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The Fall of the Amorite Hyksos Hebrews Jews, and the Rise of the Khazars

In 740 AD, the Turkic Mongolian part of the Hyksos decided to create an entity called the Abbasids to replace the entity of the Amorite Hyksos called the Umayyads. The influence of the Amorite Hyksos had risen strongly after gathering the powers of using the forged copies of the three heavenly messages. The Amorite Hyksos became the leaders in Islam while they were the Hebrew Jews.

The decision of the Turkic Mongolians to destroy their ancient partners, the Amorite, and abruptly put an end to a 3,000-year-old relationship was carried out in a swift, fierce and bloody manner. The Amorites were 90% of the Hyksos and the Akkadians, and were partners with the Turkic Mongolians since 2300 BC

After Kmt expelled the Hyksos, a main part of the Amorites were known as the Hebrew and they raided and colonized Ugarit, since 1500 BC. The Amorite Hyksos Hebrews created the colonies of Phoenicia and Canaan in Ugarit. From those colonies, the Hebrews created the colonies of Cartage and Numidia

Then in 600 BC, Hebrews changed their name and became Jews. In addition, the relations between the four Amorite Hyksos factions remained the ones that constituted power and states in the region despite the influential military presence of the Turkic Mongolian Hyksos, who made up 10% of the Akkadians and Hyksos. In 753 BC, Turkic Mongolians from east together with Hebrews from sea created Rome

The four Amorite Hyksos factions are 1. The Hebrews and 2. Mitanni and 3. Kassites and 4. The Mukarribs. The Amorite Hyksos factions changed their names after the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC and became 1. Jews and 2. Kurd and 3. Babylonians and 4. Sabaeans

In 660 AD, the Umayyad Amorites claimed that they are the Arabs and that they are the caliphates of the message of Muhammadan. The Umayyad Amorites marginalized the genuine Arabs and the true believers. Thus, the Amorites used Hyksosian copies of the messages of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad to consolidate their power. This religious-political situation made the Turkic Mongolians, who are the military side, in a weak position. While they were always the smaller but more powerful partner to the Amorites.

The Turkic Mongolians worked to remove the caliphate claims of the Umayyad Amorites to eliminate them. The Abbasids Turkic Mongolians claimed the caliphate to exploit the Muhammadan message. The Turkic Mongolians worked to destroy the Christian Amorite entities in the region, and they let the Christian authority in the hands of Turkic Mongolian Romans.

The largest and most dangerous project of the Turkic Mongolians to destroy the Amorites was to eliminate the Amorites’ claims that they were the Hebrew Jews and transfer those claims as a whole in 740 AD to the Khazar Turkic colony in the North Caucasus

With this transfer of Judaism from the hands of the Amorite Hebrew Jews to the Khazars, the newly formed Turkic Mongolian Judaism entered the stage of the Turkic Mongolian expansion in Europe and the world. The Amorite Eastern Jewish groups in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt became secondary and weak.

The Thirteenth Tribe book, written by Arthur Kastler, is just a Hyksosian attempt by Turkic Mongolians to save and continue the allegations that the Amorite Hebrew Jews were from Israelites. The book tried to link the Turkic-Mongolian Khazars with the Hebrew Jews. Definitely, the Khazars never knew the Israelites nor Moses nor the Torah before 700 AD.

The Thirteenth Tribe book was a desperate acrobatic attempt to salvage the narratives of the early Amorite Hyksos Hebrews who were labelled Jews in Babylon in 600 BC.

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