant invaded and colonized Arabs since 1500 BC and claim they are the Arabs while the genuine Arabs became extinct

Those who colonized Egypt since 343 BC until 1952 AD were regimes offshoots of the Hyksos and not by nations

The Hyksos are mix of 90% Amorite Bedouins of the Levant plus 10% Turkic Mongolian Bedouins of East Asia

Egypt expelled Amorite settlers several times then when they came as part of the Hyksos Egypt expelled the Hyksos in 1523 BC. The Hyksos remained around Egypt working to invade it again

The expelled Hyksos branched into Hebrews; Mitanni; Kassites and Mukarribs. In 600 BC, they became Jews; Kurds; Babylonians and Sabaeans

The Egyptian nation is always populous nation, and invading and colonizing regimes and groups can ever change the Egyptian genetic composition

The Egyptian nation can easily swallow, digest and erase any colonial regime and group because they are big and have solid heritage written on stone

The Egyptian nation turned to Arabic speaking nation not because Arabs became Egyptians but because of the rule of regimes of Amorite and Turkic Bedouins of the Hyksos, who are not Arabs but speak Arabic

Should colonization change the ethnic composition many nations would had been Turkic, pale and Asiatic

The nations of the region are only Kmt, Kerma, Punt, Arabs, Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer, Amorites, Iran, Aegean Sea, and Libu. Other than these are just foreign regimes and small groups of no ethnic weight

West Africans and African Americans, especially Fulani groups, must mind their own businesses and fix problems; and leave East Africa and West Asia to mind their own businesses and fix problems.

It is highly needed from West Africans and African Americans to investigate their true history and the results of Hyksos-Berber invasions and slavery and the roles played by the Fulani groups and jihadists in Trans-Atlantic and Mediterranean slavery

West Africans and Africans American are attacking and defaming Egypt to serve their masters who shipped them to the Americas. This is certainly a Fulani agenda


Comments on: "West Africans and African Americans claim falsely that the Egyptians became Arabs" (3)

  1. I have read the Hyksos are the same as the amalekites. Is that true?

    • The Babylonian tales of the Talmud concocted in 580 BC describe a disappeared group as the Amalekites and the purpose of these tales are to hide the Amorite origin of the Hyksos who part of them became the Hebrew. Those tales claim that Amalekites are different from Amorites and thus not Hyksos. They try to explain the alleged disappearance of the Amorites.
      Amalekites = Hyksos = Amorites =
      Hebrews+Kurds+Babylonians+Sabaeans =

  2. I can agree with your point about American “Pro-black” people, but to say West Africans is narrow minded. Which West Africans do you see wasting their time on this stuff except Westernized Liberal Africans from Nigeria and maybe Ghana?

    This is certainly not a Fulani agenda. Most Fulani don’t even pay attention to this stuff. In fact, these Afrocentrics commonly attack Fulani people and make up baseless lies.

    If you want to to talk about Fulani that have allowed themselves to be “Berberized”, I agree…… But to just blanket all Fulani is ludicrous. The “Hyksos” you speak of cannot benefit from people like Fulani or any African Muslim, they need degenerate Africans with vain and criminal tendencies for their global agenda.

    That’s why they are lying about what is really happening in Nigeria.

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